Republicans need to do right thing

As senior pastor at Messiah Lutheran Church in Auburn and a 25-year Washington resident, I am encouraging Senate Republicans in Olympia to stop playing political games with our state’s future and immediately begin negotiating on a state budget with their House Democratic partners.

The House Democrats’ proposal, HB 2186, is a good-faith effort and a step in the right direction to fix our state’s tax code, which is the most upside down in the nation. Especially powerful is the proposal’s call to end the tax break on capital gains for the top 1.2 percent of earners.

Forty-two other states have ended this tax break without seeing any harm to their economies. This provision alone would generate more than $700 million to fund great schools and critical human services.

Even if Republicans disagree with Democrats on policy, they owe us – the people of Washington state – the courtesy of doing the jobs they are elected and paid to do.

Please encourage your Republican legislators to do their jobs and go to the negotiating table.

– Charles Harris