For the tax weary, vote yes on I-976

I am in total agreement with Dennis Doucette (letter to the editor, Oct. 25) regarding the I-976 initiative on the Nov. 5 ballot.

The blind greed and deception of our city and county officials is very apparent to those of us who have our eyes and ears open to the phony TV ads they run. The entire state isn’t suffering the RTA taxes those here in King, Pierce and Snohomish counties are. My newest RTA taxes for vehicle registration are over $700 for two vehicles. As Dennis said, there are other taxes this state can use for road repairs, and many of us will very likely never have use of the ST3 work being done in the Seattle area.

The ads on television display a map of the whole state and, for truth, should only show the counties that are actually affected by this liberal tax grab.

Vote yes on I-976 and show those with their hand in your bank account to get taxes from those who can best afford them.

– Vic Stevens

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