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Best CBD Vape Pens

“Good CBD vape pen,” “best CBD vape pens,” or “best vape pens,” and “ideal CBD vape pen.” These are some of the phrases we can hear from many people, especially that nicotine vapes may bring harm to humans’ lives. Since vaping nicotine may lead to a shorter lifespan, a CBD product becomes the best alternative solution. Thus, CBD vapes have become a trend, leading people to vape CBD, and of course, with the help of a CBD vape pen.

How can I start with CBD vaping, and how can CBD vape pen work? Where can I get the best CBD products, especially the best CBD vape pens? It is time to stop wondering and worrying.

What Is A Best CBD Vape Pen?

Everyone may have a different opinion about the best CBD vape pen, even to those who had been so long vaping CBD. This is due to everyone’s individual differences. Nevertheless, for a vape cbd product to be the best for everyone, such a CBD vape product should bring various health benefits. Such criterion applies to all CBD vape products including refillable cbd vape pens and disposable CBD vape pens. For instance, we have CBD vape pens for anxiety.

Of course, these CBD pens should be of high quality with superb consistency and safety. For example, CBD vape juice should not contain additives that may destroy the health benefits of CBD pens.

Other considerations are potency, flavors, and types of CBD pen you want to have (either refillable or disposable CBD vape pens). CBD isolate, full-spectrum, and broad-spectrum function differently. As for the potency, some people may not tolerate a very high dose. Meanwhile, some are content with an unflavored CBD, while others are looking for more tasty flavors. Lastly, some prefer to use a disposable CBD pen, while others prefer having a refillable CBD pen.

What Are The Parts Of A CBD Vape Pen?

Understanding the parts of CBD vape pens helps you know how to handle the product, and do CBD vaping. Thus, we outline those parts one by one.

Vape Pen Batteries

Your CBD vape pen will not have power and the CBD e-liquid will not heat up without the battery. Vape pen batteries have different shapes and sizes, which technically depend on the CBD vape pens’ design. Also, some of them are customizable units, and others are discreet and easy to use.

Most CBD brands offering CBD vape pens prefer to design such a CBD product compatible with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. These batteries have a high energy density, which allows CBD vape pens to reach the high temperatures they need to attain. Most of the time, it comes with a USB charger, which either can be plugged into the batteries themselves or is attached through screwing. For some CBD vape pens, batteries come with certain buttons and sensors, which helps the pens in controlling temperatures and other things which CBD users may want to customize.

The CBD vape Pen’s Atomizer

The atomizer is also referred to as the heating element. While the battery is the source of power, the atomizer serves as a converter of the power to heat. Indeed, it is where your CBD juice or CBD e-liquid vaporizes.

The Chamber/Tank

The chamber is a part of a vape pen that is holding the vape juices. For CBD vape pens, this is usually called a tank (for a refillable cbd vape pen) and a CBD vape cartridge (for a disposable CBD vape pen).

The Mouthpiece

The CBD vape pen’s mouthpiece is in its tip. It is where vapors are being passed to the user for vaping/inhaling. Mouthpieces may have varying shapes, but they are comfortable to use, which were designed for a smooth hit.

CBD E-Liquid

CBD E-liquid is also called CBD juice. It is the liquid that needs to be transformed into vapor, ready for vaping.

Best CBD Vape Pens: Top 6 Vape Pens for Anxiety and Pain

1. SavageCBD




  • No broad-spectrum CBD for those who prefer it

Click here to get the best deal on Savage CBD

Savage CBD is one of the great companies selling great full-spectrum CBD vape pens. Having said that, this brand is a great choice if you want to maximize the health benefits that hemp-derived CBD offers. They are based in California, where hemp sources are from farms in Colorado, Oregon, Wisconsin, and Europe. They also let their product be examined through a third-party lab test and post all the results on their website.

Going back to their CBD vape pen, such a product is available in different flavors. Regardless of what flavor you would choose, these vape pens are in a form of full-spectrum CBD. Therefore, their CBD vape pen allows you to enjoy all the hemp CBD’s beneficial compounds. Now, you are free to choose with the following flavors: strawberry citrus, berry, melon, and mango.

Other than ordinary flavored CBD vape pens, they also have a CBD vape with terpene blends. It also comes with several varieties, including sweet dreams, relaxation, and active. The active option comes with added caffeine, while the sweet dreams option comes with an added melatonin.

2. CBDfx



  • Customizing own CBD vape pens bundle is available
  • Disposable CBD vape pens with CBD vape kits are available
  • CBD vape pen comes with flavors


  • Sometimes products are out of stock due to high demand

Click here to get the best deal on CBDfx

The second CBD brand on our list is CBDfx. They were known for different CBD products such as CBD oil, topicals, vape kits, and most especially CBD vape pens. What makes them more attractive is their varying discounts that range from 15% to 25% off and other CBDfx coupons they offer from time to time. Plus, their products are of a high-quality standard.

They have a wide selection of CBD vape pens, which come with quality. They ensure that their products undergo a third-party lab test. They only use organic hemp plants for their CBD, and these hemp plants were organically grown from farms within the US. They also use CO2 extraction when extracting their hemp, with no kind of toxic materials added.

