Best Online Therapy Platforms Reviewed: Top Virtual Therapy Websites

Amid the pandemic, many people suffered from mental health issues. When you are stressed, have a busy schedule, or live an unhealthy lifestyle, handling everything may overwhelm you and distract you from thinking clearly.

People turn to therapy sessions to deal with such situations and live a more fulfilling life. As a result of our busy schedules, many of us cannot meet with mental health professionals. If that’s the case, many online therapy platforms offer excellent consultation services and can help you deal with mental health conditions effectively.

Many online therapy platforms are affiliated with licensed clinical social workers and offer live therapy sessions via video, phone, or text message from licensed therapists.

They are more convenient than in-person therapy sessions and more effective and affordable.

Our research and editorial team has reviewed the best online therapy platforms and evaluated them on various factors to help you decide the right one for you.

Many online therapy services can help you regardless of your mental health issues, whether you suffer from stress, anxiety, or depression.

The Top 12 Best Online Therapy Platforms In 2022

These are our top picks for online therapy providers that offer top-notch counseling services:

Better Help They have more than 19000 + licensed therapists who have significant experience providing mental health care services.
Talk Space You can avail online therapy services from Talk Space in three simple steps. This platform has licensed and certified therapists on board.
ReGain ReGain is one of the best online therapy platforms that bring back the love, commitment, and confidence in relationships. They specialize in couple therapy, have a list of licensed therapists, and provide various ways to mend your way of regaining a relationship.
Brightside Brightside provides various online therapy services that focus on mental health like anxiety, depression, etc. It is a platform that has board-certified and licensed therapists.
Calmerry Calmerry is an online therapy platform that offers low rate services, including digital worksheets, customized plans, and more to support overall well-being.
Online-Therapy Online-therapy.com is the only platform that provides you direct access to digital worksheets, meditation guides, journal exercises, and personalized activity plans to complement the treatment of various mental issues.
MyWellbeing MyWellbeing has a unique part; it gives you access to the content corner. The company offers webinars and workshops to organizations for spreading essential things about mental health. Their webinars focus on health conditions people usually face in their day-to-day lives.
Health Sapiens Health Sapiens is an online therapy platform with a team of doctors and licensed therapists who provide high-quality services and medical management services. This company offers services at a low rate.
Faithful Counseling This online therapy platform provides services to Christian people willing to get therapy from a Christian therapist.
Teen Counseling Peer pressure, insomnia, and so on are common problems of teenagers. Teen Counseling is the right place to help your child deal with teenage issues, and they have certified teenage counselors on board who hold significant experience in the field to address such problems.
Pride Counseling Being a member of the LGBTQ community, you may suffer from loneliness or embarrassment. The pride Counseling platform specializes in providing therapy to members of the LGBTQ community and supports them in better well-being.
Self Therapy Counseling Licensed therapists associated with self-therapy counseling focus on cognitive behavioral therapy and provide proper treatment to patients facing different mental health problems.

Better Help


Under the category of best online therapy platforms, Better Help is the top pick. Over 22000 licensed therapists are affiliated with this platform, making it one of the largest online therapy platforms. They provide online therapy services to people from all over the world and counseling services on many different issues.

You can connect with a licensed therapist through Better Help in four different ways: video therapy, online chat, instant messaging, and phone calls. All therapists at Better Help are licensed, trained, and experienced. The majority have a doctorate or master’s degree in their field. Marriage and family therapists, psychiatric services, and clinical social workers will be available on this online therapy platform.

The better help therapy platform works systematically, and the official website is divided into categories to cater to individual needs. You can choose a licensed therapist based on your needs and preferences and receive all your support with online therapy.

Better Help comes with an easy interface, making it convenient for every user to use and sign up for therapy sessions according to their needs. You will get various mental health issues like anxiety, stress, depression, anger, and many others on its official welcome page, which allows you to access direct therapists associated with your problems.

The unique part of Better Help is they offer easy-to-switch therapists, which states if you are not happy with the therapist, with a single click, you can match another online therapist at no additional cost. Another favorite feature of Better help is you can anytime text your therapist without fixing a schedule.

With the help of better help membership, you can join the webinars on various mental health issues such as depression, anger, stress, and many more. The group video webinars also include live questions and answers, further aiding your counseling services.

