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[Review] Best HGH Booster Supplements on the Market for Sale

HGH or Human Growth Hormone is responsible for promoting growth within the human body. We have the most HGH in our bodies as kids, but the amount our body naturally produces starts to decline as we age. As adults, we have low HGH, but the steady decline continues to the point where it can be detrimental to our health.

Since HGH is responsible for stimulating cell production and regenerating cells in the body, being low on this hormone isn’t good news. That’s why many people in sports like bodybuilding inject synthetic HGH because it allows them to continue growing mass and becoming stronger. The downside to this approach is myriad adverse effects that can lead to instances of heart attacks.

If you are one of those people who needs to grow muscle or feels that your body could do with more energy, we’d strongly recommend steering away from using synthetic HGH. Instead, use the supplements listed below in this article.

  • GenF20 Plus
  • HyperGH 14x
  • GenFX
  • Provacyl

Not only are these supplements safe to use, but they will trigger the body’s natural production of HGH, the result of which is that you can continue growing and becoming stronger in the gym. The best thing is that you don’t need a prescription to buy any of these products.

1: GenF20 Plus

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It has to be one of the most popular HGH supplements available today, and for the sole reason being that it works wonders. The supplement is a product by Leading Edge Health, a company best known for producing men’s health supplements based on real research and studies. The way GenF20 Plus works is by raising HGH naturally, essentially triggering the body’s natural production of the hormone.

The supplement is available both as an oral spray and dietary supplement combo, which needs to be taken twice a day. The formulation has, over the years, been proven to be extremely effective and safe. It was even endorsed by Dr. Steven Lamm on The View.

Some of the benefits reported by users who have been using GenF20 Plus for a while include:

  • A noticeable improvement in their sex lives
  • Fewer age spots, crows feet, and disappearing wrinkles
  • Men in particular who were overweight noticed their weight had stabilized without undertaking any additional diet or exercise
  • Men over 50 reported being more energetic and experiencing a better quality of life
  • Those who worked out said that they gained more muscle

How Soon Do Users Notice A Difference?

The anti-aging effects will usually kick in at around week three if the supplement is taken as recommended regularly. However, this isn’t a drug, so you shouldn’t expect to see results right away. It takes the body some time to start producing the desired quantity of HGH.

Who Should Take GenF20 Plus?

We’d recommend GenF20 Plus to anyone who wants to look younger, feel better and build muscle. In fact, the product is backed by hundreds of reviews by men who have used and found that it changed their lives.

Users also report being able to sleep better and notice an improvement in their sex lives. That’s why anyone with low libido should also take the supplement as recommended.

2: HyperGH 14x

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HyperGH 14x is another highly established and reputed human growth hormone-producing supplement. It works a lot like GenF20 Plus but uses a different set of ingredients. Like just about all supplements on our list, the most significant upside is that there are no known adverse effects of using HyperGH 14x. However, the biggest selling point for the supplement is that it can be used by people of all ages, so as long as they are above 18. That said, those with pre-existing conditions may want to get its use approved by a doctor first.

Interestingly HyperGH 14x is used by many men to maintain lean and hard bodies. Many men swear by it because they don’t have to rely on artificial HGH, potentially destroying their careers. It is popular amongst many sports personalities who would also like to remain unnamed; suffice to say that it works wonders.

Over the years Leading Edge Health has updated the formulation by adding newly researched ingredients to improve the supplement’s effectiveness. That’s why the brand stands behind the effectiveness with a money-back guarantee.

How Soon Do Users Notice A Difference?

Based on our research, most men will start to see a difference after taking the supplement for around six weeks. However, it has to be taken regularly. Additionally, depending on your age and the current level of your body’s HGH production, it can take longer. Interestingly people who work out in the weight room tend to see results sooner.

Men who work out report seeing more muscle mass, and less fat. Some even report being able to work out with more intensity.

Who Should Take HyperGH 14x?

We will openly recommend HyperGH 14x to anybody who wants to naturally raises their levels of HGH. However, if you have a problem popping 4 capsules a day, this may not be the supplement for you. Furthermore, we’d also recommend it to anyone who does not have any pre-existing medical condition. While people with pre-existing conditions can take the supplement, they would want to get it approved by a doctor first. Make sure that the doctor is aware of all the ingredients in the supplement.

HyperGH 14x is also an excellent HGH supplement for people over 50. Not only does it improve their overall physical appearance and energy levels, but it helps with their performance in bed. We’ve talked to many older people taking the supplement, and they report experiencing more mental clarity and higher energy levels. Many older people also reported having improved digestion which is down to how well the BCAAs in the supplement are stimulating blood flow and the pituitary gland.

