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Best Online Tarot Reading Sites In 2022: Top 5 Spiritual Tarot Decks & Sets For Beginner To Pros| Get The Most Accurate Tarot Reading For Love, Career & Relationships

People have been curious about the future since the dawn of time. Every day, they seek the advice of oracles and soothsayers to help them navigate their way through life.

Everyone wants to know if their goals are on track, whether in their career, finances, family, health, or personal relationships. Foretelling the future using tarot cards is a common practice.

By the 17th century, the pack of cards originally intended for gaming became a popular divination tool among the elite who regularly visited tarot card readers. Online tarot reading sites have grown in popularity since the advent of the internet, especially for those looking to clear up any doubts or receive guidance before making a big decision. The tarot deck revealed many people’s lifelines because of the recent pandemic and its waves.

The best tarot readings online can give you the confidence to face your uncertain future. The popularity of tarot readings on the internet is causing an increase in the number of websites offering low-cost but accurate readings. Even so, not all of them can be trusted, which is why we’ve put together a list of the most reliable sites for getting an accurate online tarot card read!

List Of The Best Online Tarot Reading Sites With Most Accurate Readings

  1. Kasamba– Overall Best Tarot Reading Platform Online
  2. Keen – Famous Site For Most Accurate Tarot Readings
  3. AskNow – Most Trusted Site For Career Readings
  4. Oranum – Popular Psychic Reading Site For Beginners
  5. MysticSense – Highly Recommended For Love, Relationship And Marriage Readings

#1. Kasamba – Overall Best Tarot Reading Platform Online


Our research of Kasamba turned up some interesting differences between it and other similar sites. According to our findings, the site was established 30 years ago and had a more seasoned audience.

Psychics with tens of thousands of positive reviews are easy to come by, but you’ll have to shell out more money. If you’re on a tight budget, the site also has some less expensive options. However, if the price is lower, make sure you read the customer reviews to assess accurately.

A list of psychics specializing in a particular area, such as marital life or parent-child relationships, can also be found here. Finding what you’re looking for on the website is a cinch. It does, however, provide a free 3-minute reading sample.


Kasamba offers a variety of pricing packages and rates from which customers can select. Users can choose the length of their reading session from rates as low as $1.69 per minute to as high as $25.50 per minute. The best part is that new users can get up to 70% off, and Kasamba members also get 15% off.

Kasamba has a mobile app for smartphone users and low rates, new member rewards like discounts of 50% off, and access to the best tarot reading advisors. You can use it on Android and iOS devices for nothing more than a download link. As a result, users who are interested in getting psychic advice can do so at any time.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Kasamba


  • The oldest and most reputable reading resource on the internet
  • There are plenty of knowledgeable people out there
  • There should be a section for reading about careers and money
  • There are readers with specialized abilities


  • It may be too costly for some people

Customer Experience

Since they’ve been providing readings for so long, Kasamba has built up a devoted following. New customers, on the other hand, frequently complain that the prices are too high. Customers have also reported that the readings are more unambiguous.

That’s most likely because the readers are well-versed in the subject matter and aren’t fooled easily. Kasamba is the best online tarot reading site if you want to know the truth about your situation.

#2. Keen – Famous For Most Accurate Tarot Readings


We came across Keen while trying to find a website with lower rates despite many genuine reviews. There were only a few readers on, but they had excellent reviews and ratings. Visitors to this website have the option of offering reading suggestions via chat, phone, or email.

Because there are so many different psychic reading services out there, we chose Keen. In some ways, it stood out and offered advice in an unusual way to those who needed it. The site’s services are divided up into numerous subcategories.

Some people may require the services of a gifted intuitive reader who is not solely reliant on tarot cards for guidance. As a result, this website also provides psychic readings and mediumship services in addition to tarot reading.


Clients are constantly looking for advisors with high ratings and reviews online. Advisors’ profiles on the Keen Psychics website include their overall rating, reviews, and the number of readings they’ve provided. Additionally, users can learn about the specialties, backgrounds, and languages of their advisors.

In addition to the simple sign-up process, which only necessitates an email address and a password, the Keen Psychics website offers new users special discounts. They give new members 3 minutes of interaction with their chosen advisor before deciding whether to proceed with them.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Keen


  • Due to this site, it’s simple to locate a qualified professional to assist you
  • Having more choices makes it easier to select those who meet your needs
  • A wide range of price points are available for selection


  • Selecting someone can be a challenge due to the abundance of possibilities

Customer Experience

Though a few visitors had a negative experience with the website, the majority found what they needed. Customers who enlisted the services of highly-rated site readers say they received in-depth responses to their inquiries. Psychics with more experience charge more, but their readings are more accurate because they don’t sidestep your questions.

