Let Haugen speak out, serve our community

Regarding the letters from Mark Silberling and Jim Harrison (re: Virginia Haugen’s being censured, Auburn Reporter, April 8, 22), I couldn’t agree with them more and wonder how this “subcommittee” was chosen and authorized.

Haugen has spoken as a private citizen regarding the project. Her statement, “This development will have a significant impact environmentally,” could not be more true.  If you have a doubt, ask one of the 300-400 residents adjacent to the project. Speaking as private citizens, we not only agree with her, but encourage her to seek our support if needed.

We fought the City of Kent on our own dime for three years to stop this project. When the City of Kent first purchased the property, they lured our community with the promise of a water reservoir with possible trails and green belts. When the land was supposedly surplused, the City of Kent back-doored us and sold it to a developer.

The major blow to residents is the project being located in an already existing urban separater – a large green belt meant to give visual relief to the residents between housing projects and to act as a passageway for wildlife. We now find housing developments. Mountainview High School is this designated urban separator.

I could revise Haugen’s statement and update it to, “This development already has had a significant impact environmentally.” The rest of the charges seem to be mostly hearsay or impeding personal agendas. And are there any lawsuits pending because of Haugen’s actions?

Obviously, people voted for Haugen because of her willingness to get her feet dirty and get out and talk and listen to people. In censuring her, you also are censuring the people who voted for her.

The very fact that people are going to her to ask questions should be used as an asset by the City Council and not viewed as a threat. Council members should consider doing that in their neighborhoods. The very fact that council “protests too much” leads citizens to believe that citizens may not be getting all the information to remain active and involved in their communities.

It is time to stop witch hunting and nitpicking and address important issues that will affect us all. We need Virginia Haugen to remain active in this community.

Have there been issues brought before the City Council that may be in question to the council members who own businesses in Auburn, and have they not as private citizens exercised their right to speak out?

– Patricia Horn