City Council, mayor at fault for budgetary problems

How in the world in this booming economy can the budget for the city of Auburn be in the red by 2024?

The real answer that this article didn’t tell you about is the absolute failure of the City Council and mayor to be fiduciary responsible with our tax dollars. If this was a company and they failed at their job as bad as they have, they would be fired.

If the homeless issue is straining our budget then cut the homeless funding, which probably would send the homeless elsewhere to find services. However, there isn’t a tax the council and mayor doesn’t like. They are in love with taxes, and I wish they would just come out and say it. … We are raising your taxes, so deal with it. Instead,they talk about cutting services when we all know that’s a lie.

Get ready, Auburn residents, for a massive tax increase. Thanks for nothing, mayor and council.

– Lee Thomas

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