Get the best online mental health services from Better help and live a healthier life!

Key Highlights
  • Displays all information about the licensed therapists on the website
  • Offers multiple channels of communication
  • Provide unlimited messaging therapy
  • The journal feature allows you to record your emotions and thoughts to share with your therapist
  • Types of Services
  • Marriage and family counseling services
  • Mental health services
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Teen counseling
  • Price $90 to $120 per week

    Talk Space


    Talk Space is one of the best online therapy platforms; it is a general online therapy provider that offers various psychiatric services from professional counselors, licensed therapists, and even licensed clinical social workers. You only need to follow three steps to access the online therapy service.

    You need to start by briefly explaining yourself and answering a few questions about your needs or mental health issues. Then pick your therapist out of the list of licensed therapists and start with your live video sessions, beginning with your online therapy and healing process.

    The best part of Talk Space is that you do not have to make any changes in your daily routine, availing its service per your time and convenience. This excellent online therapy platform connects you with mental health professionals to deal with your concerns.

    The platform also has various family therapists, clinical social workers, relationship counselors, and licensed therapists.

    All licensed professional counselors associated with Talk Space are limited to a particular field; instead, they are experts in addressing various mental health issues with utmost care and love. Many people who have used this online therapy platform have found it more effective than in-person therapy. More than 80% of users live a happier and healthier life by taking the help of therapy services offered by Talk Space.

    A popular feature of Talk Space is Switch therapists, which states if you are unhappy with the therapist, you can easily switch to another therapist at no extra cost.

    According to the official website of Talk Space, 98% of people found this platform more convenient than traditional therapy sessions. Talk Space also offers a separate section for business, where the platform partners with various employers, health plans, and schools to make mental health care affordable and convenient.

    Also, Talk Space offers therapy sessions through text, video, and audio messaging.

    Key Highlights
  • Offer various health insurance plans and accept payments from Health Savings account
  • Provide effective medication management and emotional support
  • Offers specialized therapy sessions following your needs
  • It comes with flexible plans to meet your lifestyle and needs and eliminate scheduling hassles
  • Types of Services
  • Couples therapy
  • Psychiatry
  • Teen therapy
  • LGBTQIA+ community
  • Therapy for veterans
  • Unlimited messaging therapy
  • Price $65 to $99 per week



    ReGain is a unique therapy platform that offers relationship counseling and individual counseling to help people get back to love, affection, trust, and confidence in their relationship. The platform has many licensed marriage and family therapists and professional counselors who have expertise in counseling couples and helping them get back their relationship charm. This platform is another name on the list of online therapy platforms for couples facing issues in their relationship.

    ReGain offers the best services for couples to mend their relationships. Along with relationship counseling, this online therapy platform provides various mental health services that further help you address multiple issues and take a step forward to have a better relationship and healthier living.

    This platform works more efficiently; all you have to do is fill out a questionnaire that asks for your expectations, circumstances, and what you have been going through. Once you are done with the questionnaire, the company will send you an email, and when you have made the payment, you will get a link to the private room where you can get in touch with a therapist at any time.

    According to your answers to the questionnaire, we will assign you the best therapist that matches your issues and needs.

    You and your partner can talk to a therapist about your relationship’s issues.

    Key Highlights
  • Specializes in couple and relationship counseling
  • You can access many licensed marriage and family therapists who have significant couple therapy sessions experience.
  • Unlimited messaging therapy
  • Provide online therapy services to address many health issues that are affecting your overall life and relationships
  • Types of Services
  • Marriage and relationship counseling
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Infidelity recovery
  • Improving communication
  • Separation mediation
  • Price $90 to $120 per week



    While you are looking for a perfect way to overcome your insomnia, panic attacks, or high-stress level, nothing is better than getting mental health professionals or licensed therapists therapy sessions.

    Brightside is one of the best online counseling platforms to help you overcome multiple health issues such as stress, insomnia, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and many more. This platform comes with a few online therapy programs for individuals willing to alleviate mental health issues effectively. Different plans offered by the platform come with customization to address problems per individuals’ needs and preferences. The mental health services are targeted to help people feel better and stay happy in a short period.

    To start with, online counseling with Brightside is straightforward. The sign-up process requires you to fill out a form with a set of questions specially designed to understand the cause of anxiety or stress. The platform will customize a therapy program and connect you with a licensed therapist based on your answers.

