Auburn’s caring neighbors

I was born and raised in Darrington. Good neighbors were – and still are – plentiful. Folks took care of one another, especially during the snow-clogged winters.

My Auburn neighbors still do. During and following the recent snowstorms, my doorbell rang constantly.

“Mommy sent me to see if you are all right and need anything,” small, bundled-up children said.

Men shoveled my driveway, sometimes in a downpour. After the final 3 inches of snow fell, I had just shoveled a path to the mailbox when two girls (10 or 11?) appeared with shovels. It only took us 20 minutes to clear the driveway.

A family picked up groceries for me. Two smiling guys in a big red truck took the garbage accumulated from two weeks without pickup service to the designated collection site.

And a faithful little girl brought me yet another card on Valentine’s Day.

I have lived in the same house for 40 years. Thank God for the caring and sharing Auburn neighbors who help others without being asked.

I am grateful – and blessed.

– Colleen L. Reece

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