Best Mass Gainer Supplements That Work on the Market

Bodybuilders may use supplements to boost their muscle growth and accelerate recovery. A mass gainer supplement can help you add weight quickly. A good quality mass gainer comprises protein powders, carbs, calories, and other nutrients to aid muscle development.

Some people need mass gainers to replenish energy after a workout and boost recovery. Others take mass gainers to support muscle gain without adding fat. Most mass gainers are effective and unlikely to give users any side effects.

Instead of using dangerous chemicals and supplements that may affect your overall health, a mass gainer from a reputable company is safe and effective. There are hundreds of mass gainer formulas in the market, making it challenging to settle for the best choice. We tested some of the mass gainers on our list. Our editorial team made sure to contact manufacturers and conduct extensive research before ranking the mass gainers below.

The Top 15 Best Mass Gainers in 2022

We used various criteria to rank the best mass gainers below:

  • Transparent Labs Mass Gainer
  • Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer
  • XWerks Motion
  • XWerks Grow
  • Bulk Extreme
  • D-Bal Max
  • Gainful
  • MuscleTech Mass Tech Elite
  • Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass
  • Naked Mass
  • Labrada Muscle Mass Gainer
  • BSN True-Mass Weight Gainer
  • MusclePharm Combat XL Mass gainer
  • Dymatize Super Mass Gainer
  • Rivalus Clean Gainer

Transparent Labs Mass Gainer


Transparent Labs is a well-rated and well-known company specializing in manufacturing healthy dietary supplements. Each Transparent Labs Mass Gainer has 730 calories, 51 g of protein, and 106 g of carbs. The mass gainer is available in Chocolate Glaze Donut and Sweet Vanilla.

Transparent Labs claims they use high-quality, scientifically proven ingredients to make a premium quality mass gainer. Additionally, each serving of two scoops is enough to support recovery, increase muscle growth and support overall bodybuilding goals.

Additionally, Transparent Labs claims they source their protein from grass-fed whey concentrate, fiber, prebiotics, medium-chain triglycerides, cocoa, chocolate flavor, creatine, and other science-proven constituents. The maker recommends that users consume the mass gainer before, during, and after a workout to enhance muscle growth.

We liked Transparent Labs Mass Gainer as it is easy to consume, delicious, and blends smoothly with cold and hot beverages. In addition, the manufacturer discloses the complete list of the ingredients and servings to help users make a better comparison with competing products.

Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer


Crazy Nutrition is a popular name in the bodybuilding industry with a proven record of accomplishment in making high-quality supplements. We loved Crazy Nutrition because of its value. With each bottle priced at $35, Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer is among the best-value options on our list.

The mass gainer comprises 50 g of protein, 100 g of carbs, and 695 calories. The maker argues that the mass gainer offers multiple bodybuilding benefits without causing any nasty side effects such as erratic blood sugar levels, bloating, flatulence, and stomach discomforts.

Crazy Nutrition recommends mixing six scoops of the mass gainer with 150-200 oz—of water and then shaking the formula thoroughly. Equally, you can blend the mass gainer supplement with water to make a smooth mixture that you consume throughout the day.

Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer has digestive enzymes that can ease stomach issues by aiding in protein synthesis. Unlike competing formulas, the formula has three types of digestive enzymes, namely: cellulose, lipase, amylase, protease, and lactase, which speed up the digestion of certain carbs and protein.

Each Crazy Nutrition bottle has six scoops of serving. However, the maker recommends consuming the mass gainer with an active workout routine to minimize developing nasty side effects.

XWerks Motion


XWerks is a well-known maker of various nutritional supplements. Their Motion mass gainer is a blend of BCAAs, dextrin carbs, and electrolytes to support muscle growth and other benefits. XWerks Motion primarily augments the energy sources by increasing metabolism. Thus, it is best to boost your performance and fight fatigue before and during workouts. Similarly, its ingredients can reduce inflammations and aid in recovery, allowing you to get effective bodybuilding results after a short while. XWerks comprise 3g BCAAs and 25g carbs per serving. Every bottle has 50 servings to boost your stamina, focus, and overall workout performance. XWerks claims that the formula digests quickly and has zero chances of causing bloating and other stomach issues.

