By George, he was right

To anyone closely following the congressional impeachment fiasco, one point clearly stands out. Regardless of your belief, opinion or preference pertaining to the president, it is nauseatingly clear the congressional daytime TV show is a party-driven firefight. It’s about influence, control and power.

In his farewell address, our first president and state namesake, George Washington, warned about the danger of forming political parties. His admonition was straight-on.

As a somewhat related example, consider the effect of labor unions. They have proven their effectiveness in securing improved employment conditions and compensation for their members. Yet, over time eventually the union takes on a life of its own and the sustainment and growth of the union becomes the unstated goal. And so it is with most headquarters, bureaucracies, and yes – political parties.

Just don’t expect the two political parties that now exert total influence over national and state economics and politics to reverse their controlling two-party hegemony. They are not going to fix it. They are the problem.

– Ken Paul