    The beauty of this online therapy platform is that you can stay connected with your online therapist 24/7 through phone calls, video, and audio messaging. The platform will conduct video sessions between you and the therapist, which allows your therapist to understand and address your issues. After connecting with your online therapist, they will prescribe medication using computer tools and help you know medication management.

    A tracker helps you and the therapist track the improvement, further helping to achieve the goals faster. Licensed clinical social workers available on this platform provide the best online therapy services and help an individual reduce the symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression.

    Many users have given five stars to this platform for their best services and expert therapists who calmly understand the user’s situation and then put their best efforts to make them feel relaxed and getting rid of various health issues.

    With Brightside, you can get inner healing and a step forward towards content and happy life.

    Key Highlights
  • Get a personalized online treatment plan for anxiety and depression
  • Provide both medication and therapy to live a happy life ahead
  • Tracking tool and flexible scheduling
  • Licensed mental health professionals associated with Brightside are available 24/7
  • Types of Services
  • Medication management
  • Customized treatment plans for anxiety
  • Online therapy for anxiety and stress
  • Price $95 to $349 per month



    Calmerry is a newcomer in online therapy, introduced in 2019. Due to the COVID pandemic, this online therapy platform has gained popularity and made a reputation as one of the best online therapy platforms. Calmerry comes into play, specifically to improve mental well-being. This platform is specially designed to help people with anxiety and depression.

    This online therapy provider offers a wide range of online mental health services- anger management, anxiety, insomnia, depression, trauma, family conflict, mood disorders, etc. With instant connection with a therapist to avail various psychiatric services, the individual promotes a sense of comfort and relaxation.

    Calmerry offers the best online therapy programs around the clock and gives you the benefit of talking to your therapist per convenience and schedule. The online therapy with Calmerry starts with an assessment where you need to answer a few questions regarding your mental health conditions, age, and goals. The company offers various subscription plans based on your response, ranging from cognitive behavioral therapy to traditional therapy.

    All licensed professional counselors available at Calmerry have significant experience with such issues, and they are the best people to address these issues patiently. You can connect with your therapist on this online platform through live video sessions and phone calls.

    If you are not happy with your therapist or dissatisfied with your online therapy, don’t worry. You can switch to another therapist anytime without changing your plan or spending extra bucks.

    Key Highlights
  • The company offers a discount on the first month of online therapy service from Calmerry
  • Provide self-care services that help one to focus on their well-being
  • This is a unique online therapy provider that specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy
  • You can connect with the therapist from any device through phone calls, video and audio messaging
  • Types of Services
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Live sessions
  • Video therapy
  • Price $59.95 to $94.99 per week



    Online-Therapy offers much more than live sessions. This online therapy platform provides many services that enhance your mental health. Online-Therapy gets you in touch with the therapist that matches your preferences in a minute.

    Online-Therapy was launched in 2009 with various tools and services that could help people manage their mental health. The platform starts with a 12 question survey; once you answer them, they will take you towards the ideal treatment. It is a perfect destination for cognitive behavioral therapy.

    What makes Online-Therapy unique is free online therapy and its structure. This online platform has unlimited messaging therapy, which makes it available 24/7. In today’s time, the platform offers digital worksheets, activity plans, yoga sessions, live sessions, and other options to improve mental well-being. Medical doctors and licensed therapists endorse the online therapy programs on this platform.

    Online-Therapy offers free mental health services that improve your lifestyle and better control over mental issues. All information given to the site is confidential and secure due to end-to-end encryption.

    Key Highlights
  • More convenient and affordable than in personal therapy session
  • Every program is based on cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Wide range of trained and licensed medical doctors to choose from
  • Text, video, and audio messaging
  • Types of Services
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Different mental health care services
  • Price $39.95 – $79.95 per week



    MyWellbeing is another name in the best online therapy platforms with a unique content corner where users can look up mental health services. Instead of staying in a trauma, it is always better to hire a therapist, get rid of various mental health issues, and promote your inner self.

    Once you visit the site of MyWellbeing, you must fill out a quiz. Based on your answers, the platform will provide professional support and recommend a licensed therapist to match your needs. When you have a compatible therapist, it will ease your therapy sessions.

