Let’s move forward with Largo

We need a change “folks.” The primary is over and we need to go to work. No relaxing on our laurels. We’ve just begun to “move Auburn forward.” Keep going in the right direction.

Largo Wales is working very hard in the community to meet and greet as many citizens to listen to their concerns. Largo has lived in Auburn for 40 years, retired from the Auburn School District and worked for local nonprofits, volunteered with service groups and is the deputy mayor on the Auburn City Council.

Her leadership on the council (elected to a second term as deputy mayor by her peers) and serving on regional King and Pierce County committees has provided her with the necessary experiences to move up to the position as mayor. Largo has an abundance of business knowledge that will direct her as our city mayor.

Largo will focus on and improve neighborhood safety, homelessness and economic growth. She will support positive actions dealing with street maintenance and traffic flow, senior citizens, youth involvement and programs and jobs that support families.

Largo has the energy, fresh outlook of a leader, a problem solver by trade and one who will take your ideas and “move Auburn forward.”

Vote with me for Largo in the November elections. You won’t be sorry, folks.

– Vera Orlandic Hodak

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