#3. AskNow – Most Trusted Site For Career Readings


When it comes to the expertise of their counselors, many tarot reading services aren’t well-equipped as AskNow. Searching for an expert or reader who can aid you will take longer the more time you spend on your search.

You can use Ask Now to find advisors based on availability, categories, and your preferred reading style. Using these parameters, you can also find advisers who have received high ratings and advisors who are considered to be elite. None of the other psychic advisory services can compare.

Since 2005, Asknow has offered psychic consultations to clients worldwide, and they’ve only received positive feedback. Tarot card readers are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to answer your questions over the phone or via live chat.


One of the service’s best features is the AskNow profile page, where you can read about each psychic’s qualifications, astrological signs, and even customer reviews. If you look at the bios of some of the people who read this blog, you’ll see that they have a diverse set of interests.

A single cent can get you up to sixteen cents in price per minute. This site has tarot reading categories like Spiritualist, Empathy, Astrology Expert, Psychic, and Tarot Specialist, to name a few.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of AskNow


  • There are also readers available in French and Spanish
  • It’s safe to say that the vast majority of people who read this blog have
  • The credentials and experience of readers are highlighted on the website
  • 5 minutes of free tarot card reading time when you first visit the website


  • The visual appeal of the website could be improved

Customer Experience

Customers value the site’s openness and objectivity while offering advice. Other customers have praised the professionalism and friendliness of the AskNow psychics and their knowledge of tarot card interpretation. Answers from AskNow’s many professional psychics are available to the company’s customers, and each year, these psychics’ talents are formally evaluated.

#4. Oranum – Popular Online Psychic Reading Site For Beginners


There have been millions of people served by the spiritual community of live advisors at Oranum so far. For those who want to find out what is secretly affecting their overall character, Oranum’s psychics may be able to help them.

Advisors at Oranum have a wide range of specialties, including fields, approaches, languages, and so on. Video readings are an option with an online tarot reading, making it stand out from the crowd.

As an alternative to just hearing your psychic over the phone, webcam readings let you see and hear them as well. The powers and tactics of a certain sort of psychic can help you narrow your search.


The website’s flexible user interface ensures that day-of-day visitors have a nice online experience. This website has a wide variety of mediums, including psychic mediums and mediums of the spirit. There are also sections on this website for career counselors, psychics, and so forth. If you consult a psychic, you should expect to pay anything from $5 to $29.99 each minute. After you’ve browsed the psychics in the various categories and want to learn more about them, click on the bio link next to their name.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Oranum


  • Live psychic chat is completely free
  • International readers are welcome
  • It’s not difficult to locate readers who share your point of view
  • An easy-to-navigate website
  • Video call reading is an option
  • The top 100 psychics are available for viewing on this page


  • A telephone tarot card reading service does not exist

Customer Experience

According to feedback from customers, not all readings are accurate, but readers are very good at what they do. All you have to do is look for a professional specializing in the area you need available on the site and the free option to speak with a reader before booking a reading with them directly. Most customers appreciate the wide range of services about their live video chat feature.

#5. MysticSense – Highly Recommended For Love, Relationship And Marriage Readings


Tarot card readers, mediums, and other professionals are available through MysticSense and Keen, respectively. There are some differences in how and which specialties the MysticSense experts prefer, despite their diverse specialties.

Using MysticSense, you can search for topics like LGBTQ relationships, lost goods, a soulmate, and more. Cartomancy, such as tarot reading, is still practiced by many people in today’s world.

In addition to phone and web chat readings and SMS readings, MysticSense also provides video calls. Whatever your time constraints, numerous choices are accessible if you and your psychic specialist are on the same page. You will only get a free five-minute tarot reading on your first visit.


MysticSense offers a variety of readings, including astrology, tarot card, and spiritual. If you need them, you can reach them even when they’re on vacation because they’re always on call. MysticSense is always here to help you if you have questions or require assistance.

The first five minutes of your subscription to MysticSense are on the house. The startup claims that it will be cheaper than most of its competitors within five minutes, if not immediately. Tarot readings are less expensive than psychic readings because psychics can set their prices.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Mysticsense


  • The cost of a reading is just $1 per minute
  • A powerful filter will speed up your reading of reader profiles and lists
  • There are available video readings
  • A psychic is always on call at the time the user specifies for them
  • Scams can be avoided by reading the “What is a psychic reading page”


  • There isn’t a mobile app for this

Customer Experience

Even though it’s only one Decade old, this website has gotten a lot of positive press. This website, according to many users, offers the best online tarot readings.

The majority of customers were pleased with the tarot readers’ ability to provide specific answers. A large part of the positive feedback comes from courteous and accurate readers from customers and support staff. To get assistance with their services or payments, you can contact the site’s excellent customer service.

