Eyman’s approach harms education

Low-tax Tim Eyman is promoting poor schools again.

If you want poor schools, limit preschool options; limit aid for students with special learning problems; plan for large classes; do not repair crumbling buildings; do not built new schools to provide for additional students moving into the district; pay new teachers poorly after they paid thousands of dollars for a degree; attract persons of limited ability because of poor pay; cancel field trips; do not buy up-to-date history books; pay administrators poorly to prevent them from seeking private business opportunities that pay much better.

Tim Eyman would have his low taxes and his poor schools.

I taught 27 years at Auburn High School, 19 years at the Auburn Senior Center, have a degree from Whitman College, a master’s degree in political science from the University of Washington and a doctorate in education from Washington State University. I am now retired.

The most graphic example of the results of a Tim Eyman poor education was several soldiers I met during military service. They could not read.

– Harold Valentine

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