Best Exercise Bikes

Getting an exercise bike means that you’re elevating your fitness journey to another level. Exercise bikes can help you make your cardio sessions better and your workout experiences more intense.

Some exercise bikes help lose weight significantly, while others ensure that you get in better shape. Having a quiet ride on an exercise bike can evolve your mind and body. There are several types of bikes, including upright bikes, spin bikes, and bikes for casual indoor cycling bikes.

Some bikes come with magnetic resistance to ensure that your workout sessions are more effective for reducing weight and burning calories. Stationary bikes have become integral parts of home gym setups in recent times.

Often serious cyclists go through spin classes and other workout sessions with the best exercise bikes. However, finding out the best exercise bike is next to impossible in the presence of so many exercise bikes in the market.

That’s why we evaluated the performances of multiple stationary bikes, exercise bikes, and other types of bicycles to list out the best exercise bikes for you.

The Top 18 Indoor Cycling Bikes of 2022

After scrutinizing numerous motorcycles, we managed to shortlist the following exercise bikes. You can select a stationary bike from the list below to have the best exercise sessions.

  • Peloton Bike
  • NordicTrack S22i Studio Cycle
  • Schwinn Fitness IC4
  • Rogue Fitness Echo Bike
  • Echelon Ex-15
  • RENPHO AI-Powered Bike
  • Inspire Fitness IC1.5 Indoor Cycle
  • Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1805 Pro
  • YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike
  • PooBoo Indoor Cycling Bike
  • Carol AI Bike
  • Horizon Fitness
  • Stryde
  • MYX Fitness II Plus
  • Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle
  • Cyclace Stationary Exercise Bike
  • ProForm Studio Bike Pro



The Peloton bike is an upright bike that can offer a smooth ride and a full-body workout session. Considering all the advantages of the upright bike, we think the Peloton bike is the best exercise bike.

Also, this comes with a higher weight capacity that makes it favorable for all types of users. The heavy-duty steel frame of the home exercise bike can help you lose calories faster than usual. If you’re in dire need of a quiet ride, the Peloton bike is the best bike with a high-quality magnetic resistance setting.

Today, Peloton is better than any home exercise bike from online and offline markets. This indoor exercise bike is a common choice for setting up your home gym.

Price $1495
Guarantee 30-day trial money-back guarantee
  • The screen tilts to accommodate heights.
  • 2-channel audio speakers.
  • Resistance-knob control
  • NordicTrack S22i Studio Cycle


    When it comes to quality, Nordictrack Commercial s22i Studio is the best option you have. The Commercial s22i Studio cycle comes with a tremendous weight capacity to support the workout sessions of users of different ages and weights.

    The LCD of the bike helps reflect the intensity of your workout and biking sessions. The cycle includes eight levels of difficulty setting to challenge yourself harder.

    Price $1,499+
    Guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee on returning the product.
  • Front-mounted transport wheels.
  • HD touch-screen.
  • Digitally amplified speakers.
  • Auxiliary music port.
  • Schwinn Fitness IC4


    When intense workouts are your priority and keep on elevating resistance levels as you progress in your workout session, this item is a decent option for home exercise. The Schwinn Fitness IC4 comes with a silent magnetic resistance. It is one of the best exercise bikes for under $1000. The LCD of the indoor bike shows your heart rate, energy levels, distance covered, RPMs, and many other factors.

    The standard and compact structure of the best home exercise bike makes the bike stable. The higher weight capacity of this bike gives it an edge over other options.

    Price $799+
    Guarantee 180-day money-back guarantee on return
  • 100 levels of micro-adjustment.
  • Magnetic resistance offered.
  • Two integrated levelers.
  • Fore and aft adjusted handles.
  • Rogue Fitness Echo Bike

    As experts say, transport wheels make exercise bikes suitable, and the Rogue Fitness Echo Bike includes the feature with multiple resistance levels. Also, the single-stage belt drive option is available with this product. The exceptional features of this model help it make itself count among the best exercise bikes.

