Let’s move forward with Wales

We would all be doing the City of Auburn a favor by electing new leadership for the mayoral office.

My recommendation is to vote for Largo Wales.

She is a proponent of many good ideas that, if implemented, will help get Auburn back on the road to revitalization. Her ideas about how to keep the homeless population out of the downtown business area, our parks and library and to fight against the locating of a heroin-injection site in this community are on target.

She also believes in reprioritizing spending to include more for street maintenance, which includes vegetation control along our streets that don’t have sidewalks and where the curbs are so overrun with grass and brush that it is not safe to walk along them.

If elected mayor, Largo promises to reexamine the fee structure the City charges for permits for businesses and individuals, some of which amount to tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars. Some of these onerous fees are directly related to the decadence we see in our city.

Let’s “move forward” and support Largo Wales for mayor.

– Jim Cunningham

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