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Best Buy Now Pay Later Financing Options That Allow Pay Over Time & Installments Alternatives | No Credit Check Loans With Instant Approval in 2021


As a result of the recent pandemic and many other issues, many people have sought financial assistance more than ever before. Because of this, a lot of financial companies have emerged to capitalize on this growing demand.

Buy now & pay later credit options have proven to be a lifesaver for many people. Unfortunately, because of the surge in its popularity, many fraudulent and fake businesses have entered the market and started to scam many people.

However, there is no need to worry because we have gathered a list of reputable and reliable buy now pay later options below. Not only can we guarantee that they are legitimate businesses, but we also made sure to find the best options that will provide its customers with the most benefits.

Our List of Best Buy Now & Pay Later Platforms Of 2021

  1. MoneyMutual – Best Buy Now Pay Later Apps & Financing Options
  2. CashUSA – Shop Now Pay Later, Guaranteed Credit Card Approval With No Deposit
  3. BillsHappen – Best Buy Make Payment Credit Options, Fast Payment Online
  4. Auto Credit Express – Top Buy Now Pay Later Sites, Pay Later in Installments
  5. – Efficient Buy Now Pay Later Apps that Loan You Money

Here are full reviews of our top picks:

#1. MoneyMutualBest Buy Now Pay Later Apps & Financing Options

MoneyMutual is a great choice if you’re seeking a fast solution. It’s important to note that MoneyMutual’s convenient approach of serving is highly popular, with over two million customers.

MoneyMutual also guarantees that you will receive your loan within a day if you request a refund. As a result, they make the process simple, and you can feel certain that your funds are secure.

You just need to fill out a few online forms to get started, and they will take care of the rest. However, before submitting, you must ensure that all the information you provided is correct.


  • Amount Offered and Interest Rates

A short-term loan of $200 to $5,000 is available to customers. Since MoneyMutual does not provide loans directly, the interest rate varies by lender. However, even though they vary, the interest rates are generally acceptable and affordable.

  • Eligibility

To apply for a loan with MoneyMutual, you need to be at least 18 years old US citizen. You must also have an active bank account and at least $800 in monthly income. You’ll also have to provide proof to confirm your status of employment.

  • Application Process

All you have to do is fill out a short form on the site, which should take no more than five minutes. After your loan application is approved, you will typically have access to the funds in less than 24 hours.


  • Fast and simple application process
  • Accepts borrowers with bad credit scores
  • Less than 24 hours loan approval
  • Affordable interest rates


  • Not available in New York

=> Click here to visit the official website of MoneyMutual

#2. CashUSAShop Now Pay Later, Guaranteed Credit Card Approval With No Deposit

CashUSA is an online lender network that offers customers no-credit-check secured and unsecured personal loans.

The site is simple to navigate and allows you to connect directly with the loan provider. As a result, the procedure is quick, and there is no need for an intermediary site that usually extends the process.

One of the most significant advantages of using Cash USA is that it provides consumers with far more services than just signature loans. This site has everything you could possibly need to get out of debt!


  • Amount Offered and Interest Rates

Borrowers can choose from a range of loans starting from $500 to $10,000. The interest rate, on the other hand, varies from 5.99% to 35.99%. Borrowers can repay the loan in 3 to 72 months, depending on the loan terms.

  • Eligibility

To be considered for a loan, a borrower must be at least 18 years old and a US citizen or permanent resident. A valid and active bank account in the borrower’s name is necessary, as well as a monthly after-tax income of at least $1,000.

  • Application Process

The loan application process at CashUSA is very simple, convenient, and takes only a few minutes to complete. Once approved, the lender will deposit the funds into your bank account within 24 hours.


  • Fast application process
  • Flexible loan terms
  • Excellent customer support
  • Funds are transferred directly to the borrower’s account within 24 hours


  • High monthly minimum income requirement at $1000

=> Click here to visit the official website of CashUSA

#3. BillsHappen– Best Buy Make Payment Credit Options, Fast Payment Online

BillsHappen is a website that prequalifies those who are looking for personal loans. It is a network of direct lenders rather than a lender. BillsHappen distributes your loan request throughout its network and connects you with a direct lender willing to work with you.

