Get on the Trump Train

First of all, I wish to thank the two letter writers on the June 30 issue of the Auburn Reporter, Jennifer Russo and R. Wesley Aman, who responded to my letter, titled “Trump haters at it again” that saw print the week before. Both of them scolded me.

Then the following week, on July 7, their letters were followed by another letter, written by Pat Larson, who also scolded me for the contents of my letter.

And for that, I wish to say my appreciation to the Auburn Reporter for allowing us, its readers, to write and express our opinions no matter how “hateful” it might seem to readers with different opinions.

This is the United States of America. We are a country of different people, with different opinions, with that freedom to speak out what’s on our minds, regarding our political opinions.

Political opinions, may I say, are neither right nor wrong. It all depends on our political beliefs, either as a Democrat, or as a Republican, or as an Independent. Or, who we listen to, read and believe and quote: the “Fake News Mainstream Media,” or as R. Wesley Aman said, the “Faux News” media.

To answer Ms. Jennifer Russo’s question in her letter: “… How do we now go forward, together?”

As I’ve said in my letter: “Trump won the presidential election. The liberals and the haters of President Trump must accept that now and move on.”

Our country’s economy has moved on. America’s prominent enemies, the ISIS in the Middle East, has been contained. Obamacare is now in the process of being “repealed and changed.”

And President Trump has signed executive orders directing the immediate construction of the wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, boosting border patrol forces and increasing the number of immigration enforcement officers who carry out the deportation of illegal aliens.

Despite continuing hindrance by Congress, he has already accomplished a lot of good things for America in such a short time. We, the silent majority of Americans, approved of what our president is doing.

Don’t get left behind. Get on board the Trump Train now.

– Jesse Jose

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