3: GenFX

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It is a relatively new supplement and was made based on the experience and data gathered from the use of other similar supplements on the market. GenFX is a highly effective natural HGH booster because it directly targets the pituitary gland, shortening the time to produce the desired amount of natural HGH. However, in our experience, it takes slightly longer than some of the other similar products sold by Canada-based Leading Edge Heath.

Many users will find that it takes slightly longer for GenFX to start working, but once the pituitary gland starts to produce HGH, it will continue until it gets to slightly higher levels. Since overstimulation is undoubtedly an issue with many other supplements in the market, certain limits have been set to ensure the supplement continues to be safe for everyone.

GenFX’s formulation includes all-natural, organic ingredients, which means that it is safe to use by people of any gender. While it may surprise many readers, HGH is just as important for women as it is for men. That’s why women can take GenFX, and they too can experience the rejuvenation benefits associated with higher natural HGH production.

Users are advised to take only two pills a day. You can take one pill before lunch and then the other before going to bed. However, to maximize the effects of the supplement, men can go on a strict diet of proteins and vegetables, along with weight lifting exercises.

Men are also strongly advised to avoid alcohol when taking GenFX if they want to see results sooner rather than later.

How Soon Do Users Notice A Difference?

In our experience reviewing supplements and comparing many of them, we can tell you that GenFX is one of those supplements that’s different for everyone. The results a user may notice will vary even if they have identical profiles in terms of health, age, and current HGH levels. However, as mentioned earlier, taking GenFX can be maximized with a clean diet and regular exercise.

The other important thing is to ensure that you take the supplement daily. Also, regardless of how tempting it may be, refrain from taking more than what’s recommended because taking more does not translate to seeing results sooner.

Who Should Take GenFX?

Anyone who complains or feels the effects of low HGH should take the supplement. That said, before taking the supplement, you should understand that it will not boost your HGH levels naturally to superhuman levels. Though your levels will be higher than they are right now, they will be slightly above normal if used with a good diet and exercise regime.

People who are into sports like cycling, bodybuilding, weightlifting, etc., will also benefit significantly from taking GenFX. The supplement is safe to use because it will not show up in any PED tests, unlike taking a steroid. Furthermore, it is 100% natural, so you don’t have to worry about being banned by the sport’s board for using it.

However, anyone with a pre-existing medical condition is strongly advised to speak with their doctor before taking GenFX. While it is safe to use, it is always a good idea to get your doctor’s seal of approval on the supplement.

4: Provacyl

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While Provacyl enters this list at no. 4 of the best HGH supplements, it isn’t a bad supplement or one you should overlook. I guess we should say that it is last on our list because the formulation hasn’t been revised to keep up with the latest research. However, it is still as effective as it was when first sold. That said, it isn’t perhaps as effective as some of the top three we’ve discussed earlier.

Provacyl is a comparatively simple HGH booster, which includes just 20 ingredients, mainly a cocktail of herbs, and amino acids, which are incredibly useful at boosting the sex drive, raising energy levels, and HGH. Men using the supplement will experience little to no adverse effects compared to some of the other supplements we’ve reviewed in the past.

The thing about HGH that men need to understand is that it is connected with many bodily functions and even the production of testosterone. That’s why when HGH production tanks, testosterone production drops with it. The lower testosterone levels often lead to decreased muscle tone, low energy, and foggy memory. Provacyl has over the years proven to be highly effective at combating these problems by stimulating the pituitary gland in a way that makes it produce more HGH. It then supplies the body with everything it needs to sustain that heightened production.

Men using Provacyl have reported feeling younger and more energetic, directly linked to having more HGH in the body.

The recommended dose is four capsules of Provacyl a day. The exciting thing about Provacyl is that it doubles as a male enhancement product, mainly because of the ingredients used, which also target the male sexual system. When these ingredients are combined, they result in an overall balanced formulation. That said, you shouldn’t take more than what is recommended.

How Soon Do Users Notice A Difference?

While Provacyl does work comparatively fast, you will probably not see results before the fifth week of taking it regularly. However, it primarily depends on your current health and how good your diet and exercise regime is to sustain the heightened production of HGH. Remember, HGH is a hormone that the body only produces if there is a need for it.

Who Should Take Provacyl?

Anyone who wants to raise their HGH and testosterone levels naturally should and can take Provacyl. It is a perfectly safe supplement, but for people who have a pre-existing medical condition, it is worth getting it approved by your doctor.

Final Word

HGH Supplements are a dime a dozen, but the vast majority don’t work or have severe adverse effects associated with them. However, our top picks are some of the best of the best, and you can’t go wrong with them.

That said, make sure to buy these supplements directly from the manufacturer’s website to avoid ending up with a knockoff that does not work. Furthermore, you also get the backing of the company’s money-back guarantee, which is good to have in the rare event these supplements don’t work for you.

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