Mark Klaas

Top grads 2012: Seniors shine at Auburn Riverside

Carlos Lopez Jr. appreciates his good fortune, his place in time. The son of Guatemalan immigrants, he is about to become the first in his family to attend college.

Auburn’s bright light destined to make a difference

Like many high school seniors, Richelle Orpilla will bask in the glow of graduation this weekend, celebrating the milestone with family and friends.

Top grads 2012: Class acts shine at Auburn Mountainview

Best friends and strong leaders, Scott Ohashi and Heather Odell are ready to go out and make the world a better place.

Auburn’s Supermall misses the mark with new name | Klaas

The people have spoken. The renaming of Auburn's Supermall to "The Outlet Collection|Seattle" is a bad idea.

Giving someone a try | Klaas

Trevor is meticulous on the job. Despite a developmental disability, the young man puts in a good's day work for A+ Recycling in Auburn.

Auburn man to walk far that others might see

Don Stevenson, the 76-year-old ultra-marathon walker, plans to cover 1,400 miles for friends and a worthy cause.

Haven to heal: Auburn’s Sarah Blum tends to others torn by wounds of war

War seared Sarah Blum. As a 26-year-old Army nurse in an operating room within earshot of Vietnam's battlefields, Blum saw what modern warfare could do to the human body – and soul.

Breath of inspiration: Auburn woman, nation’s longest-living lung-transplant patient, passes away

Breathe deeper, laugh more. Mother and daughter often shared that familiar bit of advice – to remind each other how gentle life could be.

Raise and release: Auburn students learn about coho salmon

Students at Auburn's Lake View Elementary School joined fish hatchery specialists from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife in releasing about 250 young coho salmon into Soos Creek last Friday morning.

Finding new ways to seek shelter | Klaas

For victims of domestic abuse, finding a safe haven remains a difficult challenge. Shelly David, a domestic violence legal advocate for the City of Auburn, knows as much.

NFL dream comes true for Auburn’s Paulson

The long and agonizing NFL Draft ultimately proved sweet and rewarding for the Paulsons. Auburn's football-loving family watched in great anticipation as coverage of the three-day draft wound down Saturday.

Driving the message home to distracted texting teens

The dangerous combination of teens, texting and driving has emerged as a bigger problem on local and national roadways.

City Council, union cast vote of no confidence in Pacific mayor

Tensions have ratcheted up between Pacific's unpopular mayor and its frustrated City Council.

Sign of good things: Students excel in program at Auburn Riverside

Sign language opens a different, engaging channel of communication for Jessica Fletcher.

Auburn’s ‘Mad Dog’ takes a bite out of inactivity

He's known as "Mad Dog," a retired military man intensively driven to help others succeed. He is also a beloved husband, doting dad, hands-on teacher and self-made businessman.

Time for Auburn to take care of its roads | Klaas

All roads don't lead to Auburn, but over the ones that do it can be a bumpy, aggravating ride.

Auburn’s Lake View Elementary School Global Readers maintain winning tradition

Lake View Elementary School students have added yet another chapter to their successful saga as champion readers.

State targets roll-your-own ‘smokes’ shops

It's Big Tobacco's attempt to blow away competition from Little Tobacco.

Pacific Raceways must say in the race | Klaas

In today's competitive business climate, it's full-throttle to win customers. And like auto racing, it's keep up or get out of the fast lane.

More Auburn-area families scrambling to survive as state weighs cuts

Without work but with a family to feed and bills to pay, Auburn's Harmon Kobin struggles to make it work, every day.