Their CBD vape pen comes with an easy dosage, and it is also easy to use. You can also get a bundle of CBD vape pens according to your preference. For instance, you can choose from different flavors such as blue raspberry, strawberry lemonade, melon cooler, and fresh mint. You can also choose a terpene-rich vape pen, which can either be a broad-spectrum or CBD isolate. Flavors may include OG Kush, Blue Dream, Sour Diesel, Gelato, and Pineapple Express.

3. Extract Labs



  • No fillers
  • Free shipping may be available
  • Natural, organic


  • Natural strain flavors only

Click here to get the best deal on Extract Labs

The brand is trustworthy, as they know the importance of high-quality CBD products. Aside from third-party lab tests, organic hemp, and CO2 extraction, they only use natural ingredients in all their CBD vape pens. Their products are also available in varying options.

Whether you want to have CBD cartridges or CBD vape kits, Extract Labs is happy to offer them. You are free to choose from different flavors such as Martian Candy Delta 8, Sour Ghost Delta 8, and Ogre Berry Delta 8. The most popular CBD vape pens and juice flavors are Think Blue Dream and El Jefe. Their Blue Dream CBD vape pen is the most popular.

All their CBD vape tanks/CBD vape pens are safe to consume. It will not make you high or addicted. However, take note that their flavors are true natural hemp tastes. Therefore, if you cannot tolerate the natural taste, there are no fruit flavors available. Lastly, if you need a battery for your CBD vape pen, you can buy their classic pen-shaped battery, which is easy to use and store.

4. Just CBD



  • Diversified vape pen options
  • Local hemp products
  • Unique colors


  • Limited shipping

Click here to get the best deal on Just CBD

Just CBD also sells the best CBD vape pens, with quality and consistency. Third-party lab tests, supercritical CO2 extraction, and American organically grown hemp are included in their safety and quality features. You can choose for their different CBD vape pen cartridges with different flavors, strains, and strengths.

Just CBD is continuously expanding their product options. So, we recommend staying updated on their website. Nevertheless, their best-selling flavors include Pineapple Express as the topmost product, followed by Zkittlez and Strawberry Cough. If you need CBD vape pen batteries, the company offers them as well.

Also, if you choose your CBD vape pens or even a CBD vape kit, you can opt-in for different available colors. Colors may include rose gold, black, and blue. While most CD users opt-in for gold, you may want to try the blue or black as well.




  • Multiple discount codes may be available
  • Wide potency
  • Free shipping within the US


  • Product selection may be overwhelming

Click here to get the best deal on

Another great CBD market or CBD company is Many products are available with high-quality and safety including their CBD vape pens. They have their products be third-party lab-tested, and hemp is extracted via the CO2 extraction method. Plus, the source of their hemp is highly-reputable American farms.

If it is your first time with the said brand, you can grab their 10% discounts. Stay updated with their website for more promotions as well. For their vaping category, their best-selling products are their CBD disposable vape pens. They are available in different strengths and delicious flavors, which flavors include but are not limited to Sour Diesel and strawberry lemonade.

Aside from CBD vape pens, they also sell different CBD vaping accessories and CBD vaping essentials such as CBD vape pen batteries. Regardless of what you want to buy, their website is full of information about each product. The product information is all found on the product’s specific page. For example, selecting their CBD vape pen with strawberry lemonade flavor will give you several details such as concentrations available, ingredients, CBD formula, and other important things.

6. PureKana



  • Multiple flavors
  • Whole-plant formula
  • High potency


  • No full-spectrum option

Click here to get the best deal on PureKana

The last but not the least brand on our list is PureKana. The company is based in Arizona and sells high-quality CBD products. Like most CBD brands, PureKana is also known for different types of CBD products, which include their pure hemp-derived CBD vape pens.

As of the time of writing, they only offer a CBD vape pen with one flavor. However, the company is continuously growing. So, keep your eye on their website as they may add more CBD vape pens as the company evolves. On the other hand, their CBD pen has different flavors including blue raz, blood orange, pineapple express, and fresh mint.

Also, their CBD vape pens are in the form of broad-spectrum CBD. If you do not like to take any trace of THC, then you can shop with PureKana. Broad-spectrum CBD is a lot better and contains more benefits than CBD isolates.

Are Cannabis Vape Pens Safe?

You plan to vape CBD, but you are not sure if it will really benefit you. Generally, vaping CBD is considered safe, as long as you do not abuse it. Of course, there are some drawbacks. For instance, CBD products are not regulated by the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Also, there is not enough study about vaping CBD.

Then how come that vaping CBD is generally safe? While we are lacking studies about CBD vapes, numerous researches about other CBD products have been done in the past showing that CBD intake positively affects the mind and body. Thus, there is a great potential that a cbd vape pen works that way too. Here are the following possible benefits that you can get when you obtain CBD vape juice with your chosen vape cartridges.

