Presenting a view from the right

You should hear from a Trump supporter now and then just to: 1, prove we still exist; 2, prove we are not discouraged by the fake news from the legacy left wing media;, and 3, confirm that the inevitable tide of history is not necessarily running against a nationalist economic or political world view.

All of us, of course, have to be concerned about the stock market. My view is that we presently have world-wide full-throttle capitalism, and capitalism is notoriously, inescapably, prone to surge and crash, surge and crash, sometimes for decades.

If a time of prolonged hardship is upon us again, will Democrats succeed in blaming Trump? The reformed NAFTA and EU trade agreements he has wrangled certainly have spawned jobs and supporters. Even China looks likely to make some serious concessions to trade fairness with the U.S in light of a possible world depression. Can Dems spin a narrative to bring back crony socialist Democrat corporate-buddy trade agreements?

Climate change. Not primarily driven by man-made carbon, or carbon at all, unless volcanic activity of the level of 536 AD erupts, in which case it will cause a little ice age, not warming. The legacy media created this anthropogenic global warming hoax via a campaign of frightening headlines because it grows and empowers government from local to international levels and that gives lefty journalists a warm feeling in their pants. Fashionable virtue flaunting gets academics promotions, grants and Siemens contracts to fill the skies with giant bird-thrashers that produce kws so costly taxpayers and ratepayers have to be hoodwinked into subsidizing them.

Nincompoops for politicians, propagandists for journalists, zealots for activists, naïve sheep for citizens, empire builders for bureaucrats and crony capitalists all peddling the green panacea of the day. Pooh.

Tell ‘em, Donald. Keep on telling them until they have to listen.

– Michael L. Cook

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