XWerks’ essential ingredient is Japan-based dextrin (HBCD) which is scientifically proven to enhance workout gains. The maker claims that the Japan-based carb supports energy production with zero probability of causing an increase in fat mass.

XWerks Grow


XWerks Grow mass gainer is another popular option to boost your bodybuilding goals. It is a daily supplement designed to support muscle repair, immunity, and growth of lean muscles. Additionally, XWerks Grow comprises whey protein isolate to maximize absorption throughout the day.

XWerks Grow claims they use New Zealand grass-fed whey protein powder to augment muscle mass. However, it is not a high-powered mass gainer like similar products on our list. Still, it is an ideal option for individuals looking for a muscle-building mass gainer.

XWerks is primarily marketed for individuals looking for a mass gainer with high protein levels and low on carbs and fats. Therefore, users should look for other sources of carbs and calories to increase their energy levels.

XWerks Grow has 25g of protein, 110 calories, and 1g of carbs to accelerate the growth of lean muscles. Likewise, it has other minerals, vitamins, and nutrients to support bodybuilding goals.

Bulk Extreme


Bulk Extreme is formulated in the form of easy-to-swallow capsules. It is marketed for bodybuilders looking to enhance focus and mental performance. Bulk Extreme claims it can augment testosterone production in men, something we do not see in other mass gainers.

According to experts, men require testosterone to grow and maintain lean muscles. Bulk Extreme supposedly has herbs, and plant extracts science proven to increase testosterone levels.

Some of Bulk Extreme’s critical ingredients are a proprietary blend of KSM-66, Momordica, saw palmetto, alfalfa, Shilajit, and pumpkin seed extracts. Like other mass gainers, Bulk Extreme claims it is easy to digest and can help you grow muscles and other bodybuilding benefits without any nasty side effects.

D-Bal Max


D-Bal is a maker of several supplements that replicate the effects of steroids but with zero side effects. The maker claims it purposely mimics the effects of “Dianabol” and can support bodybuilding without causing stomach issues. Additionally, the top-rated mass gainer cannot cause you to fail a drug test.

D-Bal Max has BCAAs and whey protein concentrate to maximize muscle growth, accelerate recovery, and maintain lean muscle mass. Other benefits of the formula are to fight inflammation that would otherwise hinder muscle development. Similarly, it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee to enable users to test it effectively.



Gainful is a maker of personalized mass gainer formulas. It is among the few supplements designed by a team of experts, including registered dieticians (RD). Gainful can customize hydration formulas, protein powders, and pre-workout supplements based on your body’s physiology and workout needs.

Gainful reasons that each individual has unique needs and other differences. Thus, using the same mass gainers for all body types is wrongful. Gainful links users with experts to formulate a bodybuilding recipe to enhance their muscle gains. Therefore, if you need more of certain nutrients, Gainful can help you. In addition, consumers choose the type of proteins they wish, including whey isolate, casein protein, and plant-based proteins.

Gainful recommends that you complete their online questionnaire to allow the makers to generate your ideal mass gainer formula. Additionally, users can chat with experts via the official website, boosting their bodybuilding benefits.

MuscleTech Mass Tech Elite


MuscleTech Mass Tech Elite focuses on building muscle mass using high doses of creatine. Unlike most mass gainers with high protein levels, MuscleTech has 10g of creatine per serving to facilitate muscle growth.

Mass Tech Elite also has high amounts of calories (1000), 17g of BCAAs, and 80g of proteins. The maker recommends that you blend the powder with two cups of skim milk to augment protein absorption.

Another advantage of Mass Tech Elite is mixing beverages easily. Unlike most mass gainers, it easily blends in cold and hot drinks and comes in multiple delicious flavors.

Other benefits of MuscleTech mass gainer include accelerating recovery rate, aiding in the growth of lean muscles, and boosting protein synthesis. Also, it can heighten performance and keep your energy levels at all times for extended periods.

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass


Optimum Nutrition is another reputable company with years of experience creating high-quality formulas. Their mass gainer Serious Mass is the best value and top-rated option promising to augment your bodybuilding goals.

