Mark Klaas

Trying to secure a safe school zone in Auburn | Klaas

As far as John Neibel is concerned, it is an accident ready to happen.

Reichert tours Auburn Regional

Swift changes and gradual growth continue at Auburn Regional Medical Center.

Work continues on West Valley Highway in Auburn

Reconstruction of a worn and unstable section of the West Valley Highway in Auburn is well under way. Crews are busy restoring the well-used highway, from the foundation up.

Auburn’s Classic Farmhouse offers new ideas with all things antique

Raised in a 1910 home that was always in process, Auburn's Katy Selden learned early on to appreciate old things. She is convinced her parents met at a garage sale.

Auburn man walks in memory of his wife

Auburn's Michael Kopp intends to go the distance and retrace the steps his late wife took in a fight with a terrible disease.

Fight close to home: rising hunger in Auburn | Klaas

The numbers are expected to climb, and so are the challenges for those fighting hunger in Auburn.

Brothers Four brings classic folk sound to Auburn

A look into the audience tells Bob Flick many things, one observation being that the sound of folk music resonates through generations.

9/11: Auburn firefighters recall a view of ‘a horribly real world’

Emotions aside, Parry Boogard said he felt an obligation, a sense of duty to honor fellow firefighters lost in a horrific, national tragedy that killed nearly 3,000 victims 10 years ago Sunday.

Beauty salon finds new home in Auburn

Looking for a more centralized, roomier location, Salon Bellissima found it in Auburn.

Auburn author reaches young girls facing challenges of growing up

Girls encounter many challenges and awkward moments growing up. Auburn's Lysne Nolte understands this and carefully explores them in the first of a planned series of children and family Christian books.

Boy Scout from Auburn raises funds to supply choir uniforms for former school

Something was amiss and it wasn't a high note at a district-wide choir concert last fall. Adam Berry noticed his former school, Gildo Rey Elementary, was the only choir not in uniform.

Pacific’s mayor’s credit card use to be investigated

Weary of the lingering controversy, the Pacific City Council voted 4-3 at a special meeting Monday night to allow an outside investigative agency to determine if Mayor Richard Hildreth committed a crime by violating the City's credit card policy.

West Valley Highway reconstruction project begins today

It's by no means Auburn's carmageddon, but motorists are advised to avoid a well-used section of the West Valley Highway in the many weeks ahead to make way for a long-awaited improvement project.

Auburn chamber honors Fritschy, top businesses

Driven to help others, Diane Fritschy has flourished in a rewarding career of dollars and cents, smiles and handshakes.

Auburn up for the school breakfast challenge

Travis Volk has seen it too often in his classroom – fast-growing kids struggling to keep up on not-so-nutritional fumes.

Auburn’s Bromley going strong at 101

She's stubborn, funny, talkative, knowledgeable and gracious. She also is going strong at 101.

A senator’s look at the GOP contenders | Klaas

From her observation of the recent Republican presidential candidates debate and Iowa Straw Poll, State Sen. Pam Roach, R-Auburn, came away with a better idea of who are the contenders and pretenders in the race for the 2012 GOP ticket.

Emerging Auburn, a diverse community: Changing workforce makes its mark | Series

Customers and coworkers call him Joe. In his native land, he is known as Joginder Sandhu, a bright man, a steady entrepreneur and the son of a farmer who raised a large family in agrarian northern India. The city of Amritsar, which sits close to India's western border with Pakistan, is considered the beating heart of the Sikhs' cultural, religious and political history.

‘Zombies’ invade stage in SATC’s benefit musical comedy

Auburn's cast from the past is at it again.

Pacific mayor cleared in City credit card investigation

Small-town mayors have their share of skepticd and detractors.