Trump doing all he can to make America great again

Impeach. Impeach. Impeach.

Since day one when President Trump was officially elected as president of the United States, those are the constant words we’ve been hearing from the so-called Democrats, the “Trump haters” in the U.S. Congress, and from their despicable allies, universally known as the “fake news media” of the United States of America.

Really, since that day one, what have the official Democrat haters in the U.S. Congress done for our country?

While these people were hoarsely yelling their despicable hate for President Trump, he was doing all he can in making “America great again.” The economy of our country has risen dramatically; the unemployment rate among blacks, Hispanics and other minorities went down drastically; and the image of the United States all over the world has greatly improved.

And just as he promised during his presidential campaign a couple of years ago, he’s been building that “wall” to keep out illegal immigrants and criminals from Mexico and from other Muslim countries.

And, last but not least, President Trump has built the strength and improved the prestige of our military that Barack Hussein Obama was slowly “demolishing” when he was America’s president.

And yes, it’s been legally and officially proven that there has been “no collusion, no obstruction and no conspiracy” with Russia. But these Trump haters still keep on yelling: “Impeach. Impeach. Impeach.”

Year 2020 is fast approaching. And it’s so obvious now that the greatest fear of the Trump haters in Congress would be the re-election of President Trump. I am sure that us, the majority of American voters, will vote for him again. We want President Trump to continue on in making America great again.

– Jesse Jose

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