How We Choose These Online Tarot Readings

  • Professional and Reputable Psychics

In many instances, fake online tarot card readings have been given by unscrupulous psychics to customers on the internet. Psychic screening and verification are done by reputable tarot card psychic reading sites to avoid fake tarot readings.

This is done to see if the psychics are genuine, have good communication skills, and are courteous to others in their field. As a result, we carefully examined many tarot card psychic reading websites to establish that their psychics had been screened before being listed on the site.

  • Psychic Reviews

Psychic reviews are the primary indicator of the trustworthiness of a psychic website. A reputable site will have many positive reviews, while an excessive number of negative reviews should raise suspicion.

Since we were interested in this, we read tonnes of public discussion forums, like Reddit, Quora, and Facebook, to name a few. After that, For further evaluation, we only looked at tarot card reading websites with a large number of good evaluations across review platforms. While giving a competitive advantage to tarot card reading websites that have improved their site in response to a few negative reviews.

  • New Customer Welcome Package

Since it takes time for customers to get used to a tarot card reading website and find their preferred psychic, great psychic reading websites offer a welcome package for their new customers.

The majority of this consists of free minutes from sites like Kasamba. Our research focused on whether these online tarot card reading businesses offered appropriate welcome packages for new clients. We only selected those that provide consistent free minutes, a discount, or both to customers. To show their commitment to giving their customers a solid foundation to build their understanding of the websites.

  • Psychic Variety

Clients will be able to access readings at any time because of the wide variety of psychics available. For the most part, these tarot card psychic reading websites did have a wide range of tarot card readers to serve their customers’ needs, so we checked them out. Choosing those with the most psychic advisors from a diverse group was important.

These changes gave those with diverse psychics, such as those from different countries or cultures, a distinct advantage. Customer perspectives on life would be expanded, and they’d have a better shot at accurate predictions and in-depth understanding of their inquiries as a result.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

A satisfaction guarantee offered by reputable psychic reading sites gives customers confidence in the site’s commitment to helping them. When it came time to choose just a few sites, we went through each one to ensure they offered some compensation for their customers.

It could be in the form of a monetary reward, free minutes, or even free reading, to name a few possibilities. Should a customer be dissatisfied with their reading, or should an issue arise while reading, should they contact you immediately to resolve it?

Factors You should look at before Choosing The Online Tarot Reading Sites.

  • Customer Satisfaction

When you read the comments, you’ll see how happy customers are. The review section will reveal critical information about a product’s performance, whether to the site as a whole or to individual readers.

Psychics are also graded based on the value they deliver to their clients. You can tell that someone is skilled and reliable if they have a rating of four or more stars. However, it’s risky to rely on the opinions of a small group because those opinions could be skewed.

  • Special Offers

Consider working with a site that offers free sessions and clear pricing when it comes to offers. Customers who book multiple sessions with a tarot card reader may receive a discount. If you’re new to the site, take advantage of the free sessions. You’ll learn a lot about it there. However, don’t sacrifice quality for a lower price. Always keep in mind that the main goal is to have a successful tarot card reading online.

  • Mode of Communication

A common blunder is to ignore the communication methods employed by a specific website. When it comes to a nearby tarot reading, good communication is critical. Otherwise, the tarot reading session will be ineffective.

The best mode of communication yields the best results. People have preferences, of course. Even if you’re not a fan of video calls, the meeting can still go on without you. Be flexible and learn to improvise. Don’t make things difficult for the reader if they prefer a phone call for whatever reason.

If something doesn’t work for you, tell the reader about it. Since the best free online tarot reading sites provide multiple communication methods, you’ll never be stuck with only one choice.

  • The integrity of the site

Online tarot websites are as numerous as genuine ones. Look at the site’s plans and reader profiles to see if it is transparent or not. If you come across a website that doesn’t display all of the information that a user has provided, you should leave immediately without turning back.

All psychics should have profiles that list their specialties, experience, fees, and ratings so that clients can easily find them. In addition, a testimonials section should be included on the website so that customers can read what others have to say about the product or service.

  • Accuracy Of Reading

A good free tarot reading website should aim to provide consistent solutions, even if readings diverge. The same dream may have a different meaning to two people; however, there must be a link between the two interpretations. Go to the reviews section to see what other users have to say about the accuracy of the information on a particular site.

Individual online tarot readers are no different; customer reviews will reveal whether or not their predictions were correct. You must, however, exercise caution when reading reviews because some have been altered.

Benefits Of An Online Tarot Card Reading

Modern technology helps both tarot card readers and their customers with online live readings. Readers of online tarot cards have access to the same knowledge and skills as in-person tarot readers, but they do so in the privacy and comfort of their own homes.

  • Online reading sessions with a private environment

There is no need for customers to be concerned about the contents of their readings being leaked or their private information being stolen because the privacy protocols followed by an online tarot card reading website are extremely strict and well protected.

