Auburn doctor’s latest book tackles health care on a budget

Auburn's good doctor not only looks after the physical well being of patients, but also the financial fitness of consumers.

Auburn’s good doctor not only looks after the physical well being of patients, but also the financial fitness of consumers.

Dr. Linda Petter’s latest book does just that. “Healthcare On a Budget” provides an unprecedented peek into how the healthcare system works, how doctors think, and offers detailed money-saving tips to consumers.

Concerned about the high costs of medical service and treatment and its impact on families, Dr. Petter in her recently-released book gives consumers a greater knowledge and understanding of today’s healthcare ways and suggests well-informed approaches to “work” the system to their advantage.

A consumer advocate and family practice physician, Dr. Petter has devoted considerable time to helping others. Her book, a culmination of a two-year project, follows her first work, “Common Medical Sense,” which offers practical guidance and quick cost-saving tips.

“I have yet to meet anyone who did not want to save money, especially given this country’s economic climate,” said Dr. Petter, the chief of the Department of Family Practice at St. Francis Hospital in Federal Way. “An individual or family should never have to decide between buying groceries, putting gas in the car, paying the mortgage, in order to access and receive medical care. Two-thirds of all bankruptcies in the United States are related to medical bills.

“Wouldn’t it be wonderful to save more money and stay even healthier doing it?”

Dr. Petter shares her knowledge, personal experience and passion in the guide. The book is a collaborative effort between one of the largest health insurance companies in this country, one of the largest hospital organizations in the Pacific Northwest, and a pharmacist and pharmaceutical representative.

Among the areas the book explores:

• How consumers can acquire medications, tests and doctor visits for free.

• How the healthcare reform bill impacts consumers.

• What doctors want to tell you, but don’t have time to do.

• How to immediately save 25-75 percent on the consumer’s next medical bill.

• Learn the best pharmacies for routinely saving money.

Dr. Petter came across some surprising revelations during her research for the book. While many consumers often are uninformed in making cost-efficient choices, many doctors are not even aware of those cost-saving tips.

“So how can they share them with their patients?” Dr. Petter pointed out.

Few books on the market tackle such issues. Dr. Petter’s work has been well received in the healthcare community – from colleagues to patients.

“I’m thrilled. I couldn’t be happier,” Dr. Petter said of the book. “I think it’s going to help people in a way that’s never been offered before.”


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