Top 3 Delta 8 Flowers of 2021: Best Delta 8 THC Hemp Flower Strains & THC Buds to Buy online

Delta-8 THC is the rising star of the cannabis industry. The reason is quite clear. Not only does it get you high, but it also clears your head and makes you feel calm and energetic.

A wide range of Delta-8 THC products such as Delta-8 cartridges and other Delta 8 edibles is now available in the CBD market. But traditional marijuana users still prefer to smoke dried and ground cannabis flower buds. Besides, the reason for preferring < a href = “https://budpop.com/collections/delta-8-flower” > Delta 8 Cannabinoid flowers is that they are the most potent option to ingest cannabis. So, alongside the new-age hemp products, the market also boasts numerous varieties of cannabis flowers by different brands. And, choosing the right Delta 8 flower can be a tall ask.

But that is why we are here. Our methodical and thorough research and personal experience will help you find some of the best Delta-8-infused hemp flowers on the market.

Top 3 Delta 8 THC Flowers

#1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Top Recommendations For Delta-8 Flower

#2. BudPop – Widest Range of Delta-8 THC-Infused Hemp Flower

#3. Delta ExtraX – High Quality Of Delta-8 Hemp Flower

How Did We Choose The Products?

Hemp flowers are some of the most affordable and potent products that can maximize each individual compound’s effects in the simplest of ways. These flowers are the truest, most natural form of consuming full-spectrum hemp products.

Dozens of brands sell such hemp flowers, rich in Delta-8 THC. Admittedly, it can get really tough to identify good quality flowers from among the wide range of hemp buds sold in the market. So, to arrive at a decision, we followed an elaborate process.

First, it is vital to purchase hemp flowers from a reputable brand, which is not likely to compromise on quality. So, we looked for the most well-known brands selling Delta-8 flowers.

Next, we held surveys and polls to consider the opinions of our testers and industry experts who have tested Delta-8 flowers from various brands to identify the uniqueness of each product. Our experts conducted thorough research and looked into every minute detail — from farming to processing to packaging—to ensure that we could make an accurate decision. Of course, we took the opinions of existing customers and industry experts into consideration as well.

Our final and most important stage was identifying their uniqueness, levels of efficacy, and overall quality by trying out each of them. We also compared each of their different strains, flavors, and other variants to be sure we were choosing the right set of brands that offer high-quality organic flowers.

What We Looked For

We chose only those brands of Delta-8 flowers that met our quality, safety, and potency standards. All the brands listed below use conventional farming methods to source the hemp plants and then send their products to third-party labs for quality testing. We looked for the following features in each brand and its products:

  • Hemp Source
  • Whether the products were potent and effective
  • Their popularity based on flavors, safety profile, purity, and overall experience
  • FDA compliance
  • Lab test results
  • Overall reputation and customer reviews
  • Whether the brand provides its users with dosage and usage instructions
  • Variety of strains offered

Rest assured that none of these brands compromise quality for anything else.

Our Top-Ranking Delta-8 Flowers: Reviewed

#1. Exhale WellnessOverall Top Recommendations For Delta-8 Flower


Exhale Wellness is a new Los Angeles-based brand that is completely dedicated to selling top-quality, organically grown hemp flowers with unmatched quality, safety, and efficacy.

It has established itself as a reliable brand in the cannabinoid industry with its high-quality, high-efficiency Delta-8 products that deliver nothing but smooth high. Most of these strains are grown indoors by following eco-friendly methods to bring out the best from the hemp flowers.

Also, the company has tried and tested shipping and refund policies to satisfy customers. It has a 30-day return policy for customers who are unhappy with a product. If anyone receives a damaged product, s/he can get an exchange within 48 hours of delivery.


US-grown Hemp: All the plants are locally grown in Colorado, and each bud is full of delectable flavors, electrifying effects, and a tangy aroma. This brand uses no herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers, and the strains are bred specially to get the maximum Delta-8 content.

Safety: This consumer-friendly company always tries to ensure safety, quality, and potency. That is why all products are organic, non-GMO, chemical-free, and tested by third-party labs. It uses the most high-quality ingredients to provide you with premium products. The extracts come from hemp plants of the best quality.