According to Amazon reviews, Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass enjoys 4.5 stars rating out of five and over 39,000 positive reviews from satisfied customers. Thus, it ranks as a popular option among the mass gainers on our list.

Optimum Nutrition has you covered if you are looking for a mass gainer formula with impressive amounts of macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals for bodybuilding. Each Serious Mass container has 16 servings in ridiculously high dosages. Optimal Nutrition claims that each serving has 1250 calories, 50g of protein, and 253g of carbs.

Naked Mass


Naked Mass is advertised as a superior quality mass gainer comprising three critical ingredients. Each scoop is unflavored to help you blend it with any beverage without giving you nasty tastes. However, if you choose the vanilla or chocolate flavored supplement, you get five ingredients in one formula.

Naked Mass has 11.5g of BCAAs, 50g of protein, and 252g of carbs. Benefits of Naked Mass gainer include augmenting muscle growth and development, supporting recovery, and facilitating other bodybuilding goals.

Naked Mass is a top-rated mass gainer with various protein forms, including micellar casein, tapioca maltodextrin, and whey protein from grass-fed sources. You can opt to take Naked Mass before workouts or before bedtime.

Labrada Muscle Mass Gainer


Labrada Muscle Mass Gainer is advertised as a value-packed formula that can boost your bodybuilding goals. The manufacturer promotes it for hard gainers requiring large amounts of calories per serving.

Bodybuilders looking for a high-powered and cost-effective mass gainer will find Labrada the best option. However, Labrada is the only mass gainer comprising natural and artificial flavors and sugars. Still, it may not be ideal for folks looking to avoid artificial ingredients.

BSN True-Mass Weight Gainer


BSN is a well-known manufacturer of various dietary formulas. BSN True-Mass Weight Gainer is available in multi-flavors, including vanilla ice cream, strawberry milkshakes, cookies and cream, and chocolate milkshakes. A good mass gainer powder should have a tasty flavor to help users consume it. Each BSN mass gainer has 700 calories to boost your energy levels and performance. BSN servings are smaller (165g) than other mass gainers on our list.

BSN recommends consuming the mass gainer daily with a regular workout routine to facilitate muscle growth. Still, BSN uses various protein types to allow your system to absorb adequate protein at different intervals. Some protein sources include micellar casein, egg white, glutamine peptides, milk protein isolate, calcium caseinate, and whey protein concentrate.

MusclePharm Combat XL Mass Gainer


MusclePharm is another famous name in the bodybuilding supplements space. MusclePharm Combat XL Mass Gainer has several fatty acids, carbs, protein, and other nutrients to support muscle growth and bulk. The four types of protein in each serving are absorbed at different intervals to facilitate muscle growth for extended periods.

It is among the few mass gainers certified by Informed-Choice; therefore, it appeals to certain professional athletes looking for quality supplements. Each serving has 252g of carbs, 1270 calories, and 50g of protein to increase performance, support recovery, and fight chronic fatigue.

Dymatize Super Mass Gainer


Super Mass Gainer has 1280 calories, 52g of protein, and 245g of carbs to support muscle growth, recovery, and increase muscle growth. The high protein and carb mixture can sustain most workout benefits.

We liked Dymatize Super Mass Gainer because of its price. The formula easily mixes with water and has tasty flavors, including gourmet vanilla, cookies and cream, and chocolate. Each tub has eight large servings and is reasonably priced.

On the downside, Dymatize mass gainer uses natural and artificial ingredients, including sugars. Therefore, it may not be ideal for users looking for an all-natural bodybuilding formula.

Rivalus Clean Gainer


Rivalus Clean Gainer promises to support muscle gain with zero bloating and weight gain. The maker describes it as a high protein formula that increases lean muscle mass without adding fat. A daily serving of two scoops can benefit your workout goals significantly.

Some of the macronutrients in Rivalus Clean Gainer include different protein types, carbohydrate blends, BCAAs, and other artificial and natural flavors. The mass gainer provides you with enough protein for extended periods, augmenting bodybuilding goals.

Rivalus Clean is a delicious formula comprising premium ingredients to support muscle growth with zero side effects. In addition, the supplement is for people looking to gain muscles without experiencing any nasty side effects.