    The site of this platform is full of blogs written by licensed clinical social workers, which will aid you in coping with trauma or stress. Regardless of your mental health issues, a therapist will calm you and help you best to stay happy in your personal and professional life.

    Sometimes it is hard to deal with stress yourself; taking help from professional counselors is the best option. For professional help, you can surely rely on MyWellbeing; they offer the best psychiatry services in the industry. The platform will provide a therapist within 24 hours of your raised query.

    This online therapy platform offers many services, including webinars and workshops. MyWellbeing aims to teach you how to maintain a balance between professional and personal life, further helping you understand how to maintain healthy relationships between friends and colleagues. The company provides mental health apps only for US citizens.

    Key Highlights
  • A unique content corner for mental health services
  • Offers specialized online therapy to ease stress and depression
  • Various workshops and webinars are conducted by the platform to spread awareness about the importance of mental health
  • Provide the best online mental health counseling for treating anxiety, stress, and depression
  • Types of Services
  • Workplace well-being
  • Overall mental health care services
  • Price $80 to $300 per session

    Health Sapiens


    Getting a solution for your mental health problems is not a hassle anymore when you visit Health Sapiens. Health Sapiens is an effective and best online therapy platform that gives you access to reputable doctors and therapists to address issues like stress, anxiety, anger, etc. You can anytime speak to an online therapist at an affordable range from anywhere around the world.

    Health Sapiens provides 24/7 access to doctors who help you diagnose your problems in minutes. While other online therapy platforms available on this list focus on mental health, the unique part of Health Sapiens is its focus on overall health. The platform offers a plethora of licensed therapists who are experts and have great experience in treating mental health issues. People willing to have a stress-free and happy life can always depend on Health Sapiens to improve overall health.

    Health Sapiens is a perfect telemedicine platform that can arrange a doctor on demand when needed by using a mobile phone. The best part of this platform is it offers a family subscription plan for six family members at an affordable rate. This subscription plan provides unlimited counseling with top health care providers to all six family members. The platform also has licensed family therapists who hold great experience improving relationships between family members and friends. If any member does not like the therapist, they can switch to another therapist anytime.

    It is never a bad idea to consult a therapist or licensed clinical social worker to address your mental health issues instead of staying in the trauma. Rich experience of Health Sapiens in the field proves beneficial for overall health and promotes healing.

    People live a sedentary lifestyle in this fast-paced life, but it is essential to stop for a minute and look into your health. You must get involved in online therapy to improve your overall health and maintain your relationships with everyone around you.

    Key Highlights
  • The website offers separate sections for businesses and individuals
  • Doctors and therapists provide medication management
  • The platform has professional healthcare providers and doctors on their board
  • This online therapy platform accepts insurance to cover online therapy
  • Types of Services
  • Telehealth for families and individuals
  • Telecounseling for individuals
  • Price $35 to $49.25 per week

    Faithful Counseling


    As the name says, Faithful Counseling is specially designed for Christians. If you are looking for a Christian therapist to improve your mental health, this is a perfect platform. Faithful Counseling lets you connect with a licensed therapist at any time to make your living better.

    If you do not have time for in-person therapy, we have the right option for you. Online therapy from Faithful counseling is undoubtedly a wise choice. The company connects you with licensed Christian therapists to make your life better and live a happier life. You will get a basic set of questions to be filled out before starting the therapy.

    Apart from therapy, mental health professionals associated with Faithful counseling provide you with spiritual knowledge from their previous knowledge. If they know it before, a therapist can better understand you and accurately provide a therapy session for better well-being. You need to fill in your details and a few details about your mental issues so that the future therapist can better understand your problem and address it accordingly.

    Spiritual awakening is also essential to heal yourself and promote happiness within. After a few interactions with a therapist, you will notice a change in your life and take you towards a happier state of mind.

    The website has a suite of marriage and family therapists; you can pick the one that can solve your marriage issues and help regain your family’s love.

    Key Highlights
  • Specialized therapy sessions for Christian people from Christian clinically therapists
  • All therapists involved with this website provide spiritual wisdom
  • Provide online counseling through different modes of communication like live video sessions, phone calls, or messages
  • More affordable rates than an in-person therapy session
  • Types of Services
  • CBT
  • Marriage and family therapists
  • Mental health care services
  • Price $60 to $100 per week

    Teen Counseling


    Teenage is not a smooth part of life. A teen usually faces many psychological and physical changes that affect overall health. The common problem that teenagers face is their temperamental problem. It is good to indulge them in teenage counseling to help your child overcome this problem.