    This bike can compete with the Peloton bike in top-notch magnetic resistance. The adjustable magnetic resistance feature of this model helps elevate its quality. Also, you can track down the calories burned with the tracking system of the bike.

    Virtually no maintenance is necessary for this particular fitness bike. Unlike other exercise bikes, this one is a cost-friendly option with nearly zero maintenance and repair costs.

    Price $795+
    Guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee
  • A high-contrast LCD console is present.
  • Polyurethane front wheels.
  • It is made of heavy-duty steel.

    With a 10.2-inch (big) iPad holder, a 35lb flywheel, and different nifty capabilities – JOROTO X2 is one of the value-for-money options we have on our list.

    If you’re concerned about the price points of exercise bikes, this model is a favorable choice for you indeed. The virtual training apps available with the exercise bike can help you unlock the fitness secrets that can transform you.

    The compact size of the bike makes it a good choice for all types of rooms, no matter how much space you have left in your exercise room.

    Price $399
    Guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee
  • An emergency stop brake is available.
  • Horizontal adjustment knobs are present.
  • Long iPad holder (10.2 inches)
  • Magnetic resistance with belt-drive system.
  • Echelon Ex-15

    Echelon Ex-15 is a handy option for beginners who don’t possess adequate experience in biking. The bike can help your training sessions be more enjoyable while burning a severe amount of weight.

    The Echelon Ex-15 makes it smooth to regulate your exercise intensity with 32 resistance levels. The adjustable toe cages at the pedals give the bike a stunner appearance. Plus, the cushioned seats ensure optimum comfort for the users during intense biking sessions.

    Price $499
    Guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee on return
  • Seat-lever adjustment specified for competitions.
  • It comes with heavy-duty steel frames
  • 32 magnetic resistance levels.
  • RENPHO AI-Powered Bike

    RENPHO AI-Powered Bike comes with plenty of smart and automated features as an AI-powered bike to make your biking sessions quick and more functional. Also, the smart features of the bike help you record your biking performance to evaluate your overall progress.

    The loose AI Gym app comes with this bike, making it a stellar option at this price segment. Consisting of 70+ lessons on biking, the app can make your fitness journey energized. You have the choice to participate in the five extraordinary education modes, expert instruct video lessons, HD Scenic rides. The AI feature makes it one of the best exercise bikes available on the market.

    Price $599
    Guarantee 365-day guarantee period
  • Compatible with Apple Health and Google Fit.
  • 80 auto-adjusted resistance levels.
  • Free AI gym app.
  • Inspire Fitness IC1.five Indoor Cycle

    As a magnetic resistance exercise bike, Inspire Fitness IC1.five Indoor Cycle comes with a 31lb flywheel, a 4-manner adjustable seat, and 2-manner adjustable handlebars to beat its competitors in terms of features and highlights. There is no doubt that this is the most stylish option on our list.

    Like different magnetic resistance motorcycles, the Inspire Fitness IC1.five Indoor Cycle offers lengthy-lasting, contact-loose resistance and a clean braking system, providing you with a quieter experience than we get with different motorcycles indexed here.

    The Inspire Fitness IC1.five Indoor Cycle costs you half of a high-end model, which is popular because of its brand value. That’s why we consider this model to be a cost-effective solution for middle-class fitness enthusiasts.

    Price $899
    Guarantee 10-year warranty on frame, 3-year warranty on accessories
  • Compatible with the Inspire Fitness App.
  • Easily transportable.
  • Adjustable magnetic resistance.
  • Sunny 1805

    According to our research, Sunny 1805 is the best Peloton alternative. The bike includes a competition-style seat and multiple resistance levels to boost your fitness journey. The bike’s screen comes as a LED screen. Most importantly, this home exercise bike from Sunny Health Fitness is also favorable for joint pain.