How We Ranked The Top 15 Best Mass Gainers

Each mass gainer formula offers significant muscle gain using premium, quality protein. Still, not every muscle gainer supplement is effective. Some incorporate shady ingredients, while others are ineffective dosages. We separated the best from the worst muscle gainer based on the criteria below.

Macronutrient Value

A mass gainer aims at increasing mass and building muscles. Therefore, an effective mass gainer supplement should have adequate proteins, calories, carbs, and other nutrients. A mass gainer is not a weight loss remedy. Instead, it should augment mass gain by flooding your system with vital macronutrients.


It is easy to count carbs and sugars in a mass gainer. Reputable mass gainer makers use quality ingredients in clinical dosages to help you add mass. Some manufacturers add cheap sugars and carbs to their mass gainer hence duping users. We preferred manufacturers that use quality constituents and the nutritional value of each macronutrient.

Limited Side Effects

Most mass gainers can cause side effects such as unstable blood glucose levels, bloating, stomach cramps, and gas. Some mass gainer creators combine carbs, calories, and protein to make a “mass gainer.” However, a reputable mass gainer manufacturer researches to create a formula in clinical dosages, preventing nasty side effects. A cheap and low-quality mass gainer causes discomfort to users. We chose mass gainer formulas with a record of offering users significant benefits without causing pain.

Doctor Formulated

Research shows that registered dieticians and medical doctors create reputable mass gainer supplements. Some mass gainer manufacturers have a legal, medical advisory body to ensure the supplement is in the clinical dosages. Mass gainer formulas formulated by professionals are also legitimate and safe. Thus, we ranked higher as a mass gainer developed and manufactured by professionals, including medical doctors and dieticians.

Transparent Ingredients

Unlike most health supplements, mass gainers have a large number of ingredients. Some creators use proprietary ingredients, making it difficult for customers to discern the individual dosages of each component. Other makers reveal the dosages of each element in a mass gainer, thus enabling consumers to make comparisons with competing formulas. We consider honest and transparent manufacturers who fully disclose the complete list of ingredients.

Manufacturer Reputation

Some top-rated mass gainer formulas have been creating quality formulas for decades. Other mass gainer companies are new and competing to sell their products. What would you choose between a mass gainer company with a record of making quality formulas and a new manufacturer?

We chose mass gainer makers with a proven reputation for making quality dietary supplements. We preferred a manufacturer that discloses a complete list of ingredients and gives the source of their constituents, contact information, and physical information upfront.

Carb to Protein Ratio

The carbs and proteins in a mass gainer supplement must be 2:1 to yield quality results. Some manufacturers use filler ingredients and excess carbs, thus rendering the formula unproductive. We preferred mass gainer supplements in the ideal ratio of 3 to 1.

Honest Advertised Benefits

We were wary of manufacturers making unrealistic claims to market their mass gainer supplements. Some mass gainer manufacturers exaggerate the benefits users will likely get from using their products. Others make bold claims, such as users can increase 20 lbs. of muscle mass within 30 days.

Protein Sources

A good mass gainer formula should comprise diverse protein types to support muscle growth. We considered makers using premium quality protein from reputable sources. Some manufacturers use proteins that take a long time to absorb into your system, while others use a combination of short and long-term proteins for maximum absorption.

Complementary Ingredients

Protein is an essential ingredient in muscle growth supplements. However, a good muscle gainer should comprise other components that support muscle growth, such as creatine. Others add vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that increase the chances of gaining muscles effectively. We preferred mass gainer formulas that support your overall wellbeing by adding other complimentary ingredients.

Digestive Enzymes

Most mass gainer formulas can cause unpleasant stomach discomforts. A muscle-building formula containing digestive enzymes accelerates digestion and absorption of proteins and carbs, relieving bloating and other digestive issues.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Every mass gainer advertises it is ideal for all body types. Still, not every formula will give you good results due to physiological differences. Thus, we consider reputable manufacturers that stand behind their products by offering a satisfaction guarantee or money-back policy. In addition, we liked companies that gave a lengthy money-back guarantee to allow customers to test the effectiveness of the mass gainer.

How Do Mass Gainers Support Workouts?