    Usually, teens hesitate to share their feelings or thoughts with family members if they choose teen counseling for their child. Expect them to stay free and open in front of the therapist. Teen Counseling is one of the best online therapy companies that offer teenagers the best mental health care services. To help children overcome their teen issues, a therapy session from a licensed therapist will help the best.

    Teen Counseling is the right platform for therapy services to address problems of children like anxiety, peer pressure, eating disorders, and so on. Teen Counseling offers therapy sessions for children as well as for parents. As the name suggests, Teen counseling focuses on providing therapy sessions to teenagers.

    You have to fill out a questionnaire; based on your answers, you will be matched to the best online therapist to address your child’s issues. The company has verified and licensed therapists who have gained significant experience in teenage counseling and better understand adolescent issues.

    Teenagers can get in touch with therapists from any device and at any time of the day. The company offers flexible online therapy sessions; users have access to unlimited messaging and calls to licensed therapists, allowing them to get assistance whenever required.

    Key Highlights
  • Provide options for parent and teen group therapy sessions
  • Online counseling by more than 8000 licensed therapists
  • Therapy through text, video, and audio sessions
  • Unlimited messaging option, which allows the user to connect with the therapist at any time of the day
  • Types of Services
  • Teen Counseling
  • Parent Counseling
  • Price $90 to $120 per week

    Pride Counseling


    Being a part of the LGBTQ community may take you a step backward from your family or friends. If you feel alone when you are at your home or struggling to show your emotions, Pride Counseling is one of the best online therapy sites that provides a wide range of services to improve overall health and well-being.

    Pride Counseling has various licensed therapists who are well aware of the situations that LGBTQ may be suffering and address the problems patiently. The licensed professional counselors have significant experience managing specific issues like anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, and eating disorders.

    You can anytime talk to the therapist about the bullying or peer pressure that you may be facing; they are the right person who will guide you best to stay relaxed and move ahead with your life without any worries.

    Pride Counseling is a great online therapy site that makes therapy convenient and accessible from anywhere. Pride counseling therapists excel in treating the members of the LGBTQ community who faces challenges in their day-to-day life. After a thorough understanding, the therapist assigned to address your issues will explain the mental health treatment that aims at improving your overall mental health.

    The company also provides tracking tools, making it easy for you and the therapist to know the improvement and evaluate achieved goals.

    Key Highlights
  • Provide live video sessions and therapy through text and audio messaging
  • Affordable and convenient online therapy site
  • Specialize in providing therapy to members of the LGBTQ community
  • Licensed mental health professionals who have great experience in treating LGBTQ members provide daily mental support
  • Types of Services LGBTQ specialized therapy
    Price $90 to $120 per week

    Self-Therapy Journey


    Self-Therapy Journey is an online tool that transforms psychological issues and enhances self-confidence and well-being.

    Self-Therapy Journey offers many psychiatric services to improve overall well-being and boost self-esteem. The website has different headings of mental health conditions to make the therapy more accessible and convenient. One of the best online therapy sites provides services for emotional wounds, psychological issues, and self-esteem abilities. When you face any mental health issue, taking help from a professional will make you feel more powerful in your life. Living a healthy life or having self-confidence will take you forward to a better living.

    Self-Therapy Journey provides the best online therapy services with checklists, journal guides, meditation guides, and digital worksheets, among many other therapy tools. You can anytime track your progress to make changes accordingly.

    You can connect to the therapist anytime from the place of your choice and convenience.

    To start with a Self-Therapy Journey, take a quiz that would help your health care provider to understand your problem and work in accordance.

    Key Highlights
  • Provide daily track of your progress
  • Offer a variety of therapy options that targets specific problems
  • This online tool has digital worksheets, meditation guides, and many more
  • The website has easy to use interface
  • Types of Services
  • Psychological Therapy
  • Emotional wounds therapy
  • Price $35 to $40 per month

    How We Ranked the Best Online Counseling Services?

