NitriLean: Legit Ingredients or Weight Loss Supplement Scam?

NitriLean is a new dietary hormone and weight loss formula that promises to fight weight issues from the root. Aging can cause weight loss to become more difficult. Experts claim that certain nutrient deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, and genetics slow the rates of fat oxidation and overall metabolism.

Therefore, it is paramount to nourish your system with the right nutrients to lose weight. There are dietary formulas that promise to oxidize fat faster. However, some of them do not work. NitriLean claims it uses a unique science-based approach to fight obesity.

What is NitriLean?

NitriLean is a new weight loss formula that promises to induce weight loss by stabilizing hormones and increasing metabolic rates. Unlike other fat-reducing supplements on the market, NitriLean works by increasing nitric oxide production in the body. The manufacturers, All Natural Nutrition, claim that the only way to support healthy metabolism is to improve overall blood flow. Blood movement allows your system to supply vital nutrients and oxygen to all cells in your system. Additionally, a robust blood circulatory system supports the removal of waste from organs, hence reducing toxicity levels.

Past the age of 30, men and women alike cannot produce adequate nitric oxide. As a result, their metabolic rates decline, and they experience hormonal imbalances, which puts them at risk of developing various medical conditions. NitriLean is designed to boost nitric oxide production in aging folks, therefore, supporting weight loss and improving overall immunity.

Consuming NitriLean can help you regain your self-confidence and a leaner sculpt. Additionally, NitriLean protects you from various cardiovascular issues, diabetes type 2, and other health concerns. Also, NitriLean manufacturers boldly claim that you need not make any lifestyle or dietary changes while taking NitriLean.

How Does NitriLean Work?

As per the official website, NitriLean is designed to support weight loss by following an ancient Russian secret. In addition, it targets the root cause of weight gain, such as slow metabolism and poor blood flow. Currently, there are numerous dietary regimens such as paleo, ketogenic, Atkins, Mediterranean, intermittent fasting, etc., that promise to enhance fat oxidation. However, it is a grueling task to make meals in a hectic society. The lack of time also makes it impossible to perform high-intensity workouts in the hope of shedding fat. NitriLean uses natural ingredients to boost fat metabolism without you needing to quit your current diet and lifestyle.

NitriLean Genesis

NitriLeans formulator is a paramedic who suffered a massive heart attack caused by obesity. When the doctors advised him to shed fat, he was frustrated as he had tried various fat-reducing solutions to no avail. Some of them offered temporary results, while others did not yield any results. However, he came across a Russian doctor named Yuri Petrov.

Dr. Yuri Petrov explains that it is difficult to shed fat unless your adrenaline levels are elevated. Adrenaline is usually produced in high amounts when under stress to prepare you for the “Flight or Fight” response. However, it needs to travel to fat cells for adrenaline to be effective. The “miracle” molecule nitric oxide dilates the blood arteries and veins, supporting better blood flow.

What is Inside NitriLean Supplement?

NitriLean creators assure users that all eight ingredients are in clinical dosages to support better blood flow. The eight components are:

1. Beet Root 100mg

The beetroot is a red vegetable rich in nitrate compounds. Clinical trials show that nitrates undergo chemical reactions to produce nitric oxide, supporting better blood flow. Consequently, the molecules relax and widen the blood vessels for healthier blood circulation, which may lower blood pressure. Additionally, beetroot can boost performance and stamina in athletics by raising plasma nitrate levels. Equally, better blood flow in the frontal lobes improves cognitive thinking, memory, and learning. Also, beetroot contains zero fats and is low in carbs. Experts claim it can raise metabolic rates hence supporting weight loss. Apart from nitrates, beetroots contain potassium ions which inhibit muscle cramps, weakness, and fatigue. It is also rich in antioxidants which manages fatty liver disease and can lessen fat deposits around the liver. Beetroot is a phytonutrient that can fight against high blood cholesterol, therefore, improving your heart health.