The company was established in 2018 and is based in Plantation, Florida. It has connected over 250,000 people with personal loan providers. Hundreds of licensed, trusted lenders are part of the BillsHappen network, and you can borrow up to $5,000 in as little as 24 hours.


  • Amount Offered and Interest Rates

You can get loans ranging from $100 to $5,000 in BillsHappen. The terms of the loan, such as the interest rate and the repayment period vary by lender.

  • Eligibility

BillsHappen requires its borrowers to be at least 18 years old US citizen or a permanent resident, own a valid checking or savings account, have a valid SSN, have a valid driver’s license or state ID, employed, self-employed, or receiving benefits, and have a valid phone number.

  • Application Process

To get started, you only need to fill out a simple and secure form on the site. Lenders will assess your request in real-time once you submit your details. If a lender will make you an offer, you will be directed to their secure site to review it.


  • Fast and easy application process
  • All credit scores are welcome to apply
  • Easy to use website
  • Fast transfer of funds


  • The website has only very few customer reviews

=> Click here to visit the official website of BillsHappen

#4. Auto Credit Express – Top Buy Now Pay Later Sites, Pay Later in Installments

Auto Credit Express is an online auto loan matching service that assists you in locating car loans and dealerships that are suitable for your budget and requirements. It also has credit tools and resources on its website.

The website caters to customers with poor credit and collaborates with a nationwide dealer network to provide a wide range of options. It also takes car trade-ins.

With a network of over 1,000 dealers, Auto Credit Express has closed more than $1 billion auto loans with bad credit.


  • Amount Offered and Interest Rates

Auto Credit Express offers loans ranging from $3,500 to $45,000. Interest rates vary and are usually dependent on the borrower’s lender, credit score, and financial history. However, the company’s rates are often based on industry averages.

  • Eligibility

To get a loan from Auto credit Express, you must be at least 18 years old, earn at least $1,500 a month, and live in the United States or Canada. A full-time job or other stable source of income can also improve your chances of being approved.

  • Application Process

The loan request form is available online. You could learn out if you’re qualified within 24 hours of submitting your application. Based on the information you provided, Auto Credit Express can connect you with a local new or used automobile dealer or lender.


  • Convenient application process
  • Typically low down payment requirements
  • Offers special rates for military members
  • BBB accreditation and A+ rating
  • Offers services for customers with bad or no credit


  • Interest rates can be high

=> Click here to visit the official website of AutoCreditExpress

#5. Car.Loan.comEfficient Buy Now Pay Later Apps that Loan You Money is a website that connects car buyers with lenders and dealers. This user-friendly website is a good option for borrowers with no credit or low credit who want to buy their dream car.

The platform basically does all of the work for you. will assist you in arranging a meeting with a finance manager at one of the dealerships in your location so that you can go to the dealership, choose your car, and finish the paperwork.


  • Amount Offered and Interest Rates connects you with auto loan companies who offer loans ranging from $7,500 to $45,000. Annual percentage rates vary per lender but usually range from 0% to 25%.

  • Eligibility

To borrow form you need to be at least 18 years old and a US citizen with a valid address and regular income. Although having a monthly income is not required, it is helpful to have at least $1,000 each month.

  • Application Process

You can start your application on its website. You will be asked personal information such as where you live, what you do for a living, and how much money you make each month. Your SSN will also be asked which its partners may use to conduct a hard credit inquiry on your credit report.


  • Simple and secure online application
  • Considers people with repossessions and bankruptcies
  • Affordable payments and no application fees
  • Does not require a minimum monthly income


  • Loan rates may be high
  • Limited vehicle options


MyAutoLoan is a website that connects you with auto loans through its network of lenders. If you have fair credit and want to compare multiple offers, then this service is an excellent fit for you.

MyAutoLoan will seek out offers from a variety of lenders on your behalf. It connects borrowers with refinance and lease buyout loans, as well as a variety of new and used car purchase loans from dealers and private parties.


  • Amount Offered and Interest Rates

For refinancing, the minimum loan amount is $5,000, and for purchase and lease buyout loans, the minimum loan amount is $8,000. Interest rates differ by lender but are usually lower than its competitors.

