Robert Whale

Senior citizen stymies scummy scammers

Wild phone scam targets Lake Holm woman

Give-and-take approach on homelessness

The community takes recommendations of mayor’s task force and runs with ’em.

Preserving the past, leaving a loving legacy

Patricia Cosgrove to retire after fulfilling her work to improve a museum, enhance an historic farm

City officials consider half-street code requirement changes

As it is stands, Auburn’s half-street code requires property owners to complete public improvements across the frontage of their property when they develop it. Fortunately,… Continue reading

‘Baptist to Buddhist seems a bit of a stretch, doesn’t it?’

Jim Warrick took a unique road that led him to the White River Buddhist Temple, where he is the new reverend

William Pierson takes oath, becomes Auburn’s new police chief

A summary of William Pierson’s 28-year career with the Auburn Police Department tells the story of an officer who, through diligence, hard work, and his… Continue reading

Drive-through pot dispensary opens

Joint Rivers in Auburn is the first marijuana outlet in the state to offer the service

Auburn’s ‘blue-collar’ leader dies at 91

Gene Cerino: pillar of a community man in many ways

Firearm confiscation can get a little fuzzy

When Auburn Police confiscate your gun, getting it back may not be as sure as shootin’back may not be as sure as shootin’

Lack of power to Heritage site stalls demolition

For five or six weeks now, people waiting to see the burned-out Heritage Building in downtown Auburn come down have been cooling their heels. Waiting… Continue reading

Prosecutor charges West Hill man with second-degree murder of his live-in girlfriend

Kenneth Thomas told Auburn Police he shot and killed Evangeline Dasalla, whom’d he’d been dating for nine years, at their West Hill home during the… Continue reading

Prosecutors say an Auburn man, 43, tried to kidnap a 13-year-old girl off an Auburn street

Prosecutors say the man followed a 13-year-old girl in his truck in the late morning hours of June 8, then got out and tried to… Continue reading

Food bank community calls on Congress to do the right thing

Too many people carry harmful caricatures of those among their fellow citizens who rely on food stamps – consider them lazy sponges, parasites, idle moochers,… Continue reading

Crews about to rebuild, improve local roads

Between Auburn Way North and I Street Northeast, 17th Street Northeast’s pavement is really showing what 40-plus seasons of passing traffic and weather can do… Continue reading

Boosted patrols poised to defuse any illegal fireworks

Discharge allowed between 9 a.m. and 11 p.m., July 4 only

Auburn dedicates hub for healing the wounds of war

Joint American-Vietnamese memorial at Les Gove Park was years in the making

Auburn promotes Pierson to top cop

Leaders give sendoff to retiring police chief and City attorney, name new chief

Auburn hires successor to retiring City attorney

Port Townsend City Attorney Steven Gross gets the nod

Auburn Police, city officials spot areas of illegal drug activity

Change in ordinance would provide police with more tools to tackle troubled neighborhoods

Auburn’s new coffee house with a purpose

Business grew out of a need to help support those dealing with addictions