Stick to the real facts

In his letter published on June 23, Mr. Jesse Jose manages to cram several “alternative facts” into just two paragraphs.

AF No. 1 (alternative fact): “Based on the … testimony of James Comey, … we all learned that there was “no collusion”between Trump and Russia.” I watched the testimony, but I fail to see how Mr. Jose can reach his conclusion – unless, of course, he gets his information from Faux News.

AF No. 2: “There was “no obstruction of justice” at all regarding Michael Flynn’s case.” Mr. Jose apparently makes that claim based on “hope.” If your boss’s boss tells you, “I hope you have that report ready by close of business today,” do you take that as merely a “wish” or do you hunker down and work on the report?

If I were Mr. Jose, I would immediately hire a lawyer and file suit against the publisher of the mathematics textbook he used in elementary school.

AF No. 3 is a real whopper! “The majority of Americans voted for him.” Donald J. Trump received 46.4 percent of the votes cast in the presidential election. A “majority” means at least 50 percent plus-one. At least it does in the real world.

Hillary Clinton received 48.5 percent of the votes; additionally, she received almost three million more votes than Trump.

– R. Wesley Aman

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