    When you search for them, you may find several online therapy programs, but it is hard to choose the right one for your problems. We evaluated many programs and separated the best from the worst by using the following ranking factors:

    Licensed Therapists

    Licensed therapy service providers ensure to provide maximum quality of service to patients. Therapists and mental health care professionals have to get through a process of licensing to take care of the patient. The licensing board has a specific code of ethics and rules and regulations to protect patients from various problems and remain confidential.

    Whether you choose online therapy or face-to-face therapy, never fall for therapists who are not licensed. We selected the therapy platforms with a solid reputation for boarding licensed and certified mental health professionals. Like every Pride Counseling and Better Help therapist is a doctorate or holds a master’s degree.

    Therapist- Your Needs Matching Process

    Do you trust humans or algorithms when choosing the right therapist per your needs? There are two types of therapist matching processes- Algorithms offer high performance and accurate information, where the computer processing is done to find the match, while human plats are a great matchmaker option.

    All online counseling providers we have listed provide various options for therapists. You can choose another therapist if you are not happy with the one the provider has matched at the initial stage.

    Modes of Communication

    The three most popular online therapy options are live video sessions, live chats, and phone calls. Although, if you do not want a live session of your therapy, there are still many communication modes offered by the companies we have stated above. You can choose an online unlimited messaging option or an email to get your therapy done.

    You must choose the communication mode at your convenience that suits your availability. However, if you are traveling, messages and emails are perfect options.

    Countless Therapists

    Who does not want an instant connection with a therapist? If you are also one of them who does not want to wait for the therapist to understand your mental health problem. We have selected online counseling platforms that have thousands of therapists on board. This clearly says that the system immediately connects to the available therapist if one is not available.

    While more therapists do not assure the quality of services, it goes hand in hand. But we have a list that offers both quality and a more extensive network of therapists.

    Different Languages

    The United States does not have any native language; most people speak English. However, if you have moved to a country where you don’t speak English, you may find difficulty having live sessions in English. Some online therapy sites board therapists that may guide you in your native language.

    Talkspace is associated with therapists in 30 languages, including French, German, Indian, Spanish, etc.

    Therapy Price

    Undoubtedly, therapies are expensive, and when it comes to telehealth services, we tend to pay more than traditional ways. But we have covered the best online counseling services that are affordable and charge between $60 to $120 per week. While you are on a budget, Calmerry and Online-Therapy offer the most affordable options, between $32 to $45 per month.

    Accept Insurance

    If your health insurance providers provide mental health conditions on the health insurance, and the insurance covers online therapy. We have listed many providers to accept insurance. It saves your money.

    Hassle-Free Scheduling

    Best online service providers work around your schedule. You can anytime connect with the therapist according to your schedule. Now it is a hassle-free process of arranging a meeting with a therapist.

    Patient Reviews

    Before we selected various online therapy programs, we read the reviews to know how patients liked the online therapy services offered by the company. The list consists of companies that are backed with thousands of positive reviews.

    Digital Worksheets and Other Materials

    You may not get to interact with a therapist, but you get access to digital worksheets and other materials. The best online therapy company provides various materials to complement its services.

    What Can Online Therapy Help You With?

    All online therapy platforms are partnered with multiple licensed professional counselors, licensed mental health professionals, and therapists from different backgrounds and qualifications. Whether you are looking for a therapy session to improve your relationship, get rid of anxiety, treat eating disorders, or anger management, the best online therapy platforms will allow you to find a therapist to address your mental health issues.

    Here is a list of conditions that you can treat with an online therapist:

    • Lower stress levels
    • Deal with Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Relationship issues
    • Bipolar Disorder
    • Teen Counseling
    • Anger management
    • Interpersonal relation counseling
    • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
    • Eating disorders

    All the above issues harm your personal and professional life; it is always better to take care of them initially to avoid further destruction. Online therapy has proven to be the most effective and best way to deal with them.

    How Do Online Therapy Platforms Work?

    Every online therapy provider works differently; the sign-up process depends on your chosen online therapy provider. The standard way is you sign up through their official website; they connect you with an online therapist through phone calls, videos, text messages, email, or live chat. Let us look at the steps on how the most popular online therapy providers work:

    • Start signing up by visiting their official website
    • The online therapy provider connects you with a licensed therapist.
    • You can explain your issues to the therapist through video and audio messaging or a phone call.
    • Make payment either weekly or monthly, as per your need
    • You can switch to a new therapist from the same company or cancel your subscription anytime.