Most bodybuilders desire to grow and maintain muscular sculpt. Mass gainers are designed to help you gain muscles without adding fat. An effective mass gainer has adequate protein, fat, and carbs to enhance muscle development.

A restrictive diet comprising calculated amounts of carbs, fats, and proteins can help you build muscles. Still, it is hectic preparing an effective combo of mass gainer meals. Therefore, a mass gainer should help you get adequate protein without overloading your system with carbs and calories.

Some mass gainer formulas are advertised as a complete meal replacement and therefore consist of various minerals, vitamins, proteins, and other nutrients. Still, a meal replacement protein shake is not as effective as a mass gainer in developing muscles.

Workouts can put a strain on the physical and mental health of users. Thus, an effective mass gainer can increase muscle gain, support recovery after workouts, and other bodybuilding benefits.

A mass gainer dietary formula is the best option for bodybuilders who want to grow their muscles within a short time. It can also augment your aerobic performance and stamina. Lastly, a good mass gainer can heighten cognition and increase your energy levels, allowing better workout results.

Who Should Consume Mass Gainers?

Mass gainers are a unique blend of proteins and other nutrients to enhance workout performance. People consume mass gainers for different reasons. Experts recommend purchasing a mass gainer that can help you meet your specific needs. Who should take a mass gainer dietary supplement?

Anyone Looking to Gain Extra Lean Muscles

Most mass gainer formulas advertise they can aid you to gain extra lean muscles without increasing fat mass. Thus, a mass gainer is your best option if you need to bulk up and develop lean muscles without any hassles. Some users claim a mass gainer is a perfect option for bodybuilders who are uncomfortable following a strict diet.

Skinny Individuals

Some people remain skinny regardless of what they consume. Individuals with an overactive metabolism remain skinny because their bodies continuously metabolize all the nutrients making it impossible to develop lean muscles. Youthful folks have a robust metabolism that may hinder bulking up. A mass gainer can aid skinny people in developing skeletal muscles without zero digestive issues.

People Struggling to Gain Muscles and Add Weight

Several features may hinder some people from adding weight or developing muscle mass. Particular medication, overactive metabolism, and genetics are among the factors that may hamper muscle development. A mass gainer dietary supplement can boost muscle development and enhance weight gain.

Individuals on Imperfect Diets

People need a specific diet to boost their energy levels, support recovery and augment muscle development. If you feel like your diet is not providing adequate nutrients, then a mass gainer can aid in filling up the nutritional holes, therefore, supporting your active calisthenics routines. However, if you are not giving your body the necessary nutrients to boost your workout performance, it may not be easy to gain significant benefits from workouts.

Anyone Training Heavily

Some people hit the gym regularly. A mass gainer can be an effective dietary formula to supply your system with adequate minerals, proteins, and vitamins for boosting your performance. Equally, a mass gainer can fight chronic fatigue, muscle soreness, and lack of motivation, thus allowing you to train as you desire.

What Does a Mass Gainer Do?

According to experts, the best mass gainer should:

  • Aid in the development of lean muscles
  • It can increase calories levels, thus supplying your system with adequate energy to boost performance.

A good mass gainer has enough nutrients absorbed at different durations for maximum benefits. Therefore, combining ingredients in one formula that offers long-term gains is more effective.

Mass gainers aim at supporting an active exercise routine by using minerals, vitamins, fats, and other nutrients. The blend of ingredients supports muscle growth by fighting inflammation, boosting energy levels, enhancing performance, and accelerating recovery.

Fibers and digestive enzymes in a mass gainer can support healthy digestion and improve the absorption of nutrients in the bloodstream. Mass gainers with zero fibers and digestive enzymes can cause stomach discomfort and cramps, affecting your overall exercise performance.

Weight gainers and mass gainers are two different dietary formulas comprising other ingredients and aim at improving various aspects of a person’s body. Weight gainers strictly boost overall mass, including fat, while mass gainers aim at augmenting the growth and development of lean muscles.

Most mass gainer manufacturers recommend blending the supplement with milk to boost effectiveness. Skim milk is proven to augment protein intake and increase calories for better workout performances.