  • Eligibility

To apply, you must be at least 18 years old, earn at least $21,000 per year, have a FICO score of 575 or better, and be buying a car that is 10 years old or newer and has less than 125,000 miles.

  • Application Process

To apply you need to fill out an online application form and submit personal information like your Social Security Number and sources of income. MyAutoLoan will then try to match you with up to four different lenders based on the information you provided.


  • Fast and easy application process
  • Low interest rates
  • BBB accreditation and A+ rating
  • Wide range of car loan options


  • Vehicle restrictions
  • Not available to borrowers with credit scores below 575
  • Not available in Hawaii or Alaska.

=> Click here to visit the official website of MyAutoLoan

#7. Surge Mastercard

The Surge Mastercard is a credit card designed specifically for people who have low, poor, or fair credit. Celtic Bank is the issuer of the card, which is distributed by Continental Finance.

The major advantage of this card is that it can be used even if your credit isn’t good. This allows you to improve your credit mix by adding a revolving credit account to your credit history. It also allows you to build a track record of on-time payments. Your credit score may improve if you keep your balance below the credit limit.


  • Credit Limit and APR

The starting credit limit of Surge Mastercard is $300 to $1,000 and it charges a variable 25.90% to 29.99% APR on purchases.

  • Other Fees

You need to pay a $75-$99 annual fee. The fee is deducted from your available credit line in the first month. There is also a monthly maintenance fee. The fee is $120, billed at $10 per month and assessed at the start of your billing cycle.

  • Application Process

The Surge Mastercard credit card application process is quick and simple. You just need to prequalify for it and see if your application will be approved. Prequalification does not need a credit check, so you can learn about your acceptance chances without compromising your credit score.


  • Fast and easy application process
  • Accepts applicants with limited or poor credit
  • Reports to multiple credit bureaus
  • No security deposit required


  • High fees
  • High annual percentage rates

#8. Indigo Platinum Mastercard Credit Card

Indigo Platinum Mastercard is a good solution for people with bad credit or no credit history. Since it does not require a credit check for prequalification, it can be extremely beneficial to students and people who need a credit card after declaring bankruptcy.

The Indigo credit card is specifically designed for people who have a bad credit history or none at all. As long as you make regular payments, you can use this card to develop or rebuild your credit. It also has a high approval rate, 24/7 mobile account access, and a chip card technology.

Although there are no welcome bonuses or cash back programs, it does include standard features for easy financial management.


  • Credit Limit and APR

The credit limit for this card is $300. The regular APR for purchases on the Indigo Platinum Mastercard is 24.90 %, while the cash advance APR is 29.90 %. If you miss a payment, your interest rate will be raised to 29.90 % penalty APR, plus you’ll be charged a $40 late payment fee.

  • Other Fees

The annual fee for the Indigo Platinum Mastercard can range from $0 to $99, depending on your creditworthiness.

You will also be asked to pay a fee of $3 per statement if you desire a hardcopy statement. There’s also a $10 fee for copies of sales tickets or other materials if you asked them to be posted to your account.

  • Application Process

The application process is simple and does not need in-person visits. The first step is to go to the Indigo website and fill out their digital application form. You will be asked to provide your personal information there.

You will obtain a pre-approval after submitting your application. This is done by running a soft credit check on your credit report. You then need to submit a formal application for complete approval once your FICO score has been reviewed.


  • Fast and convenient application process
  • Accepts applicants with poor or no credit
  • Reports to multiple credit bureaus
  • No security deposit required
  • Extended warranty on purchases
  • 24/7 online credit card access


  • Potentially high fees
  • High annual percentage rates
  • Low credit limit
  • No rewards program

#9. PayPal Prepaid Mastercard

The PayPal Prepaid Mastercard is a reloadable debit card that may be loaded with funds from PayPal, direct deposit, or at one of 130,000 Netspend reloading stations. It is simple to load money onto the card, and then you can use it anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

You can get a $20 credit for recommending friends and family to the PayPal Prepaid Mastercard, and you can get special cashback rewards when you spend at certain stores. If you want to stay up to current on your card’s activity, you may use the PayPal mobile app to check it on the move. You can also set up real-time text alerts.


