Caring little about the average citizen

I just had to add my two cents after reading the Oct 11. Auburn Reporter story, “Road to ruin or lower taxes,” concerning I-976 ($30 car tabs).

Large employers and business groups oppose the initiative. They want drivers to pay so businesses are not taxed.

City and County officials are against the initiative. They want endless revenue for endless growth and more power.

Unions are against the initiative. It jeopardizes future union jobs, regardless of whether the work is necessary.

All these groups vote for what is in their best interest and pay for commercials against the initiative because they have their hand in the cookie jar.

Many Auburn residents don’t care about Seattle’s RTA tax. We don’t go to Seattle that often. We should vote on what is in “our best interest”.

Of course, local officials tell us the sky will fall if we pass this tax cutting initiative. That didn’t happen 20 years ago when we passed $30 car tabs the first time. Of course, the courts and Legislature always find a way to nullify the will of the voters to get their greedy hands on our money. My property tax increases have increased far more than enough to remedy any car tab increase losses.

We have high property, sales and gas taxes. Liquor taxes went through the roof in the last few years. Marijuana taxes have created tremendous revenue. The state actually has a surplus, yet they are always broke.

I retired on less than half my pay a few weeks ago. If I can survive, the state and county can just tighten their belt and prioritize spending.

Vote for your best interest. These groups are not spending money on all those commercials because they care about the average citizen.

– Dennis Doucette

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