Lean Gene Reviews: Effective Metabolic Support Formula That Works?

Are you looking for a new diet pill? Lean Gene is a new option that has just hit the market; it targets the UPC2 gene and increases the efficiency of your metabolism, which will turn into an effective method for weight loss.

If you wonder whether this product lives up to the hype or not and whether Lean Gene can boost weight loss by using your genes, read our review. This way, you’ll find out everything that you need about it.

What Is Lean Gene?

Lean Gene is a health supplement focused on weight loss. It comes in the capsules and needs to be ingested every day to work as intended. This product works by targeting your genes, which will, in time, accelerate your metabolism and take it to the next level of efficiency.

Janet Hadvill, the nutritionist behind this project, affirms that Lean Gene is especially effective in targeting UPC2 genes. Their function is to increase your resting metabolism, which is the part of the metabolism that works even when you are not active.

According to the creators, this product is the first supplement to focus on this specific fat-burning gene. Its ingredients are responsible for directly interacting with your genetic data, changing how it works.

How Does Lean Gene Work?

Lean Gene works by using a mixture of ingredients that were carefully selected to change how your UPC2 genes work. Its formula uses substances such as green tea, resveratrol, cinnamon, yerba mate, and others.

Lean Gene is so effective because metabolism is a vital variable when it comes to weight loss, as it controls how much energy you can spend, thus burning fat to fuel your efforts. People with a faster metabolism will burn more calories and lose weight more quickly.

So, the supplement allows you to create a furnace inside of yourself that can help you lose weight, especially when coupled with a diet or exercise.

How The UPC2 Gene Works

Lean Gene targets UPC2, which helps regulate how many calories you will spend during complete rest, such as standing still or sleeping. This is so powerful because it completely changes the efficiency of energy making inside your organism even while you are not actively doing anything.

Following this logic, Lean Gene claims to increase how much UPC2 your body currently has. This changes your body, making it easier to stay in shape without effort.

According to the manufacturer, you’ll be able to see the first results within 72 hours, and most people will completely change how they look in less than six months.

These are the main steps of the process:

  1. First step: The supplement affects the UPC2 gene inside your body. That will increase how much fat you can burn.
  2. Second step: This increases your resting metabolism, which allows you to continue eating the same amount of calories, but burning more of them.
  3. Third step: Aids in diminishing how much fat stays inside your body. This way, even if you eat unhealthy food, you will lose weight in the end.

Lean Gene Main Features

By using Lean Gene for a couple of months, you’ll get the following features and benefits:

  • An increase of over 500% in your fat-burning capabilities.
  • Being able to burn more belly fat than usual.
  • Diminishes cravings for food.
  • Reduced blood pressure and blood sugars.
  • Will be able to lose weight without heavy exercise.

The Story of Janet Hadvill and Lean Gene

The creator of Lean Gene is a woman called Janet Hadvill, which has a career as a nutritionist. She is known as the “Gene Girl” among her colleagues because of her extensive background in genomics, which she has studied for almost two full decades.

According to her, she has a sister who never struggled with weight loss despite not exercising much and always ate whatever she wanted. Janet, however, would end up gaining a lot of weight if she did not follow a strict diet. So, she had constant dieting problems, which has always bothered her as she was a nutritionist.

However, during her research, she discovered a potent “Brazilian water recipe” that reactivates your UPC2 gene, which is essential to speed up the metabolism. After losing weight using that solution, she decided to turn it into a product and share it with the world. The result is Lean Gene.

Lean Gene Main Ingredients

Lean Gene is made up of a diverse collection of plants that can change the speed of your metabolism and change the genetic activity inside your body. Check out the full list:

Yerba Mate: This plant, which is native to South America, has been very popular in local traditional medicine. Yerba Mate is often consumed as tea, and it has been found to help some people with weight loss. It is also a powerful antioxidant and can help the body fight off infections while boosting your immune system.

Betaine: It’s a substance that can help your body break down fats more easily, and it increases the speed of your metabolism. Also, it helps to regulate blood sugars in most people, which also has an effect on your weight.

Choline: Affects the brain health, and it’s often found in nootropic supplements. Choline may increase mental acuity, but it may also help you redistribute the fat in your body.

Cinnamon Bark Extract: Supports healthy blood sugar levels by diminishing your glucose and stabilizing your insulin levels. This way, it has an important role to play in controlling cravings for food and diminishing your fat levels.

Inositol: This ingredient diminishes your appetite, controlling how hungry you feel. It may also give you relief from problems such as depression and works very well to redistribute fat around the body.

Polyphenols: By using grape seeds and green tea, Lean Gene is rich in this substance, which diminishes inflammation, and can be linked to weight loss due to fat burning. According to the company, this ingredient is vital to reduce your body fat levels.

Resveratrol: This substance is a powerful antioxidant, and some studies show it can be used to diminish belly fat. Also, it’s reasonably effective in reducing blood sugars.

Chromium: It’s a mineral that may be used in the supplementation of people who suffer from type two diabetes and lack ways to control their blood sugars.

Butyrate: By ingesting this fatty acid, you will get help to break down fibers and ingest them. It supports healthy gut bacteria acting as a prebiotic and may improve your digestion.

In short, the ingredients used in this formula will interact with your body to improve your metabolism and enhance your health in several ways. When using Lean Gene, you simply can’t fail in a diet because you will lose weight no matter what happens.

How Much Weight Can You Lose Using Lean Gene?