    This is one of the best exercise bikes that help you reduce a severe amount of weight within a few weeks. Like all the products from Sunny Health Fitness, this comes as a savior for obese and unfit individuals.

    Price $449
    Guarantee Three years warranty on frames and six months of warranty of parts
  • Standard tablet holder.
  • Heavy-duty alloy steel frame.
  • Magnetic resistance with micro-adjustability.
  • YOSUDA Bike

    The YOSUDA Bike comes with an iPad mount, a snug seat cushion, and eight resistance levels.

    As one of the few inexpensive exercising motorcycles on our list, the YOSUDA Bike punches above its weight elegance for capability and capabilities. The 35lb flywheel, a 2-manner adjustable non-slip handlebar, a 4-manner padded seat (with inseam heights of 25 to 35 inches), and different resistance levels make this product a decent bike.

    The LCD monitor of the YOSUDA indoor cycling bike is a standard home exercise bike to ensure a comfortable ride. The LCD monitor shows the calories burned in an entire workout session. It is one of the best exercise bikes if you’re low on budget and looking for something under $300.

    Price $299
    Guarantee Free parts replacement
  • Heavy-duty steel frame.
  • Non-slip handlebars that move in 2 directions
  • 4-direction padded seat.
  • PooBoo Indoor Cycling Bike

    If you’re in search of affordable bikes, this one is the ultimate home gym equipment to fulfill your intentions. With the total body workout benefits offered by this best home exercise bike, you can have better fitness levels.

    Tracking your coronary heart rate, distance traveled, and speed is very much possible with this sturdy bike. This is an excellent bike for on-demand classes to maximize the workout benefits—a quieter alternative to Peloton, the PooBoo Indoor Cycling Bike is one of the best exercise bikes.

    Considering all the benefits of the workout equipment, we don’t hesitate twice before declaring the best air bike for users of all ages.

    Price $289
    Guarantee 12-months parts replacement
  • Heavy-duty steel framework.
  • Easy transportation wheels.
  • 35lb flywheel available.
  • Carol AI Bike

    The Carol AI Bike helps you attain the maximum benefits within shorter periods with innovative technology. The manufacturers claim that the cycle can help you burn a tremendous amount of calories during your biking sessions with this particular bike. You can easily replace a 45-min walking session with this bike and enjoy the same benefits.

    The AI-bike can help you workout at intense difficulty levels so that you can get the equivalent benefits of running 20 mins or walking an hour. You can set the pace as you like and gear up your fitness sessions according to your choice.

    The bike is a perfect choice for individuals who want to be at the peak of their fitness levels within short spans of 10-15 mins. The cycle helps you do that pretty comfortably.

    Price $2395
    Guarantee 100-day home trial
  • Easy-to-use touch-screen console.
  • Compatible Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Free subscription for three months.
  • Horizon Fitness

    Horizon Fitness gives three styles of exercising motorcycles for extraordinary budgets and needs. Horizon Fitness is an established name in fitness equipment, and the company needs no further introduction. As the manufacturer of several cutting-edge exercise bikes, the company secures a decent position in this list without any doubt.

    These are the choices you have when it comes to selecting an exercise bike variant of Horizon Fitness-

    Indoor Cycle (which includes the GR3 Indoor Cycle and IC7.nine Indoor Cycle)- Beginners can kickstart their fitness journeys with the supreme indoor cycles that help burn calories,

    Recumbent Exercise Bikes (which includes the Comfort R and Recumbent Bike)- A recumbent bike can take your biking experience to another level any day with exceptional benefits.

    Upright Exercise Bikes (which includes the Comfort U Upright and Bike)- These adjustable bikes are friendly for users with joint pains and other types of body aches, making all of these best exercise bikes among older adults.

    Price $499
    Guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Handlebars that move in three directions
  • Real-time heart rate tracker with LCD console.
  • Durable and long-lasting frames.
  • Stryde

    The world of aerobic exercises became improved with the Stryde exercise bike. The performances of Stryde exercise bikes say the final word about their build quality and features.