Transparency: Besides its product quality, the brand maintains a high level of clarity and transparency of its practices and its customer service, which is quite commendable given the murky waters that such good brands must navigate to reach potential consumers. It sells products that are cleared by a third-party lab and makes sure to post their test results publicly on their websites.

Strains: This brand is well known for providing a variety of popular strains. Some of these are Sour Space Candy, Gorilla Glue, OG Kush, Sour Diesel, Hawaiian Haze, Lifter, Zkittles, Skywalker OG, Cookies, and Northern Lights. Amongst these, the OG Kush strain gives the classic buzz of Delta-8 THC. You can experience a potent product with wholesome freshness along with the bliss of Delta-8. You will feel pleasantly high even though being in complete control of your senses. The flowers relax the nerves and boost the energy level of users.

Highly Potent: Apart from making you pleasantly high, these Delta-8 flowers go well you’re your daily life, keeping you focused, energized, and healthy. You will get the most out of natural Delta-8 by using these hemp flowers.

Consumer Service: If you’re someone who is looking for complete packages, then you should definitely go for Exhale Wellness. Owing to its most desirable bunch of D-8 hemp flowers, they have received innumerable positive reviews.


  • Positive brand reputation
  • Chemical-free, non-GMO, and organic products
  • Transparent brand practices
  • A wide range of strains
  • Free & quick shipping

· No side effects; utmost relaxation

  • The products’ third-party lab test results posted on the brand website
  • 30-day refund policy


  • Products are priced on the higher side
  • Limited variety of hemp cultivars

Customer Satisfaction

Exhale Wellness has succeeded in creating a solid impression on the customers’ minds by producing high-quality Delta-8 products. It is one of the most reliable brands in the Delta-8 market. Customer reviews are proof of that.

Most customers have shared positive experiences. According to the reviews, the Delta-8 flower has worked amazingly to cut stress. Customers are also happy with the brand practices and policies, which have forced them to become regular customers.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Exhale Wellness

#2. BudPop– Widest Range of Delta-8 THC-Infused Hemp Flower


BudPop is a relatively new brand that targets the young consumer base and portrays itself as the cool uncle or aunt you can confide in.

The team comprises a bunch of young professionals and cannabis enthusiasts with an eye for formulating the most impactful and natural hemp alternatives to conventional medications and marijuana (that is illegal) to help consumers find a more balanced yet enjoyable respite from the daily grind of life.

BudPop sells only Delta-8 products. However, due to its relatively young age, it currently offers a limited range of products and product variants, including hemp flowers.


Cultivation: Its strains are all grown indoors under eco-friendly conditions to bring the best out of these specially developed non-GMO hemp flowers. Although these flowers come from different farms across the US, they are primarily sourced from Oregon, California, and Colorado.

Strains: BudPop started its business with few options in all product categories. As for its flowers, the brand offers Northern Lights and Cookies. Both are Indica-dominant strains that provide consumers with a clear mind and head high. While Northern Lights has a sweet aroma, carrying citrusy and earthy undernotes, the Cookies variant has a nutty, earthy flavor with a hint of Sweet Diesel. The packages come in two sizes – 4.2g and 7g.

Potent flowers: BudPop infuses (not sprays) its hemp flowers with Delta-8 THC distillates, allowing users to experience their excellent “high” potency that helps them stay relaxed yet focused throughout the day.

Third-party lab tests: All products, including the hemp flowers, are rigorously tested by third-party labs. By being completely transparent, this new brand is trying to prioritize its brand reputation by focusing on product quality and client servicing, which it is doing perfectly well. The legally compliant Delta-8 THC flowers of BudPop do not have more than 0.3% of Delta-9 THC.

User Convenience: BudPop has created a user-friendly website. Also, all its orders are processed within 48 hours, except holidays and weekends. It also provides free shipping for orders more than $50.

Also, it provides a 30-day return policy. For a product to be eligible for a return, it must be in the same condition as it was originally sent. The customer also needs to show the receipt as proof of purchase. You can email the company to clarify doubts. The returns and refund requests get processed within 2 to 3 business days.


