Thanks to those who brought joy to spirited brunch

Though our community feeding program provides a weekly dinner, this year’s Christmas Day Brunch was an especially wonderful event.

Words cannot express the gratitude felt by those who participated in the free community brunch. More than 125 attendees received a hot meal, gifts, and a bit of hope.

Our sincere thanks to St Matthew Episcopal Church for its hospitality, Pastor Lashund Lambert and family (Resurrection Church), Habitat for Humanity, community volunteers, the Auburn Food Bank, and the generous contributions of money and gifts from the local Skyliners and Model T car clubs and Chinook Elementary School staff.

To see and serve a growing crowd of people living at poverty level in our community is a bittersweet reality, but seeing and hearing happiness in people as they were being served at this event was indeed a joy.

Thanks again to all those caring enough to share in the message of hope given this Christmas season.

– Lynne Snyder, Spirit Fest: Auburn Community Feeding Program

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