Stop the insanity of powerful fireworks

I could be homeless or dead because of lawbreaking persons armed with illegal fireworks.

Neighbors came home about 11:30 on Wednesday night, July 4. Ka-boom. Another ear-shattering explosion rocked our normally quiet cul-de-sac. Sparks ignited the parched grass in my front yard and became a full-fledged fire. By the time my neighbors ran over and got the water hose, flames were racing toward nearby shrubs and a huge, highly-flammable pine tree. Thank God my “Good Samaritans” arrived when they did. They put out the fire and saved my home, possibly me and the entire neighborhood.

Downtown, a friend awakened at 11 p.m. when her husband yelled, “There’s a 9-foot fire across the street!” She called 911. Neighbors came. Another possible tragedy was averted. Far too many are not.

How long must decent, law-abiding persons be held hostage by those who flaunt the law and endanger lives and property? I have lived in Auburn for 40 years. I love it – but not on the Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve, when normally law-abiding citizens become a serious threat to our community.

– Colleen L. Reece

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