Mass Gainer Advantages

Most individuals get good results from using mass gainer dietary supplements. There are multiple positive reviews of the effectiveness of mass gainers in developing lean muscles and boosting weight gain. Some mass gainers can stabilize blood sugar levels; enhance digestion, and other benefits. Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using a mass gainer formula.

Most people religiously consume mass gainers daily for many purposes. Some of the known benefits of using a mass gainer include:

  • Support the growth and development of lean muscles without adding fat mass
  • Support recovery and repair of muscles after strenuous activities
  • Flood your system with other nutrients, including vitamins, BCAAs, digestive enzymes, proteins, healthy carbs, and calories that support an active routine
  • Increase muscle development and increase lean muscles without any hassles
  • Some mass gainers are meal alternatives, particularly if you have inadequate time to prepare bodybuilding meals

Mass Gainer Disadvantages

Most mass gainers are generally safe when used as recommended. They remain potent formulas for enhancing your bodybuilding goals without any side effects. Still, there are some downsides to using mass gainer dietary formulas, including:

Easy to go Overboard

Some people consume mass gainer formula daily without getting adequate exercise. Consequently, your system gets an excess of certain nutrients that may hinder the achievement of bodybuilding goals. Similarly, extra mass gainer nutrients such as sugars and carbs can get stored as fat when not properly utilized, leading to weight gain. Experts recommend getting professional guidance when you decide to use a mass gainer to help you calculate how much you need to work out daily.

Does Not Yield an Immediate Solution

You must use mass gainers consistently to get significant results like protein powders. Like protein powders, mass gainers flood your system with nutrients that support an active workout routine and increase the chances of gaining muscle mass. Thus, you should not use mass gainers overnight if you expect significant results.

Weird Ingredients

Cheap mass gainer dietary formulas compromise the quality of their ingredients. Some manufacturers use insufficient sources of carbs and sugars, thus creating a formula that increases fat mass and zeroes bodybuilding benefits; Consumers should be wary of cheap mass gainers that hide their list of ingredients and dosages in each fixing.

Mass Gainer Dosages and Side Effects

Different mass gainers have unique ingredients and, therefore, varied dosages. Consequently, it is best to read the maker’s dosage recommendation to ensure you get the best results and minimize the development of nasty side effects. Some manufacturers recommend using the mass gainer before exercising or after. In addition, some manufacturers add complementary ingredients to reduce the risk of developing side effects after taking a mass gainer.

Some of the common side effects of using a mass gainer formula include:

  • Bloating and cramping
  • Digestive problems
  • Flatulence
  • Stomach upsets, including diarrhea
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Allergic reactions, mainly if you are intolerant to a particular protein like lactose and dairy.

Increase in fat mass if you do not follow the recommended workout schedule. Most mass gainers comprise sugars, and thus you need to utilize it thoroughly to prevent your system from storing it under the skin as fat.

Experts warn that cheap and shady mass gainers magnify the risks of developing side effects. When shopping for a mass gainer formula, consider the price, list of ingredients, and proven effectiveness to reduce the probability of using a procedure that gives you discomfort. You can also minimize the risk of getting side effects by following the manufacturer’s usage directions. Some mass gainers formulas can only be taken when actively working out. Thus, using the formula on the days you rest is risky.

How to Prevent Stomach Issues from Using a Mass Gainer

Proteins take longer to digest and get absorbed into your system thoroughly. Some mass gainers have about 50 grams of protein per serving. According to clinical trials, 20-30 grams of protein can cause stomach issues in most individuals. Thus, it is crucial to find ways of managing stomach issues, including:

Purchase High-Quality Mass Gainer Formula

Most premium-quality mass gainers comprise digestive enzymes to accelerate protein synthesis. The most common digestive enzyme in mass gainers is proteases to help your system break the proteins down into simple compounds. People with inadequate protease in their gut may experience digestive issues, particularly after taking protein-rich supplements and foods.

A high-quality mass gainer comprises enough proteins, digestive enzymes, and multiple protein blends to absorb the protein at different intervals.

Reduce Serving Portion

If you are new to using mass gainers, starting with a smaller serving is best to prevent stomach cramps. Some mass gainers have high dosages that can irritate gastrointestinal health. Thus, users are advised to start with smaller dosages and add gradually until the stomach tolerates the mass gainer.

