SolarMax Reviews – Is Solar Max Legit? (Nutriomo Labs)

Did you know that at least one person in five is dissatisfied after they undergo surgery? Nerve and joint pain can be a complex problem, but surgery is far from the only solution. Surgeries often do not work and may worsen the problem, so why is it hailed as an ultimate solution?

With a new solution called SolarMax, you can end the pain and avoid expensive bills at the hospital. Does Solar Max sound too good to be true? Then it would help if you read our honest review about SolarMax before buying it.

What Is SolarMax?

SolarMax is a new topical health formula in a roll-on to help you with chronic joint and nerve pain. It’s marketed explicitly toward people over 50s, but younger individuals can use it without problems if they are currently suffering from painful joint issues.

This product was created by a medical researcher called Kevin Richardson. His mother was suffering from aggravated nerve pain during her old age. He couldn’t take care of her alone anymore, so he sent her to a nursing home. After a few months, they both decided it wasn’t the right place to be, and he took her home again.

Initially, Kevin didn’t know what to do, but then he used his background to find the solution using a natural mixture of herbs and roots. SolarMax is a natural pain relief roll on that will diminish your pain without causing unwanted side effects.

How SolarMax Works

SolarMax was created as a rapid pain relief solution for treating chronic joint pain because other joint pain remedies were not working as claimed. Surgery is costly and not guaranteed to work, and products such as painkillers often end up harming your liver, causing more problems than they are solving.

According to the product’s creators, it can give users pure pain relief in 100% of expert clinical studies. That’s how powerful the SolarMax formula is. Instead of paying for surgery and hoping for the best, you can try SolarMax and improve your life.

SolarMax works so well because it combines the natural soothing effects and healing capabilities of the plants used in the formula. A few days after using it, your body will start to heal from the inside, and your brain will give signals to ignore whatever pain you have. In some cases, SolarMax could diminish the pain by at least 70%.

SolarMax Ingredients

The creators of SolarMax used 14 different herbs and roots to create this solution. Now, we’ll take a look at the most important ones among them:

Yerba Mate: These leaves have strong anti-inflammatory properties and can help you when the pain in your joints is caused due to uncontrolled inflammation.

Calendula Officinalis: It’s a unique herb used in some cultures to heal wounds faster than expected. It’s also packed with anti-inflammation capabilities, making it the perfect herb to combine with Yerba Mate.

Eucalyptus Oil: You should know that this oil can give you a powerful pain response. It’s just like a natural painkiller, but without the side effects. Like the other ingredients, it also has anti-inflammatory advantages.

Aloe Vera: It has potent antioxidant and antibacterial properties and helps your body to regenerate faster than usual.

Benefits vs. Side Effects


  • Gives you pain relief from problems like nerve and joint pain.
  • It’s very effective against arthritis.
  • You won’t have to pay or undergo expensive surgeries to get better.
  • It increases your mobility, allowing you to move freely again.
  • Improves your quality of life after your 60s, 70s, or even 80s.
  • It will enable you to rest more and sleep better after you get rid of the pain.
  • It relaxes your muscles and gives you a unique sense of relief.

Side effects:

  • The ingredients used in this natural supplement are not harmful in any way. However, if you feel anything weird soon after using the formula, consult with a doctor before continuing the usage.

SolarMax Customer Reviews

The official SolarMax website shares that the formula has helped over 86,000 people solve their health problems.

The SolarMax website has several testimonials from people who bought this solution and improved their lives. For instance, a man in his 70s affirms that he used the supplement and was able to skip surgery despite suffering from arthritis.

Another customer, a woman in her 60s, claims that she had constant pains and that it was ruining her life. Now, however, she can enjoy her days again. A third customer called this product her “favorite pain relief item,” affirming that there is no better product to deal with chronic pain.

Overall, we can see that all of the reviews are pretty positive. This corroborates the company’s claim that 100% of the people who tried this pain relief roll on SolarMax before the launch had their pain diminished by at least 70%.

SolarMax Official Pricing and Where to Buy

If you want SolarMax in your life, visit TrySolarMax.com right now and pick a package. The company is currently selling three different packages and pricing options for new customers:

  • Get one bottle for $59.00 + Free US Shipping
  • Get three bottles for $49.00 each + Free US Shipping
  • Get six bottles for $33.00 each + Free US Shipping

Each purchase comes with three free bonus materials:

  • Creating a “Pain-Free” Home Sanctuary to Prevent Injury and Fight Gravity Aches
  • Massage Therapist at Your Fingertips: 7 Easy DIY Massages for Instant Pain Relief
  • 5 Deep Breathing Exercises to Soothe Stiffness and Increase Happiness

As you can see, the unit price decreases if you buy more units simultaneously. Each bottle lasts for one month, and all purchases come with a 365-day moneyback guarantee, meaning you get a full year to ask for a refund. To contact the company in writing or submit a support ticket:

  • Company Address: Nutriomo Labs Pte Ltd 3242 NE 3rd Avenue #1043 Camas WA 98607
  • Submit a Ticket to Support: http://help.n-labs.com/support/tickets/new

Final Thoughts

SolarMax is a powerful solution that can be used by people who want to get rid of joint and nerve pain. This offering has a one-year money-back guarantee and is less costly than surgery. If this feels like you, you can probably benefit from purchasing this online without any risks.

SolarMax is a perfect option for people who want to deal with pain quickly and efficiently.


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