    Online therapy providers match the licensed therapist that meets your needs. Some consider your mental health issues, while some consider your demographics. Some online therapy platforms are exclusively for individuals, while most focus on couples, teens, and children. You can also find traditional therapy providers that help people deal with anxiety, stress, insomnia, anger, and depression.

    Benefits of Online Therapy

    Online therapy comes with multiple benefits, such as lower prices than in-person therapy and 24/7 availability, among many others.

    Here are some clinically proven benefits of choosing online therapy over in-person therapy:

    More Effective than Traditional Therapy

    According to studies, many people have found online therapy more effective than in-person therapy. Although many people prefer in-person therapy, it becomes challenging when there is a hectic schedule. Online treatment is as effective as in-person therapy. When we talk about the effectiveness, usually in-person therapy does not provide services 24/7, and vice versa, online therapy is available 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

    Communicate via Text, Video, and Audio

    Many people hesitate and don’t feel comfortable talking face to face with the therapist. Some like to talk via text messages or phone calls. However, all online therapy sites provide different modes of communication which are convenient and accessible to many.

    Provide Mental Health Solutions Through Remote Areas

    Many people who stay in remote areas find a hard time addressing their mental health issues. Perhaps you may be living in a place far from the city or urban area; it has become easier to get rid of many health problems like anger, anxiety, stress, and more through online therapy sites. Online therapy brings mental health care to your home, no matter where you live.

    Accessible for People Having Physical Limitations

    Some people may be suffering from physical disabilities and find it hard to reach therapy centers. These people are not accessible to conventional therapy centers, but they have access to online therapy sites to get therapies regarding their mental health care.

    Time-Saving and Convenient

    Instead of driving to meet a therapist, online therapy saves your time, and you can avail of the services anytime as per convenience.

    Get Assistance Immediately

    Many online therapy platforms connect you with the therapist within minutes. While you are looking for mental health help or want to talk to a therapist, you will get help within minutes from online therapy programs.

    Available 24/7

    Even when you look for the best therapist in the world, no one is available 24/7. However, online therapy sites provide you access to licensed therapists 24/7. Many online therapy sites mentioned above have thousands of licensed and professional mental health care providers on board from different time zones, which allows you to get access to a therapist all day long or any time of the day.


    When it is about online therapy, it is only about you, the therapist, and your device. Nobody will get to know where you are driving to or why someone has seen you at the door of therapists. With online therapy, you can enjoy the benefits of privacy and confidentiality.

    Use Mobile Apps or Any Device From Anywhere

    While you are on vacation, your therapist will not come along surely. That is not an issue with online therapy. Online therapy sites offer services through mobile apps that allow you to talk to your therapist from anywhere around the world at the convenience of your mobile or any device.

    Available for All Age Groups

    Online therapy programs are for adults, teens, couples, and children. Whether you are looking for help for your teenager, you can avail different types of medical care services through online therapy sites.

    Professional and Licensed Therapists

    Therapists are not random; they are experts and hold a particular degree in mental health therapies. They have the expertise, master’s degree, and board certification to offer various services. All online therapists are also trained and licensed, just like traditional therapists.

    Saves Money

    Online therapy programs do not spend money on renting a clinic or asking therapists to reach any specific place for counseling; they are somehow more affordable than traditional therapy centers. Therapists don’t have to travel to meet their patients or hire any staff for assistance, saving overhead costs. Online therapy sites do not have overhead costs; they tend to charge lower than traditional therapy from their patients.

    Is Online Therapy Effective?

    According to experts and researchers, it has been found that online therapy is more effective than face-to-face therapy sessions. Studies show that virtual therapy requires eight times less time for treatment, which shows therapists can efficiently diagnose and treat the patient’s issues effectively and provide the necessary support.

    There are many reasons online therapy is more effective than face-to-face therapy. The very first thing is one can comfortably have a discussion with a therapist without any hesitation and worrying about seeing you in the office of therapists.

    Secondly, virtual therapy offers a secure environment. Virtual therapy gives you the courage to reveal your problems and personal information to the therapist.