Consume Adequate Water

Water is essential in carrying out various biochemical processes, including digestion. Thus, consuming enough water aids in pushing food into the gut for easier digestion. Experts recommend taking adequate water to prevent stomach cramps, indigestion, constipation, and bloating, particularly after using a mass gainer.

Use a Mixer or Blender

Most mass gainers are in powder form and require you to mix the serving with water or any other beverages. Still, some people cannot manually blend the mass gainer with water, leading to cramping. Combining the mass gainer using a mixer or blender allows a constant texture, supporting easy digestion.

Drink Mass Gainer in Portions

Mass gainers consist of various ingredients. Hence, it is best to consume a mass gainer for a minimum of one hour instead of one go. Instead of flooding your system with about 3 g of proteins at a shot, you can distribute the digestion time of the protein by taking the mass gainer in intervals. After mixing your mass gainer formula, drink it in bits while starting your workout and end the last sip after finishing your training.

The Scientific Proof for Mass Gainers

There are multiple studies on protein powders, particularly their ability to boost bodybuilding. Still, there is limited information on the effectiveness of mass gainers. There are few clinical trials supporting mass gainers. Below are some of our editors’ studies on protein powders, strength gain, and muscle development to discern whether mass gainers are influential:

Effects of Protein Supplements on Bodybuilding

Protein is naturally a muscle-building nutrient. However, getting adequate forms of proteins can be challenging. In multiple clinical trials, scientists sought to discover the effectiveness of protein powders on aerobic and anaerobic performance, increased muscle growth, and improved stamina.

At the end of the analysis, scholars concluded that protein powders effectively grow lean muscles and augment performance when combined with the proper workout routines and a healthy diet. In short, protein powder formulas can support bodybuilding in multiple ways for inactive individuals.

Effects of Protein Formulas on Recovery and Performance

Active individuals require enough nutrients to speed up recovery and develop performance. In a 2018 study, researchers gave active individuals either a protein powder supplement or a placebo after workouts for over three months. At the end of the study, the scholars concluded that protein supplements are critical in developing muscle mass and accelerating recovery after workouts. In addition, protein supplements can provide bodybuilders with enough proteins that are otherwise inadequate in diet.

Branched Amino Acids (BCAAs)

BCAAs are essential in developing muscle mass and maintaining muscle weight for extended periods. In a 2017 study, scholars gave active individuals a BCAAs formula or placebo for 12 weeks. The group consuming BCAAs had better protein synthesis results. In addition, BCAAs can prevent muscle loss after workouts.

Effects of Digestive Enzymes in Mass Gainers

According to studies, most people feel bloated after taking a mass gainer. Most mass gainers contain high amounts of proteins that can cause bloating. However, high-quality mass gainers add digestive enzymes such as protease to support protein synthesis and prevent stomach discomforts.

If you experience bloating after taking a mass gainer, consider using a mass gainer comprising digestive enzymes. Similarly, you can reduce portion per serving until your system adjusts to the mass gainer.

In conclusion, an effective and safe mass gainer has science-backed ingredients to support the growth of lean muscles without adding fat mass. Experts recommend using a mass gainer to augment muscle gain and improve overall workout results without hassles. Similarly, a god mass gainer formula is a safe alternative to artificial steroids that may cause severe side effects.

FAQs about Mass Gainers

We get many questions concerning mass gainer supplements and how they function. Below are common questions and their answers answered by experts.

Q: Is there any difference between a protein powder and a mass gainer?

A: Most protein powders have high protein levels and are low on carbs and healthy fats. On the other hand, mass gainers have more calories, carbs, and fat than protein powders. In short, all mass gainers can be described as protein supplements, but not all protein powders are mass gainers.

Q: What is a mass gainer supplement?

A: Experts describe mass gainers as a blend of large amounts of calories, fats, carbs, and proteins, usually in a 2:1 ratio. The mass gainers solely aid in muscle growth and development.

Q: How safe are mass gainers?

A: Like most dietary supplements, mass gainers are generally safe if you take them in the recommended dosages. Safe mass gainers comprise the right ingredients in the practical clinical dosages.

