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Alpha Strength Reviews – Male Booster Supplement That Works?

Every man desires to be the alpha stud in the relationship. According to experts, sexually satisfied men have better physical and mental health. In addition, they are generally happier than men suffering from sexual deprivation. Between the age of 16 and 30, men have escalating sexual energy due to high testosterone levels. However, after hitting the third decade, testosterone levels start declining. As a result, they suffer from mood swings, premature aging, increased fat mass, low libido, and lack of stamina.

To amplify their sexual lives, most men are dependent on synthetic aphrodisiacs and other drugs. Unfortunately, these pharmaceuticals are addictive and can cause adverse side effects. However, only quality male boosters can offer effective results. Alpha Strength is a testosterone booster claiming to give any man sexual satisfaction. How does it work? What are its ingredients?

How Does Alpha Strength Support Male Health?

Alpha Strength is rich in ingredients that target the root cause of poor sexual health in men. Some components increase nitric oxide production, therefore, improving blood flow. Better blood circulation in the genital area ensures the cells get vital nutrients and adequate oxygen. Equally, improved blood movement supports hard and stronger erections. Consequently, you will be able to get hard whenever you desire and maintain the erection for extended periods.

Alpha Strength also elevates the production of testosterone up to 400 times. High t-levels enhance libido allowing you to get into erotic moods whenever you or your partner desires. Equally, stable testosterone levels improve your sexual energy and performance, letting you pump harder for more extended periods. In addition, Alpha Strength elevates your stamina, allowing you to please your partner, therefore, boosting your confidence.

Some of Alpha Strength’s ingredients support cognitive health by promoting the functioning of nerve and receptor cells. The creators also state that the male booster can protect your heart from congenital issues as it reduces blood cholesterol levels and clears arterial plaque for better blood flow.

What is Alpha Strength Male Booster?

As per the official website, Alpha Strength is a male enhancer from a US-based supplement maker. Adam Armstrong describes it as an all-natural formula that can improve their sexual performance, enhance erections and boost their overall wellbeing. In addition, Alpha Strength’s ingredients are safe and are scientifically proven to enhance men’s sexual health.

The supplement facility is purported to be GMP-certified and FDA-approved. Adam Strong makes bold statements such as Alpha Strength can boost testosterone production by more than 400%. It is easy to consume the pill, and there are zero chances of it causing any side effects. A daily dose of four potent ingredients can boost physical and mental health.

What’s Inside Alpha Strength Capsules?

Alpha Strength supplement provides its list of ingredients upfront. Therefore, it is easy to compare the supplement with similar products in the market. The co-maker Adam Strong states that they source Alpha Strength eight ingredients from organic sources. Similarly, all the constituents are science-backed to support sexual and overall wellbeing. Equally, they ensure that each component is in the acceptable dosages to provide maximum benefits. Alpha Strength is free from stimulants and psychoactive elements that cause addiction. In addition, each batch is third-party tested and is considered safe and potent. The key ingredients include:

Tongkat Ali

Ancient medicine shows that Tongkat Ali can treat various health issues. The traditional herbalists recommended this ingredient for men who had poor sexual health issues such as infertility and libido. Modern science has proven that Tongkat Ali can increase testosterone levels. As a result, your sexual moods and performance improve.

Multiple kinds of research show that Tongkat Ali can support the growth of muscles, boost physical strength, and accelerate the loss of fat mass. In addition, Tongkat Ali can fight against erectile dysfunction by improving blood circulation. It naturally enhances nitric oxide production, allowing men to enjoy complex and strong erections leading to mind-shattering orgasms. It is rich in compounds that fight against stress and augment your sleep quality.

Fenugreek Seeds

Men with low testosterone levels lose their masculinity features. Low t-levels cause an increase in female-dominant estrogen, leading to the accumulation of visceral fat, especially around the waist and boobs. Fenugreek contains compounds that stimulate testosterone production and prevent its conversion into DHT and estrogen.

In addition, the ingredient augments your metabolic rates allowing you to enjoy high energy levels throughout the day. Similarly, consuming fenugreek can heighten your sexual drive, sexual energy, and performance.


Alpha Strength makers claim that this amino acid can stimulate nitric oxide production, elevating blood flow to the penile area. Equally, improved blood movement can protect your heart from numerous ailments, including hypertension and heart attack. L-Citrulline boosts mental health, allowing you to stay alert, have clearer thoughts and sharp memory. It can also alleviate daily stress and anxiety, improving relaxation and sleep.

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Minerals (Magnesium and Zinc)

Lack of enough magnesium and Zinc can lower men’s sexual health. Magnesium and Zinc support the production of testosterone. In addition, it enhances relaxation, thus allowing you to enjoy better quality sleep. Magnesium is an anti-inflammatory that can protect cells from oxidative stress and damage.

Zinc can protect you from age-related cognitive issues such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. Some studies show that magnesium can boost performance by boosting energy levels. Additionally, Zinc improves male fertility by enhancing the production of quality semen in more significant amounts.

Vitamins (B6, B3, D3, and K2)

It is a fact that most American men are not getting enough vitamins from their diet. Numerous reports show that folks consuming vitamins lack arterial plaque, low cholesterol levels, and an overall healthy heart. Vitamins boost blood flow, therefore, improving the intensity of erections. Equally, vitamins support better moods and alleviate stress and anxiety. As antioxidants, vitamins protect the cells from oxidative stress and damage.

Features and Benefits of Alpha Strength

  • Alpha Strength is available without a prescription.
  • The makers claim regular use of Alpha Strength turns you into a “Sex God.” Therefore, your energy, performance, libido, and stamina will hike.
  • It gives you the confidence to approach and conquer any partner.
  • Alpha Strength protects you against premature aging. In addition, it increases lean muscles and lowers fat mass, making you look sexy and attractive regardless of age advancement.
  • It supports better blood flow, thus augmenting your erections and heightening heart health.
  • It helps you reclaim the years of ferocious sexual urges.
  • It boosts cognitive health and protects you against brain fog and chronic fatigue.

How Many Capsules Should You Take?

Alpha Strength manufacturer recommends consuming a maximum of four pills daily. However, you should take two capsules in the morning and the other two in the evening. Though Alpha Strength makers claim it cannot cause any side effects, it is best to consult a physician.

Alpha Strength Pricing

Alpha Strength is available for purchase direct from the website. The manufacturer is currently offering amazing discounts plus free shipping to any part of the United States. Customers have the option of buying a single, three, or six bottles package at affordable prices.

  • One Bottle Alpha Strength $99.00
  • Three Bottles Alpha Strength $237.00
  • Six Bottles Alpha Strength $414.00

Alpha Strength makers are confident that the supplement will offer effective results. Consequently, a 120-day money-back surety secures each bottle. To claim a refund, customers can contact the makers of Alpha Strength by phone or email at:

  • Email:
  • Phone: (917) 675-3052

Final Verdict

Alpha Strength is a potent male booster that can improve your sex life. It is rich in compounds that boost libido and testosterone levels to ensure you get maximum satisfaction after every sexual encounter. Alpha Strength makers claim it is all-natural and unlikely to cause adverse side effects. However, most experts recommend eating healthy foods, exercising, and getting adequate rest to boost your sexual health naturally.

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