Our public library is indeed a safe place to be

In response to the advertisement for Largo Wales insinuating the Auburn Library is not a safe environment:

As a member of the Friends of Auburn Library, I spend several hours a week in the library managing the book donations. I have been at the library nearly every hour that it is open – days, nights and weekends.

Never in my five years have I felt any concern for my well being. Therefore, it dismays me to see political ads that suggest that the library is an unsafe place and that voting for a certain mayoral candidate will make it safe.

At our monthly Friends meeting, we are briefed about all the actions that are in place to ensure that the library is a safe environment. Auburn Police routinely patrol the parking lot and the exterior of the building. Off-duty police officers are employed to be present in the library at random times. There is always a library manager on duty who has been trained in how to handle anyone violating the rules of conduct in the library.

An effort has been made to get to personally know the folks who are experiencing homelessness who are frequent users of the facility.

The Auburn Library is just that – a public building that is open to all who abide by the conduct rules. It is governed by the King County Library System and not under the jurisdiction of the city and should not be used as a pawn in city politics.

– Deanna Bell

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