Principled Pearson is the one for City Council

As someone who has had the privilege of meeting Auburn City Council candidate and Marine veteran Ken Pearson, I can tell you that I’ve never met a more down-to-earth person running for public office.

I refuse to call him a politician because I have never seen a politician up close who is as earnest and matter of fact about his feelings regarding public policy. I get the feeling that Mr Pearson is a man who sticks to his principles, no matter how popular they may or may not be, or their political upside or downside.

One of Pearson’s principles is local prioritization when it comes to local issues as he believes the knowledge and expertise of Auburn’s own people will go a long ways in solving Auburn’s problems. Pearson is no-nonsense, principled and actually studies government and policy; probably more than you can say for most in this business.

– Clifford Greene

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