    Online Therapy FAQs

    We get plenty of questions about virtual therapy and how it is beneficial. Here we provide answers to frequently asked questions that will help you understand it better:

    Q: How do virtual therapy programs work?

    A: Most online therapy companies work similarly. They ask you to fill out a questionnaire and then connect you with a licensed and certified therapist online through different modes. Many platforms allow you to have video sessions or phone calls. Apart, it works in a similar way to traditional therapy.

    Q: How much does online therapy cost?

    A: The price of virtual therapy depends on the service you choose. Most companies charge around $50 to $200 per session, whereas many charge $50 to $90 per week.

    Q: Who should opt for online therapy?

    A: Online therapy is the best option for people who do not have time to visit centers for face-to-face therapy or hesitate to share their problems face to face. Whether you want couple therapy, teen therapy, or individual therapy is for everyone.

    Q: Is online therapy legal?

    A: Yes, as long as virtual therapy companies board licensed and certified therapists, online therapy is legitimate.

    Q: Which is the best online therapy platform?

    A: However, the list we stated above comprises the best online therapy platforms. But out of them, you can choose Better help, Brightside, Talk Space, and ReGain. These companies have gained popularity due to their excellent services and are backed with hundreds of positive reviews.

    Q: What is virtual therapy?

    A: Virtual therapy is a term for counseling services provided virtually through the internet. Instead of facing a therapist at his office, one can consult a therapist online through a call or live video sessions.

    Q: Does insurance cover online therapy?

    A: If you are worried about whether your health insurance covers online therapy, it depends on the health insurance provider. Some providers offer the benefit of covering online therapy, whereas few cover the partial costs. It is essential to check with the insurer to verify the coverage.

    Q: Do virtual therapy providers have licensed therapists?

    A: Yes, all the best online therapy companies offer services only from board-certified and licensed therapists. States want therapists to be licensed in the state to provide therapy services.

    Q: Do online therapists prescribe medicines?

    A: Few online therapy platforms allow their therapists to prescribe medication, including antidepressants and sleeping pills.

    Q: How often can we connect with my online therapist?

    A: Generally, many online therapy platforms provide plans for weekly or monthly. But you have an option to customize your subscription plan according to your needs and schedule.

    Q: Can I Pick the therapist as per my choice?

    A: Only a few online platforms allow you to pick the specific therapist as per your choice from the list, whereas many will match the therapist based on your needs and demographics.

    Q: Will I get to connect with the same online therapist every time?

    A: Most online therapy companies use the same online therapist for the same patient every time. However, you can request a new therapist anytime if you are not happy with the therapist the company has matched you with.

    Q: Does online therapy provide confidentiality?

    A: An online therapist has to follow ethical codes and laws as stated by the State. The code and rules include privacy laws. And every licensed therapist must abide by these laws, where privacy laws play an essential role, and it clearly shows online therapy is confidential.

    Q: Do we have any free online therapy programs?

    A: No, online therapy websites do not offer free services. However, they offer affordable services but not for free. Online treatment for various mental health conditions is like other professional services, so you need to pay for it.

    Q: Do we have online therapy for couples?

    A: Yes, many online therapy sites have couple therapy services. Such services have licensed family therapists who hold significant experience in bringing back the love, care, and confidence in their relationship.

    Q: What is the time duration of online therapy?

    A: Usually, online therapy sessions last for 20 to 40 minutes. But you can always choose shorter or longer sessions as per your need by adding a request on some online therapy sites.

    Q: Do we have any online therapy for teenagers or children?

    A: Online therapy sites like Teen Counseling specialize in counseling teenagers and children. Moreover, many other online therapy companies offer special counseling services for teenagers.

    Q: What are the advantages of therapy?

    A: There are many benefits of therapy. Most people choose therapy to deal with various mental health conditions like anxiety, anger, sleeping disorders, and depression. Therapy helps an individual to have better well-being and overall health, better communications, self-confidence, better relationships, management of emotions, and the balance between personal and professional life, among many other benefits of therapy.

    The Top 12 Best Online Therapy Platforms In 2022 Final Words

    Online therapy platforms help you to have better well-being and discover yourself. Their services promote inner healing, which enables you to regain confidence, happiness, and mental health through video sessions, phone calls, text messages, and audio messaging. Try a top online therapy platform above today!

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