  • Rewards and Benefits

PayPal Prepaid offers a savings account that is FDIC-insured and pays up to 5.00 % yield. The 5.00 % APY is only available on average daily balances up to $1,000. The current APY is 0.50 percent on balances greater than $1,000.

You can move money around your PayPal card and your savings account using your PayPal card. To automate your savings, you can set up automatic transfers to your savings account.

PayPal also provides cash back rewards based on your spending habits. These discounts may be limited to specific retailers. The rewards will be credited in your account.

  • Fees

A number of fees apply to the PayPal Prepaid Mastercard. To begin, you will need to pay a $4.95 monthly fee, with the first month’s fee withdrawn from your account within 36 hours after loading the card.

You will also be liable to an ATM withdrawal costs of $2.50 plus any bank or ATM operator fees. When you use a MoneyPass Network ATM, the ATM owner charge is waived.

It is important to understand that some fees are not really established or disclosed by PayPal, but rather are determined by where you use the card and what services you use it for.

  • Application Process

You can either obtain a PayPal Prepaid Mastercard online or buy a temporary card at a store and activate it over the phone or online.

Within 7-10 business days after your information has been validated, you will receive your Card in the mail. Activation and identification verification are required.


  • Can be linked to PayPal account
  • Free direct deposit
  • Easy to reload
  • Worldwide acceptance
  • 5% Annual Percentage Yield Option
  • Offers Payback Rewards
  • Refer-A-Friend program


  • Monthly fee cannot be waived

#10. Fingerhut Credit Account

Fingerhut is a catalog and online retailer that sells thousands of items ranging from electronics to bedding to auto components, all of which may be purchased and financed using the company’s own credit line.

Fingerhut caters to consumers with a bad or nonexistent credit history; therefore, candidates may have a better chance of approval than they would with certain major lenders.

However, unlike other credit cards for those with bad credit, you can only use Fingerhut credit to buy things from the company’s store or authorized partners.

The Fingerhut Advantage Revolving Credit Account and the Fingerhut FreshStart Credit Account are the two types of accounts offered by Fingerhut. Both accounts can only be used to make online purchases at Fingerhut.

You won’t be able to use your Fingerhut account anyplace else, similar to how you wouldn’t be able to use a store card at some stores.


  • Credit Limit and APR

The credit limit on the Fingerhut FreshStart credit account is $125 – $230. A $30 deposit is required to open this account. The installment loan is for a single purchase, and accountholders must pay it back within 6-8 months. This account is for persons who have no credit or have bad or not credit history.

The Fingerhut Advantage Credit Account is a revolving account. It has a $200-$800 credit limit. Future credit line increases and payment deferral offers are available to accountholders. The account also features low monthly payments, though they may be required to make a $30 down payment on their first purchase, depending on their credit.

The regular interest rate on purchases for both accounts is 29.99%.

  • Application Process

Both lines of credit are issued by WebBank, and you won’t know which you qualify for until you apply. If you don’t qualify for an Advantage Credit Account, you’ll be considered for a FreshStart Installment Loan automatically. You can purchase items on Fingerhut’s website with either account.


  • Quick and easy application process
  • No annual fee
  • No security deposit
  • Easy qualification
  • Offers sign-up bonus
  • All credit scores are considered


  • No rewards or discounts
  • Limited use as a credit card

#11. Montgomery Ward

Montgomery Ward was founded in 1872 as a mail-order dry goods company in Chicago by Aaron Montgomery Ward. The company grew into brick-and-mortar retail sites over the next several decades, eventually becoming America’s third-largest department store chain.

Montgomery Ward now sells high-quality items online at big discounts. The Ward’s Credit Account will allow you to easily buy what you need and pay for it over time.

You won’t find any third-party fees or other hidden charges on your monthly account because your credit comes directly from Ward’s, not from a lending bank.


  • Credit Limit and APR

The Montgomery Ward Credit Card has a varying credit limit depending on your creditworthiness, income, and debt. Its credit limit can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

This card, unlike most others, does not have an annual fee. Only if the cardholder makes late payments will there be any additional charges. Its APR might range from 5.75 % to 25.99 %, also depending on your creditworthiness.

