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Let's put our energy behind a friendly planet

I found Mr. Holgate's response ("Clean energy, at what costs to us?", Aug. 1, Auburn Reporter) concerning Mr. Gunn's article very intriguing. He starts out mentioning how environmentalists and other groups twist and contort the information to get the results they want. He proceeds to do what he accuses others of doing. Hypocrisy at its best

I don't recall anyone ever saying that to power our TVs, smartphones, computers and iPads, to heat our water and to travel in cars or plane that fossil fuels are our only choice. Mr. Holgate seems to believe that without fossil fuels, we would be living in the Stone Age. A good portion of our energy comes from other sources that are not fossil fuels (hydroelectric power and wind energy).

The other bit of misinformation from Mr. Holgate is what he says about the transport of oil though our state. Crude oil being transported by rail is not for our use in Washington state or, for that matter, even in the Unites States. This oil is going to ports to be refined and shipped to the highest bidder.

Remember, multinational oil companies like ExxonMobil, Shell or British Petroleum are all about making profits. They sell to the highest bidder, which right now is communist China. The demand for oil in this country is actually decreasing because we as a country and a state are exploring other means of generating energy that is not fossil fuel.

As far as the Keystone XL Pipeline, it is not finished. The portion over the Midwest and over its major water source, the Ogallala Aquifer, still has not been built. It is a long way from being finished.

Which brings me to the jobs part of his letter. Building a pipeline does bring short-term jobs to build it, but the permanent jobs people need for the maintenance of the pipeline are just a handful.

Mr. Holgate also seems to think environmentalists and government agencies that protect the environment are conspiring to promote some evil agenda. All I know is that I have environmentalists and government agencies to thank for the clean air I breathe here in the Puget Sound area.

On the other hand, multi-national oil companies or their CEOs are often irresponsible in their treatment of our shared natural resources, lobbying (and donating big bucks) to our state legislators and D.C. representatives to relax standards so they can pollute our water, air and soil to make more profits. Mr. Holgate seems to ignore this fact.

Mr. Holgate's main focus in his response is on money, which I understand is a major factor that controls all of our lives. But right now, alternative energy, such as solar, is cheaper than fossil fuel.

These multi-national oil companies are making huge profits off us. Over the last 10 years, I've watched as the price of gas has gone steadily higher. All that hard-earned money goes from the pockets of consumers to pad the bottom line of these greedy corporate giants.

Now, I don't need any scientist to tell me global warming is real. Living in the Puget Sound area for approximately 30 years has shown me global warming is a real thing and a big threat to our way of life. One only has to open one's eyes and observe the changes in the ever-warming environment in this area over the last several years. If it is happening here, it is happening everywhere.

I have children and I hope someday for grandchildren. I would like to leave behind a planet to my grandchildren that they could enjoy as I have. The only way that will happen is if we recognize global warming is occurring and that we as a nation should do something about it.

At the present, people like Mr. Holgate, who is so focused on denying that our planet is changing, seem willing to burden our young people even further with a planet that may not be so friendly.

– Patricia Szot

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