    Stryde’s flagship version is the Stryde Exercise Bike. The bike comes with a 14-day trial to the Stryde app, containing numerous exercise tips and videos from the world’s best fitness instructors and trainers.

    The exercise bike helps you reach the ultimate fitness level with guided and advanced aerobic exercises that are friendly for everyone.

    Price $1495
  • 5-year guarantee on frame
  • 1-year warranty on the touch-screen
  • Highlights
  • 100 adjustable resistance levels.
  • Touch-screen with compatible Bluetooth speakers.
  • 14-day free trial on the Stryde app
  • MYX Fitness II Plus

    MYX Fitness II Plus makes a distinct position in the list as it comes with an integrated camera and touch-screen display to ensure an excellent and smart biking session for you.

    With a weight capacity of 350lbs, height adjustment feature from 4’11” to 6’8″, knee-stress-eliminating factor, this one is an excellent choice over other ones indeed. Additionally, the smart motion sensors available with the bike make it a practical choice as it delivers the best performance with the help of its unique features.

    The exercise bike is reported to throw a challenging competition to the Peloton bike in performance and workout intensity. The cellular app associated with the cycle helps users improve their biking sessions over time.

    Price $1599
    Guarantee 12-months warranty
  • Both-side adjustable handlebars.
  • Motion sensors to track speed and distance.
  • Touch-screen with in-built camera features.
  • Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle

    As you check Amazon, you will find Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle as one of the most sold exercise bikes with excellent ratings. More importantly, the add-on fitness gear and workout videos available with the bike package make it worth buying.

    The package includes a bike, a media tray, stretch pads, ground mat, gel seat cover, dumbbell holder, M Series Assembly and Maintenance Kit, and the M Connect display.

    Coming with a unique V-form body, this bike enables you to elevate the seats and handlebars according to requirements. While working out on the Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle, it feels like riding a motorcycle on the road at the top speed to elevate the handles and seats as per your preferences. Also, this feature makes your biking experience more comfortable.

    Coming with a dedicated health-tracking and exercise-tracking application, this bike is also friendly for evaluating your workout form. Also, you get the opportunity to connect the app with other health applications to keep a tab on your performance.

    Price $1895
    Guarantee 10-years guarantee on frames, 3-years guarantee on accessories
  • V-shape frame with a unique style.
  • No virtual maintenance is required.
  • M connect available to connect with fitness apps.
  • Cyclace Stationary Exercise Bike

    If you’re tired of checking the benefits of multiple exercise bikes, this exceptional upright bike can help you with your indoor cycling journey. Coming with a phenomenal magnetic resistance setting, this exercise bike can do the job pretty well.

    The Cyclace Stationary Exercise Bike comes with a non-slip handlebar, a 4-manner adjustable seat (assisting inseams of 28 to 39″), and a thickened metallic, triangular body, amongst different perks. The transport wheels of the upright-style bike make it a piece of standard exercise equipment.

    Considering the bike’s price, this is one of the best exercise bikes as an affordable option. The features of the bike can make it beat other upright bikes comfortably.

    Price $329
    Guarantee One-year warranty on parts
  • PVC-coated safe handlebars.
  • Adjustable frames.
  • 4-way adjustable seat.
  • ProForm Studio Bike Pro

    The ProForm Studio Bike Pro is one of the best exercise bikes for general fitness purposes. That touch-screen can circulate iFIT exercises on-call.

    This one is the ultimate choice for group biking sessions for families. After a long stressful workout, you can enjoy your fitness session with your family as you get this group biking equipment at your home. The quality of the bike is beyond words, and the manufacturers included all the latest features in the cycle to make it more efficient.

    With an extended warranty of 10-12 months on the body of the bike, you can feel safer while biking intensely. Also, the 24 resistance levels of the cycle can make workout sessions a bit harder for you.

