Enough of the attacks; let’s move forward

The Auburn Reporter last week had a diatribe in the letters section that is completely disconnected to reality, so vehemently negative, that I question your intention in printing this drivel.

Is it because it is political and therefore to stir up discussion? I object to the attempt to foment discord, which is what I read in this letter.

The missive is in response to a letter printed previously, yet it is incoherent as to what, precisely, was objectionable. The thrust or conclusion of the letter was a gloating “Trump won the election;” the author states “it’s laughable.” Respectfully, I would respond, this really isn’t funny. I find the continuous attacks on the fabric of our republic to be very serious.

The author makes other statements that are false, that “the majority of America voted for (Mr. Trump),” that “we all learned there was no collusion,” that there was “no obstruction of justice.” The first of these is a canard, the last two sheer fabrication. Mr. Comey stated he was not certain of obstruction, but Mr. Mueller is investigating that charge.

Regardless of any continuing investigation as to any further “collusion,” the current president has already violated the Emoluments Clause, and appears to be intent on profiting, personally, to the greatest extent possible.

If you have ever visited a national park or monument, please cherish those memories, as those places will soon be for sale, for profit. If you or your children have ever benefited from public education, that’s over, too – for sale, for profit.

America is great already. While imperfect, this enduring experiment has proven to be a workable system, sometimes better than other systems of government. Our country and community have many strengths, yet many of these core tenets are being defunded by the current administration.

It saddens me to see the foretelling of the end of our republic, our union, as written in this letter. The author decries “hate,” yet is also mired in absolutism. If all you can offer is a gloating satisfaction, but no solutions to the issues that our communities and country face, then how do we now go forward, together?

– Jennifer Russo

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