  • Application Process

When compared to other applications, the application process for this card is somewhat different. You must first make a purchase on the Montgomery Ward website before applying for this card.

After that, you need to fill out your relevant billing information and proceed. When you’ve finished filling out all the required information, proceed to choose the credit option upon its checkout. You will then need to fill out another form for the formal card application.


  • Fast and convenient application process
  • Instant approval
  • Reports to multiple credit bureaus
  • Credit limit can increase
  • No annual fee
  • No security deposit


  • No rewards program

#12. Zebit

Zebit is a good shopping option for shoppers who are having trouble qualifying for a personal loan or who require several months to pay for a large purchase but do not want a hard credit inquiry or interest payments.

Zebit allows you to purchase practically every popular electronic or household item. This service is a smart method to minimize debit or credit card and personal loan interest charges, which can raise overall purchase costs.

While they do not run credit checks to determine eligibility, they do report payment history to credit bureaus. If you pay your bills on time on a regular basis, your credit score will likely improve.


  • Credit Limit and Interest Rates

Zebit’s marketplace allows approved members to make credit purchases up to $2,500. Zebit offers 0% APR financing for six months, with semi-monthly payments required until the balance is paid off. If you’re able to, you can always pay it off sooner.

Zebit sells items that it buys in bulk at wholesale pricing. Zebit profits on the difference between the wholesale and retail prices, that is why it charges zero interest.

  • Eligibility

To apply for a Zebit account you must be at least 18 years old (19 years in AL and NE and 21 in MS), living in the US, receiving an annual income above $16,000 and have a Social Security number.

You won’t need a FICO score to apply. Zebit accesses your credit record by using the last four digits of your Social Security number. Although this soft query will appear on your credit record, it will have no effect on your credit score.

  • Application Process

To apply for the service, you need to go to their website and click register. You are required to give your personal information during the application process. Zebit uses the encryption that banks and other institutions use to protect sensitive data.


  • Fast and simple application process
  • No fees or interest
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Wide range of brands are available
  • Flexible payment options


  • Not available in Washington, DC
  • Prices may be higher than others

How We Made Our List for Best Buy Now Pay Later Options?

The internet is filled with opinions that influence how people view things. It is important to recognize that these opinions often have only one purpose which is to promote a positive good brand or product image. In several cases, the writers reuse information from publicly available lists without even conducting further investigation.

It is vital to understand that, regardless of the types of listings you come across, honesty is often not its driving factor. Puffs, exaggerations, and deception will be used by those who seek to promote their products and services.

You may now be asking why you should put your trust in us. After all, what makes our list unique? We are also compiling a list of companies who offer buy now pay later options. One thing we can guarantee you is that this list was made from honest reviews of experts.

To write this article, we wrote down a long list of popular buy now pay later options in the market. Then, we did extensive research on each brand by looking into many different factors.

Based on the findings, we narrowed the list to the top 12 best buy now pay later options that are currently in the market today.

What We Looked for in Choosing the Best Buy Now & Pay Later Options?

  • Annual Percentage Rates (APR)

Some options charge interest higher than the others, while some do not even charge any interest at all. Even if consumers pay will make on time and in full payments to their obligations, some interest charges are unavoidable. But we made sure to choose companies that charge reasonable interests.

  • Fees and Other Charges

Most buy now pay later providers only charge late fees if you fail to make your payments on time. However, may charge other penalties and other fees for different services.

  • Credit checks

There are two types of credit checks, a soft credit check or a hard credit check. Hard credit checks normally result in a minor decline in your credit score, but soft credit checks have no effect on your credit score. Most of the options included in this list only need soft credit check and some even need no credit check at all.

What to Look for in Buy Now & Pay Later Options?

  • Eligibility

Even if you find the best buy now pay later deal, it will not really help you if you do not meet their eligibility requirements. Therefore, it is important to check this first before getting your expectations up.

  • Interest Rates

This factor is the most important thing to consider when looking for buy now pay later options. A lot of companies charge very high interest which you should avoid. Make sure to compare the interest rates of different options before signing the contract to get the best option that suits your needs.