    Price $1299
    Guarantee 10-years guarantee on frames, 2-years guarantee on parts, 1-year guarantee on labor
  • It comes with a 3 pounds dumbbell set
  • 22-inch smart HD touch-screen.
  • 24 adjustable resistance levels.
  • How We Ranked The Top 18 Indoor Cycling Bikes of 2022

    Every exercise bike claims to provide intense workout sessions. Here’s how we ranked the first-class exercising bikes that offer maximum relaxation.


    The build quality of an exercise bike determines how long it will sustain. So, we went for the products that we found sturdy enough. Sturdy exercise bikes tend to remain stable when you’re biking on them. All the article products are sturdy enough to offer regular biking sessions.


    Exercise bikes and noises are pretty inseparable, and finding a quiet exercise bike is a blessing indeed. However, we kept that factor in mind and enlisted the products that generate lesser noises when you’re working out. Loud exercise bikes aren’t favorable for your workout mindset at all. So, you can’t go wrong with the products above as they generate minimal noises that are tolerable.

    Ease of Use

    We attempted our best to introduce products targeted to all types of audiences. Often exercise bikes are so complicated to use, and general users can’t operate them comfortably. Therefore, we mentioned products that come with straightforward operating systems. All the products referred to above are pretty easy to use, and you can unlock the benefits offered by them very smartly.

    Seat Comfort & Overall Rideability

    Seat comfort is an essential factor because riding comfort depends on the seat of an exercise bike. So, we judged every product’s seat quality, seat comfort, and overall rideability before including it in our list of the best exercise bikes.

    Ease of Installation

    While ranking the products, we tried to enlist the pretty easy ones to install. Therefore, we can proudly say that our suggested products are pretty easy to displace. You can move them and install them at different places according to your requirements without the help of professionals.

    Warranty Period

    Check whether your exercise bike comes with a specific warranty period or not. Usually, exercise bikes with warranty periods of 6-12 months. We have included products that come with standard warranty periods.


    An adjustable exercise bike is a handy option that makes your biking experience better and more comfortable. On the other hand, some exercise bikes are non-adjustable, and you may find it hard to work out on them. So, we suggest you go for adjustable ones even if they cost you a bit more.

    Price & Value

    As you have read the article, you know that exercise bikes come at different price segments, and you are the one to decide how much you’re going to spend on an exercise bike. We have enlisted all types of products for all buyers. Mostly, we have attempted to include the best value-for-money products.


    A smooth biking experience is what a user wants while participating in a biking session during workouts. We rated the products based on how smooth they function. All the products listed above come with smooth operative features, and you can have great biking experiences with them.

    Customer Reviews & Testimonials

    We prioritized only the best exercise bikes based on the customer reviews and testimonials found on the websites of the exercise bikes in terms of deciding suitable rankings for them. We inspected all the positive and negative reviews of every model to determine whether it is effective in weight loss or not. From a recumbent bike to another type of bike, customer reviews have been a vital ranking criterion for us.

    Manufacturer Reputation

    We included the products of the companies that we found worthy enough. All the companies mentioned in the list above have been in the industry for a prolonged period. They have launched thousands of products, and their reputations are beyond question. Therefore, you can go for any of these products without verifying the background of the manufacturer of the product.

    We have checked the criteria before finalizing the products for our list of the best exercise bikes available in the market.

    The Top 18 Indoor Cycling Bikes of 2022 Final Words

    Treadmills and other types of fat-burning equipment are not affordable for most fitness enthusiasts. Also, running regularly for a specific time becomes hard for busy individuals. On the contrary, exercise bikes can do the best jobs within limited budgets. Also, working out with exercise bikes comes with many health and fitness benefits.

    We have picked the best products for upscaling your fitness levels, considering all your workout needs. Having the best exercise bike at your home means that you’re all set to shed a severe amount of weight shortly. As we have passed the product through strict criteria, you stand lower chances of going wrong.

    You can buy one of the best indoor cycling bikes on our list to get the best fitness benefits without any hesitation. These products will help you start your fitness journey at home.


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