The creators of Lean Gene claim that most people can start seeing results within three days of using their solution. According to Janet, as long as you keep your metabolism activated, you will be able to eat whatever foods you want, including fatty ones or carbs.

Here are some claims that the manufacturer makes about the product:

  • You can lose as much as 70 pounds within a few months.
  • People who use the supplement for as long as half a year can achieve excellent results, losing dozens of pounds.
  • Janet lost around 15 pounds in only 21 days by using the product.

Lean Gene Scientific Evidence

The creator and leading expert behind Lean Gene, Janet Hadvill, makes several claims about how the product works. Now, we’ll check some of them to understand whether this supplement really functions as advertised. Can you lose weight if you target your special fat-burning gene? Let’s find out.

One of Janet’s main claims is about how she discovered the formula. She affirms that during a research trip took her to Cândido Godói, in Brazil. According to her, the locals had their UPC2 genes activated, and most of them were very lean.

She claims to have tested all of the inhabitants of this little village, which is an expensive procedure. However, we didn’t see any test evidence on the main website.

Cândido Cogói is an actual city, though. It’s a town in the Rio Grande do Sul, in southern Brazil, and it has 6,000 inhabitants. The city is fairly famous because it has an unusually high rate of twins, and this has attracted significant international attention, especially from geneticists. That at least explains why she was visiting.

After that, she claims to have performed a trial study giving the ingredients to people in the United States. In it, she gathered several Americans between ages 40 and 85. Some were slim, and some of them were obese. According to her, all the obese people had their genes switched off before the study, which explains why they were fat.

All of the obese people who participated in the study lost weight very quickly and without needing to make any drastic changes to their lifestyles. However, the study was not officially published anywhere, not giving the website much credibility.

The Lean Gene website cites several studies to show that their ingredients really can help you lose weight. For instance, look at this study. It links resveratrol to weight loss after looking at hundreds of patients. The conclusion is that people who used it lost more weight than the ones who did not.

Another study concerns the use of green tea, which is very famous for its weight loss capabilities. In it, people who used actual green tea lost from 0.2 to 3.5 kilograms more than the ones who actually took a placebo.

Finally, there’s also a study about UPC2, the famous gene related to weight loss. In it, the researchers discovered that UPC2 alters the metabolism of your organism and that it may get quicker when this gene is active. However, this does not explain how Lean Gene actually affects the hormone.

Our conclusion here is that there is insufficient scientific evidence to determine that Lean Gene actually changes how your genes work and allows you to lose weight. However, most of the ingredients used in the formula are really linked to weight loss, so it may help or end up boosting your metabolism.

Lean Gene Label

Here, you can check the official label of Lean Gene, understanding the individual amount of any substances present in the formula:

  • 250 mg of yerba mate.
  • 200 mg of TMG (betaine anhydrous).
  • 100 mg of magnesium beta-hydroxybutyrate.
  • 100 mg of calcium beta-hydroxybutyrate.
  • 100 mg of grape seed extract with 85% polyphenols.
  • 100 mg of green tea leaf extract with 95% polyphenols and 50% EGCG.
  • 100 mg of organic Ceylon cinnamon bark.
  • 50 mg of trans resveratrol with 98% trans-resveratrol.
  • 50 mg of sodium beta-hydroxybutyrate.
  • 20 mg of inositol.
  • 80 mg of choline.
  • 15 mg of Calcium.
  • 10 mg of Magnesium.
  • 100 mcg of Chromium.

Lean Gene Official Pricing

Right now, you can buy one bottle of Lean Gene for only $59 on the official website, and buying in bulk can lower the prices down to $44 per bottle. Each bottle has 60 capsules, which are set to last for a month, and they have free shipping for U.S. residents.

Here are the official price tags:

  • One bottle of Lean Gene: $59.
  • Three bottles of Lean Gene: $147.
  • Six bottles of Lean Gene: $264.

The refund policy of the company guarantees your money back within 60 days if you are unhappy with the product. However, you need to send back the bottles. Please keep the packaging as it will contain the information needed for a refund if you want to contact customer service.


Who is Janet Hadvill?

It’s impossible to talk about Lean Gene without digging deeper about Janet Hadvill, its creator. She claims to be a certified nutritionist with 18 years of experience in the area.

Registered dietitians in the United States must meet several standards, including being registered with the Commission of Dietetic Registration. Clinical nutritionists, however, are authorized by the American Association of Nutritional Consultants. We don’t see any of these documents on the website.

Another important claim is that Janet has 18 years of experience working with gene therapy and epigenetics. However, she makes some errors on the website, such as saying that chromium is a powerful plant when it’s actually a mineral. She also claims that the whole formula is plant-based while using animal-based ingredients.

Finally, another notorious claim is that she was able to lose 71 pounds, and 15 of them were lost in only three weeks. It’s also hard to believe.

Some of these details lead us to believe that Janet may not be a real person but a pseudonym invented to sell the program online.

About All Natural Nutrition

Lean Gene was created by All Natural Nutrition, a company based in Chicago. There’s limited information about it and Janet Hadvill online. However, all of the supplements produced by the company are manufactured in factories that follow certified Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards.

You can contact the company at:


Lean Gene is a weight loss pill created by Janet Hadvill together with All-Natural Nutrition. By taking it, you can allegedly activate your UPC2 genes are lose weight without any kind of exercise or very restrictive diets.

You can purchase the supplement or get more information by visiting the official website! >>>


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