Q: Why should I take a mass gainer supplement?

A: Most people consume mass gainers to enhance muscle development. However, if you need to add weight, build lean muscles, and add muscle mass, a mass gainer could help. Mass gainers offer bodybuilding benefits without causing any side effects.

Q: Can a mass gainer supplement cause nasty side effects?

A: Some folks may get side effects after taking a mass gainer. Common side effects include digestive issues, cramping, bloating, and flatulence. Additionally, you may add fat mass if you exercise regularly after taking a mass gainer.

Q: How can you minimize mass gainer side effects?

A: According to experts, drinking adequately, adding fiber to the diet, exercising regularly, and following dosage suggestions can minimize the probability of getting side effects after using a mass gainer formula.

Q: Do mass gainer supplements have bigger servings?

A: Compared to protein powders, a mass gainer usually has a bigger serving. Most mass gainer formulas have a serving portion of 50-200 g.

Q: Can a mass gainer make you fat?

A: Mass gainers should be paired with an active exercise routine and a healthy diet. Thus, if you use a mass gainer and do not exercise, there are higher chances of gaining fat mass. Most mass gainers comprise high calories, usually up to 1000 per serving. Hence, a lack of good workouts can cause a buildup of fat.

Q: Is there an ideal time to consume a mass gainer formula?

A: Most mass gainers can be consumed on any day. Still, experts recommend drinking a mass gainer before, during, and after a workout. Other manufacturers suggest consuming the mass gainer as a snack alternative or before bedtime. The dietary formula absorbs the proteins at different intervals, thus boosting muscle growth and repairing damaged muscle cells.

Q: Can skinny individuals take mass gainers?

A: Most mass gainers are designed to help skinny folks bulk up. Thin people can use mass gainers to add lean muscles and overall body mass.

Q: Can mass gainer formulas replace real food?

A: Some mass gainer supplements are marketed as a “complete meal alternative.” Still, mass gainers should not replace an authentic meal but serve to complement it. Some mass gainers provide your body with nutrients you may not acquire from your diets, such as healthy fats and proteins.

Q: How healthy are mass gainer formulas?

A: Experts explain that mass gainers cannot be considered “healthy” because they do not have minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients. Still, pairing a mass gainer with a healthy diet and regular workout routine can make the supplement “healthy.” Also, if your dietary intake is inadequate, a mass gainer can be a healthy source of nutrients.

Q: Why do mass gainers cause stomach issues?

A: All mass gainers comprise high protein levels in varied dosages; high protein levels can cause stomach discomfort and bloat. An average mass gainer contains about 50 grams of protein that can cause stomach pain in most people. Thus, it is best to take a quarter or half serving of mass gainer and allow your system to adjust to it gradually.

Q: Is it essential to use a mass gainer to add mass?

A: Even without a mass gainer supplement, it is possible to add muscle mass by eating the right food types and exercising regularly. Still, a mass gainer can accelerate muscle gain, mainly if your diet is insufficient.

Q: What happens if I use a mass gainer before bedtime?

A: Most people consume mass gainers before bedtime to give their bodies adequate time to synthesize the ingredients. Still, mass gainers with high carbs and maltodextrin should be taken during the day to provide energy.

Q: How effective are mass gainer formulas?

A: Most high-quality mass gainers yield quality bodybuilding results. Mass gainers support the growth of muscles, accelerate recovery, and support workouts when taken in effective dosages. A good muscle gainer has calories, carbs, fats, and proteins to benefit the user as advertised.

The Top 15 Best Mass Gainers in 2022 Final Word

Mass gainers are more popular than ever. Bodybuilders and gym enthusiasts use mass gainers to support the growth of lean muscles, maximize recovery, and reduce the loss of skeletal muscles. A good mass gainer formula has calories, carbs, proteins, and healthy fats in clinical dosages to augment performance and work as advertised.

Most mass gainers increase lean muscle mass without adding fat. However, mass gainers can cause stomach and digestive issues due to high protein levels. Thus, it is best to opt for mass gainers from reputable makers and clinically proven constituents.

Still, a mass gainer can help you develop lean muscles, accelerate recovery, and support other bodybuilding goals.

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