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84-year-old Auburn woman crowned Pioneer Queen of Good Ol’ Days

To the hoots, claps and wild cheers of friends and supporters, 84-year-old Gladys Paulus was crowned Pioneer Queen of Auburn Good Ol’ Days during the 19th annual contest at the Auburn Senior Activity Center.

Auburn defuses fireworks ban — for now

The City of Auburn will not enact a fireworks ban on June 16 after all. As the result of a meeting Thursday with tribal representatives, city officials agreed they would wait one more year in order to judge steps the tribe pledged to take at that meeting to address citizen concerns, particularly those stemming from noise generated by the reservation’s fireworks discharge area north of the Muckleshoot Casino.

Paulus takes top tiara in Pioneer Queen contest

To the hoots, claps and wild cheers of friends and supporters, 84-year-old Gladys Paulus was crowned Pioneer Queen of Auburn Good Ol' Days during the… Continue reading

Officials try to get tougher on graffiti

Be it artistic, gang related or just plain nasty, graffiti is fast becoming a costly pain, an eyesore and a gross blight throughout the City of Auburn.

School’s finally out for Auburn superintendent

What happened in the Auburn School District board room Thursday officially was “a retirement party,” a term usually associated with long, slow decline. And with so many colleagues and friends milling about swapping stories, it certainly looked like such an event. But when Linda Cowan is the retiree, the term “retirement” needs amplification – for the district’s high-energy superintendent would be the last person to take that storied rocking chair and gather dust.

Auburn likely to ban fireworks starting in ’09

July 4, 2008 is expected to be the last Independence Day people can set off any kind of fireworks other than sparklers in the city of Auburn without being busted. City Council members are likely to adopt an ordinance at their June 16 meeting that would ban fireworks. The ban would go into effect June 17, 2009.

South King County cities waiting on Kent for decision on new jail

By 2012 King County will no longer accept misdemeanor inmates, such as drunken drivers, bad check passers, small-bore drug users, petty thieves and prostitutes from the 36 cities that contract with it for jail services. Faced with that looming deadline, the South King County cities of Auburn, Des Moines, Federal Way, Renton and Tukwila hope to build a new regional jail within the next four years to house misdemeanor inmates.

Petpalooza: Auburn throws a big party for pets, owners

Pugsly and Sophie the pugs came snuffling along the trail while their pretty pug pal, the perky Peaches, lingered casually in the rear at Game Farm Park, checking out the business end of a passing pooch.

New Auburn superintendent keeps achievement in sights

Kip Herren keeps the clipping in a frame in his office. In it a former hell-on-wheels student leaps into a joyous coach Herren’s open arms in sheer exuberance after winning a state wrestling title. Twenty-nine years in Auburn’s schools have put an impressive array of facts and figures at Herren’s fingertips. What there is to know about curricula, testing, education reform and WASL, Kip knows. But that photo is there to remind him what the whole show is about. That kid today is a successful businessman whose wife just gave birth to triplets. “I keep it because that leap reminds me that if you give kids that opportunity first and then you give them the structure and the care, they can achieve,” said Herren, the newly-appointed superintendent of the Auburn School District.

No holds bard: Auburn Regional Theater struts Shakespeare medley

Many a present and former college student has sweated Shakespeare and lived to tell the tale. But what if all the bard’s plays had been neatly delivered to them in a snappy, hour-and-a-half package with zingy, side-splitting dialogue? Well, let these young scholars look no more, for Auburn Regional Theater’s comedic presentation of “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)” is what they have been looking for.

Tavern block development remains on hold

The impression developers and city officials give is of downtown development projects ready to roll, but they sprinkle it with mounting frustration at projects so intertwined that one can’t start until the other does.

City clears way for supportive housing

Faith Richie, executive director of Valley Cities Counseling and Consultation, hopes to have the first local homeless in supportive housing by 2010.

City officials to unveil community center plans

It is time for the City of Auburn to pull back the curtains on plans for a community center in the Les Gove campus so residents can see and comment on it.

City ready to roll with street cleanup

Many streets within the City of Auburn could use litter pick up and a little tender loving care. This summer the city plans to start two programs to match streets with the people who love them.

Catching fish, fun at Mill Pond

“Fishies, fishies, eat the worm,” 3-year-old Kaden Parker squealed as he dropped his Scoobie Doo fishing pole into the dusky waters of Mill Pond.

Auburn man struck, killed by train

An Amtrak passenger train struck and killed a 50-year-old Auburn man shortly after noon Wednesday as he was walking along the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad tracks between the 1200 and 1400 blocks of C Street Northwest.

Fighting back against cancer

On Saturday, Kay Dee Roehl celebrated what she called “my 45th trip around the sun.”

Hospital ready to roll on parking garage

Mayor Pete Lewis had kept the smile in wait for three years, but he wore it Tuesday after Auburn Regional Medical Center informed him of its plans to start work on its parking garage north of City Hall this summer.

Public gets first look at plans for spacious community center

Sixty-five people came to the Auburn Parks, Arts and Recreation Building on May 7 to look at and listen to city plans for a community center on the south end of Les Gove Park.