2. L-Citrulline – 220mg

It is an amino acid that can elevate nitric oxide levels. Several studies indicate that L-Citrulline can lower blood cholesterol levels and blood pressure. In one investigation, L-citrulline was found to aid diabetes type 2 patients in managing glucose levels. Also, it is effective in increasing metabolic rates and fat oxidation, leading to weight loss. Equally, L-Citrulline can boost users’ immunity and protect the cells from oxidative damage.

3. Hawthorn Extract – 100mg

As per NitriLean makers, the hawthorn extract can improve blood movement by reducing cholesterol levels and managing blood pressure. Cardiac health experts claim it can manage common heart ailments. Equally, hawthorn extract enhances the absorption of nutrients and oxygen by various cells in the body for optimal functioning.

4. Green Tea Extract – 500mg

It is a common ingredient in most weight loss solutions. Scientific evidence shows that green tea can boost a slow metabolism and support weight loss. It is rich in caffeine, polyphenols, and catechins, improving metabolic rates, lowering blood pressure, and supporting better blood movement. In one study, two diabetes type individuals who regularly consumed four cups of green tea had better blood glucose levels, stable blood pressure, and had significant weight loss.

5. Garcinia Cambogia – 100mg

Numerous clinical studies show that the seeds of these pumpkin-like fruits have fat-torching compounds. Garcinia elevates fat oxidation, metabolic rates and suppresses the appetite of users. In one study, participants who took Garcinia for three months lost over 2 pounds of their weight without changing their diet or overall lifestyle.

6. Cayenne Pepper – 50mg

It is a spice rich in heat-producing chemicals known as capsaicin. It works by accelerating the conversion of fat into heat. Users who take cayenne pepper feel “hot” due to its thermogenic properties. Additionally, it can fight against cravings and make users fill full for extended periods. The caloric deficit is created to cause a person to shed fat.

7. Grape Seed Extract – 50mg

It improves blood circulation by increasing nitric oxide production. Additionally, it lowers cholesterol levels and can stabilize high blood pressure. Grape seeds are rich in antioxidants that prevent infections and inflammations.

8. Bioperine – 5mg

It can induce thermogenesis and increase metabolic rates leading to rapid weight loss. However, NitriLean creators claim its primary role is to increase the absorption process of all the other ingredients.


NitriLean Dosage

The manufacturer recommends consuming one NitriLean pill twice a day with a glass of water. Also, the makers claim it is 100% safe and unlikely to cause any side effects. However, if you are allergic to any NitriLean ingredient, ensure you get medical guidance before attempting to use it.

The company states the formula is non-GMO and made in FDA and GMP-approved facilities located in the US.

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NitriLean Benefits

The makers, All-Natural Nutrition, claim that NitriLean can offer you several benefits, including:

  • Support weight loss
  • Improve heart health
  • Sharpen brain health
  • Improve moods
  • Improved sex life
  • Reduces cravings for unhealthy foods
  • Support better sleep quality
  • Enhance recovery after workouts
  • Improves blood flow
  • Improve cholesterol levels
  • Stabilize hormones

NitriLean Pricing

NitriLean creators recommend purchasing on the official website where customers will find free shipping on all purchases and a money-back guarantee of sixty days. Also, it is worth noting that NitriLean is not a magical pill. You should consistently consume it for 3-5 months to get the best and lasting results.

  • Buy One Bottle $59.00 Each / Free Shipping Included
  • Buy Three Bottles $49.00 Each / Free Shipping Included
  • Buy Six Bottles $44.00 Each / Free Shipping Included

Thus, it is best to buy NitriLean in bulk to get better pricing and ensure you do not run out of stock. A 60-day money-back guarantee protects each NitriLean bottle that’s purchased.

To contact the company, customers can reach out by sending an email to:

  • Customer Support: help@nitrilean.com

Final Word

NitriLean is rich in 8 ingredients that can elevate nitric oxide levels for better blood flow. As a result, each cell in your system gets adequate nutrients and oxygen for better metabolism and optimal cardiac health. Regular use can boost your immunity and fight against low energy levels, constant brain fog, inflammations, and infections.

However, it is best to combine NitriLean supplements with a low-carb diet, drink adequate amounts of water, and do regular exercises to help with reaching permanent results. Equally, ensure you get quality sleep to rejuvenate your system and enhance cellular functioning.

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