Largo is best choice for mayor

Door belling for an elected position is a lot of work. But for mayoral candidate Deputy Mayor Largo Wales, she’s on the right track as far as I’m concerned.

Working on issues such as cleaning up the cities trash in the downtown area is really important to me as a lifelong Auburn resident. How can we bring in more downtown businesses if the city looks like nobody cares?

Why not get some of the traffic/speeding violators working off some of their penalties by doing community service cleaning up the alleys and streets downtown and the road (105th/SE 320th) up to Green River College?

We need new leadership at the podium of our city to reintroduce keeping our city clean, provide public safety and address our homeless issue by taking action – not just words.

Forget about going to the Auburn Library, the homeless have taken over the facility. Under the leadership of Deputy Mayor Largo Wales, she will be the right decision maker. Along with support from the City Council, she will make Auburn a better community.

Let’s make a difference. Vote for Largo in the Aug. 1 primary election.

– Clif “Bo” Cavanaugh

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