Helps Reduce Pain

CBD helps reduce pain, and those who experience chronic pain could benefit a lot from CBD. For instance, serotonin is a neurotransmitter that induces a happy mood. It also affects the pain sensation, reducing it significantly. According to a study, CBD can activate serotonin receptors, thus helping in pain reduction.

It led to many researchers’ curiosity about the effects of medical CBD. Thus, there is also a 2018 review of several literature and studies about the subject matter. In the review, they have found out that those who are being treated with CBD experienced lesser pain by around 30%.

Improves mental well-being

While depression and anxiety are two of the leading illnesses affecting both young and adults all over the world, studies have found out that CBD can help in treating or managing the symptoms. Note however that CBD is not a single treatment, and no CBD brand can claim that their product is a complete cure of any health condition. It is regardless of whether it would be physical or mental.

Like mentioned, CBD contributes to balancing the production of serotonin in the brain. Thus, CBD oil, CBD gummies for anxiety, or CBD products can perform like antidepressants and antianxiety. Moreover, it also helps reduce the level of cortisol, a kind of stress chemical highly present to those who have an intensive low mood.

Help Get Out of Smoking

Another possible surprising benefit of CBD vapes or vaporizing CBD is the possibility that it can help you quit smoking. If you have been to nicotine vapes, there is a 2013 study that showed that consuming CBD helps in reducing cigarette consumption. Moreover, there is a 2018 study that suggests that CBD can reduce the pleasant feeling towards cigarettes. Thus, cigarette smokers can easily quit.

How To Use A Vape Pen For CBD

Most best CBD vape pens sold in a CBD official store, official website, or vape shop have a user manual. We highly recommend following their given steps for a smoother and joyful experience. However, here are the general steps when vaping CBD using a Disposable Vape Pen.

  1. Remove the product from its packaging.
  2. Determine whether your CBD vape pen comes with a button or not.
  3. Click the button if there is any. After clicking, you should see that its indicator light turns on. If the CBD vape pen does not come with a button, proceed to the next step.
  4. Start inhaling through its mouthpiece. If your CBD does not have a button, an indicator light should turn on after inhaling the vapor.
  5. Exhale the vapor, and continue the process until you are done.

Additional tips/Reminders

  1. Check your device (CBD cartridge or CBD vape pen) if it comes with multiple voltages. If it does, make sure to start with the lowest volt, and adjust the settings if necessary. This is to help you avoid the possibility of dry/burnt hits. For most CBD cartridges, the recommended volt ranges from 3.3-3.8.
  2. You can use a refillable CBD pen. To use it, you may have to fill your CBD cartridge with a CBD vape juice first and attach your vape pen.
  3. You may have to wait for at least 5-10 minutes letting the coil absorb the e-liquid.
  4. You may have to charge your CBD vape pen batteries so that the pen can be powered up. In most cases, charging the battery is easy. Simply plug its USB cable into its charging port, then attach. Be sure that everything is compatible with each other.
  5. You should clean your CBD vape pen, especially the reusable vape pen. Cleaning your CBD vape pen may increase its lifespan, improve its performance, and ensure that you do not get any harmful substances. Be reminded that CBD vape pens from highly reputable brands are safe, but bacteria may get inside your cartridge as it gets older.

Tips To Buy CBD Vape Pens Online

Choose and buy the best CBD vape pen by having several considerations including the following.

Third-Party Tested Products

A third-party lab test ensures that the product does not contain any harmful chemicals or substances. These results should be visible on their website, and not just simply claimed by the brand.

Type of CBD Vape Pen

Decide which type of CBD vape pen you want to use. In general, we have two CBD vape pen types. These are Refillable CBD vape pens and CBD disposable vape pens. Each comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Most CBD users suggest that a disposable pen is best for beginners. As you go along and have lots of experience in CBD vaping, then you can go with a refillable CBD vape pen. However, if you are not a newbie anymore, but still want to use a CBD disposable pen, you are free to still do such a thing.

CBD Formula

Like CBD oils, other CBD products like CBD vape pens may come with different formulas too. Most CBD users prefer either broad-spectrum CBD and/or full-spectrum CBD. We also have CBD isolates for those who only want the CBD compound of the hemp plant. There are also some formulas made of CBD and additional terpene blends.

Full-spectrum CBD contains all the compounds of hemp, including THC. However, THC is less than 0.3%. As a result, an entourage effect is possible. On the other hand, broad-spectrum CBD contains all the hemp compounds, except for THC, which we can also call THC-free. Lastly, CBD isolate contains only pure CBD, and without any other hemp compound.

The Potency/Strength

Each CBD vape pen or other CBD products like CBD oil have their own potency. Many brands offer the same product name but with different strengths. If you are a new CBD user, it is better to start with a CBD vape pen kit or the lowest dose possible. If you think that you are not getting enough CBD, slowly increase the dose. You can do this as long as you can tolerate it.


Whether you are looking for CBD vape cartridges or the best CBD oil vape pen starter kit, These six brands have something to offer. They are highly reputable, and you can say that “they have The CBD vape pens near me!” Why not grab your CBD vape pen cartridge now?

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