  • Fees

Like most other payment solutions, buy now pay later options often charge fees for processing payments and other services. This usually comes in the form a percentage off the sale plus transaction fee. Be sure to do your research on these fees so you can make an informed decision and avoid paying for unreasonable amount of hidden fees.

  • Terms & Conditions

Reading the terms and conditions on the service you are planning to get can make a massive difference in decision-making. Make sure to know important terms in your loan or credit.

  • Customer Reviews

One of the best ways to see if a company offers good products and services is by looking at their customer reviews. Companies who give good value for money will surely be receive many positive reviews from their customers.

FAQs About Buy Now Pay Later Options

Q. What is Buy Now & Pay Later?

Every year, the buy now, pay later industry continues to grow. But there are several types of buy-now, pay-later options. The most common type is the standard credit card, which allows you to shop at any retailer or service provider who accepts it.

The card allows you to complete your purchase while paying down the balance in monthly installments. You can reuse a portion of your credit line after paying off a portion of your debt. Banks call this a revolving credit line.

Some merchants offer one-time credit that can be used to make a single purchase. However, once you’ve paid off the credit, you won’t be able to use it again.

Specialty stores, such as furniture or appliance sellers, frequently offer this form of credit. They’re basically one-time loans that you pay back in regular payments.

The type of buy now pay later credit you need will be determined by your intended use for the credit and the amount of debt you can reasonably take on.

When deciding whether you can afford a buy now pay later loan, keep in mind that few lines of credit come with no interest charges, and those that do usually require good credit to qualify, so be sure you consider those charges in.

Q. What Credit Score Do You Need to Apply for a Buy Now Pay Later Service?

A minimum credit score is not necessary to apply for the service. There are also numerous options to choose from. While some companies might run a soft inquiry to examine your credit, many others will not run a credit check at all.

Even if you have poor credit, companies that do not require a credit check allow you to shop today and pay later by determining your credit limit using other methods.

Zebit, for instance, has a two-step underwriting procedure. To create your initial spending limit, they will check your identity, income, and occupation. Then, at checkout, each attempted purchase is scrutinized to see if you can complete the transaction.

Q. How Can I Evaluate My Credit Score?

Credit scores are assigned to you based on your payment history if you have previously borrowed money from a bank. Building credit may take a few months. It is also referred to as your FICO score. It will range from 300 to 850 points. The worst score is 300, and the best score is 850.

Unless you borrow money from a registered financial institution or accept loans legally, the system cannot provide your credit rating. The relevant agency will then combine your data from different financial institutions to calculate your credit score, which you can see on the bureau report.

Q. Can Buy Now & Pay Later Services Affect Your Credit Score?

If your buy now pay later service provider will report to the credit bureaus, then your payment history will be reflected in your credit score.

Some options listed in this article report to the credit bureau while others do not. Some of these options are also short-term in nature and, therefore, do not create a payment history that is long enough to report to the credit bureaus.

Q. What is No-Credit-Check Financing?

Banks are the primary source of funding for most credit lines. When you make a purchase using a debit or credit card, the card’s issuing bank delivers the money to the store or service provider to pay your purchase. The bank is effectively lending you money, which you promise to repay, usually with interest at a later date.

Because a bank is lending you money, it wants to make sure you can repay it. That is why, in order to be authorized for a loan, you must normally pass a credit check.

However, banks are not used by all merchants to fund their credit lines. Some merchants will simply lend you the funds from their own resources. Therefore, when you pay your bill, you are actually paying the store, not the bank.

Many service providers provide similar credit lines that are not linked to a bank. Your plumber, mechanic, or handyman may be willing to work with you on a payment plan.

Because you aren’t dealing with a bank in these situations, businesses can determine whether or not to grant you credit on their own. This usually implies you won’t have to go through a credit check to get approved.

Final Thoughts

Buy now & pay later financing can help you raise your purchasing power while also improving your credit score. However, not all offers are the same.

You may have to pay higher fees and interest rates, or no fees at all, depending on your credit history, your service provider, and the type of loan you accept.

Therefore, before applying for any buy now pay later options, be sure to do your own research to find the best deal that best suits your interest.

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