In addition, if a client requests a recorded session, the reader will be careful not to stray from the subject matter. People who are uncomfortable with any of the psychics on the website can file a complaint against them.

  • Complete control over the timings of the sessions

Customers may find a reading session exhausting, so online readers design the session to make it easier for customers to retain all of the important information they need to know. Additionally, for those juggling work and readings, the session may be divided into smaller ones to make it easier for them to keep track of everything.

  • Increased flexibility

It’s also possible to schedule readings with online tarot card readers any time of day or night. This system lets customers pick their reader of choice without worrying about scheduling a session at the right time.

  • Availability of highly skilled readers

When compared to traditional tarot card readers, choosing an online reader can be a lot simpler. Customers can choose the best reader for their needs from among the certified experts readily available online. In addition, many websites that provide online tarot readings provide special introductory discounts and benefits to new customers.

Online Tarot reading vs. In-person reading

Distance is less of an issue when getting a tarot or psychic reading. Getting a tarot reading online has several advantages over getting one in person.

  • Choose Readers From Around the world

This is one of the huge advantages of selecting readers online over other methods. The clairvoyants and psychics in your area are not the only ones you can consult with. You’ll be able to find people with good ratings regardless of where you look. On top of that, the websites are open about the reviews a reader has received. In-person psychics are risky because you don’t know if they’re genuine or have bad experiences with previous clients.

  • 24/7 availability

You can reach a tarot or psychic reader at any time of the day or night if you require an urgent reading. There’s no need to schedule a time to meet with them ahead of time. You can get help whenever you want with online readings. If you’re a working person who can’t take time off for a tarot reading, this is a great option for you.

It is unnecessary to wait to meet a reader in person when you have an urgent life question or a decision to make. Online psychic readings are available immediately.

  • Different types of psychic support on a single platform

Online tarot reading services typically include an extensive list of services to assist you with various issues. Holistic healing, past life readings, mediumship, and other such practices are examples of these. You’ll have a lot of options to pick from here. You can even find experienced readers for a very low price on a few of these sites.

  • Find readers with different rates

As a result of many new and experienced readers, it is easy to locate one that matches your needs. You don’t have to spend more money than you want to.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tarot Card Reading

Q1. Can I ask any questions to a Tarot reader?

Readers have no restriction on what questions they can ask you. When getting a read, feel free to ask any questions you’d like. Finding a reader who has expertise in the area you need help with is always preferable. A reader who only does relationship readings isn’t the best choice if you need help with your career.

You can even connect with tarot readers who offer readings on many subjects if you have many different questions. A tarot reader can answer a wide range of personal questions.

Q2. What information should I share with my tarot reader?

You don’t want to divulge all of your personal information to them. They’re supposed to dig up dirt on your past and shed light on your current problems from a spiritual and enlightened perspective. If you tell them too much before you start reading, it will hurt your reading.

Ideally, the reading should be completely original and free of the author’s thoughts.

Q3. How long should it take to read an online tarot card?

Tarot readings can last anywhere from a few minutes to as long as two hours. The time required varies according to the difficulty of the case and the amount of money the client is willing to spend on it. A tarot card reading session can also be cut short if the client finds it to be unhelpful. All parties have the option of extending the meeting to resolve the issue.

Q4. Do all tarot cards carry the same energy?

No, the meanings and weights of the various tarot cards vary. Some predict bad luck, while others tell you to be optimistic. The way you view energy has a significant impact on your ability to shape the future. As an example, a specific card may reveal stagnation due to specific conduct. Avoiding stagnation, for example, is made easier by altering your behavior.

Q5. Can a tarot reading predict the future in reality?

It’s possible, in a way. It’s so good at predicting the future that you’ll be shocked. Even if the reading initially appears vague and general, as time passes, you’ll see how pertinent it was for you at that particular moment in your life’s journey. Never forget that the decisions and choices we make bring us closer to our goal. The future can therefore be predicted using tarot cards or any other type of divination.

Q6. What Are the Various Sorts of Tarot Card Readings?

A tarot card reading can take a variety of shapes and sizes. There are variations based on “spread,” which is how the cards are arranged. Distinct card locations have different meanings in various poker spreads.

Online Tarot Card Reading: Conclusion

You can now distinguish between fake and legitimate tarot reading websites and understand how reading works with any luck. Online readings come in a variety of formats. You don’t have to leave the house to get spiritual advice!

Once you’ve found a website that works for you, you can start looking for information and guidance that will help you understand a situation better and work toward a solution.

The best online tarot reading services know exactly what a customer needs. Customers can get effective advice from real psychics or tarot readers with a lot of experience in their particular fields. Kasamba, on the other hand, is the most accurate, in our opinion.

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