Trump is making America great again

Though not exactly word for word, but point by point, I agree with the “Bright side of Trump” letter of Dennis Doucette on Nov. 30.

Yes, just like what he promised during his presidential campaign two years ago, President Trump is making “America great again.” He has accomplished a lot of good things for our country. But, of course, you’ll never read nor hear those good things from the fake news media.

And very true: when those Trump haters hear those good things that President Trump has accomplished, what they exude and shamelessly display are intense and violent hate for President Trump. To me, they are despicable people. And I truly feel sorry for them.

I also “concede” with Doucette that President Trump is “rude” in some of his speeches. But he’s not a politician, whose expertise is on double-talking. He’s a businessman, whose expertise is on telling it like it is. And like it is, he’s making “America great again.” And I betcha, come 2020, he’ll be reelected as America’s president again.

Thank you for hearing me out.

– Jesse Jose

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