Love is ageless: adopt a pet today

Save a life and make your own better by giving an older dog a home during national Adopt a Senior Pet Month this November. Many senior dogs are waiting in shelters right now, hoping to be part of a family again.

Puppies are cute, but older dogs are adorable, usually more mellow and house trained, too. With a senior dog, what you see is what you get in size and personality.

Dogs today are living longer, healthier lives. Your act of kindness could also help you live a longer, healthier life. Taking walks together is a great way to get more exercise and meet new friends. Just petting a dog lowers blood pressure.

The Grey Muzzle Organization, a national nonprofit that gives grants to animal welfare groups to help save senior dogs, envisions a world where no old dog dies alone and afraid. Please help make that dream a reality by opening your heart and home to a senior dog.

To find your new best friend, simply search online at sites like, or, or visit a shelter near you.

Auburn Valley Humane Society has some wonderful older dogs ready to go home with you! You can be a hero by giving a senior pet the chance to love and be loved again. In return, you’ll receive the unconditional love, companionship and devotion of a very grateful dog.

– Phil Morgan, executive director, Auburn Valley Humane Society