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  • Thursday, February 6, 2020 7:11pm
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Sometime the more complicated a

problem is the simpler the solution.

That might be why no one has thought

of this before. So easy.

All it takes is a proclamation from

President Donald Trump proclaiming

Mexico as our 51st state.

(Considering its size it might be our

52nd and 53rd states as well.)

We’d no longer need to stock the

Rio with man-eating-sharks.

The wall would not have to be built

high as Heaven’s Gate or electrified

to please the Devil.

No more hole-in-the-wall for gangs

to crawl through.

No more light at the end of the tunnel

for drug smugglers.

No need for border crossing caravans

because they’d already be in the USA.

And our patriotic entrepreneurs won’t

be rushing to build their plants in Mexico.

Under U.S. law Mexican-Americans will

be entitled to our minimum wage.

No more cheap labor.

Their leader, Obardor, could run for

President giving the Donald a real

challenge for the job.

One problem, we would all have to learn

our new national language, Spanglish.

But as a bonus our new citizens will

move the wall down to their Southern

most border. And as Trump said it will be

paid for by Mexico.

– Gerald A. McBreen, Pacific poet laureate

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