  • Provide an excellent “high” without any side effects
  • All products are tested by third-party labs
  • The hemp flowers are of high quality, naturally grown, and 100% organic
  • Free & fast shipping for all orders


  • Deliveries are made only in the US
  • The refund policies have some limitations
  • Not many options in strains

Customer Satisfaction

BudPop’s products are already a raging hit in offline stores. After interacting with some customers, we got to know that they love BudPop’s product. The Delta-8-infused hemp flowers provide customers with the perfect high and relaxation.

After trying out the products for ourselves, we must say that it has created quite an impressive image. It’s evident from its customer reviews and overall product quality that BudPop has made its mark on the market.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of BudPop

#3. Delta ExtraX: High Quality Of Delta-8 Hemp Flower


Just a visit to the Delta ExtraX website will tell you that this brand understands hemp. It shows in the quality of its products along with its customer service. Delta ExtraX’s consumer base is increasing by the day, which is only because of its high production standards. Years of experience in the industry have helped the brand pick up some of the best hemp flower seeds. The flowers come both raw and in pre-rolls.

The brand allows customers to return unopened products within 30 days of purchase. The customer support team is also easily available over the phone or email. Also, the order-tracking option on the website is of great help.


US-grown hemp: The flowers are of Indica, Sativa, or hybrid strains, and each one is grown indoors hydroponically. That is, instead of soil, the plants are grown in solutions of mineral nutrients immersed in an aqua solvent. Additionally, these flowers are cultivated in such a way that no trace of Delta-9 THC is present in them.

Extensive Research: This brand carries out extensive research and analysis to grow buds in the required shape and size, cannabinoid ratio, terpene profile, trimming, flower to stem ratio, and quality consistency. Also, the raw hemp stock of Delta ExtraX comes from several sources, including Colorado, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Oregon. It trims every batch of flowers before putting them up for sale.

Strains: Bubba OG Kush is the most popular strain of Delta ExtraX. It is a sweet flavor with a tinge of citrusy, herbal taste. It is an Indica-dominant strain that shows the best results. This special strain helps reduce stress and gives you relief from muscle inflammation or cramps besides inducing a mild tranquilizing effect. The flowers come in packages of eights or quarters. And, the pre-rolls come in packs of one, five, or 10.

Lab Testing: The transparency and sense of responsibility of this brand are commendable. Customers can access the third-party lab test results of its products, which are all provided on the brand website. The Learning Centre section is user-friendly, and the comprehensive guides regarding Delta-8 THC flowers are immensely beneficial.


  • The hemp flowers are 100% natural, pure, and organic
  • Free shipping is provided for all orders more than $99
  • Third-party lab tests of each product are provided on the brand’s website


  • Availability of limited strains
  • The products are expensive

Customer Satisfaction

From the informative and attractive website to packaging, delivery, and the effect of the products, consumers seem satisfied. Most customers are happy with the customer service and on-time delivery of products. These Delta-8 flowers help them relax by delivering just the right level of high, without any side effects.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Delta ExtraX

Buying Guide for Beginners

Since the Delta-8 compound is hard to obtain in its natural form, it becomes very complicated for product makers to maintain consistency, making it even more difficult for customers to choose quality hemp flowers.

These flowers can be your perfect stressbuster after a tiresome day at work by giving you the right amount of high you need to relax. So, if you are thinking of giving these flowers a try, you must choose from the best-quality strains manufactured by trustworthy brands. Always look after the following factors while buying a Delta-8-infused hemp flower:

  • Quality

The best way to identify the quality of a product is by checking whether the brand has displayed the lab results on its website and whether it is transparent about its practices.

  • Purity

Seek out brands that cultivate non-GMO and 100% organic hemp and do not use any pesticides. Reputable brands usually upload the lab test results of their products on their websites, and you can identify the purity of the products from those too.

  • Appearance

The look of the buds also indicates their quality. Some are neatly trimmed and are covered in resin crystals (trichomes). These are usually preferred over the roughly trimmed and loosely packed ones. Also, the color of quality Delta-8 flowers mostly varies from light green to purplish. Dark brown flowers might indicate improper cure.

  • Smell

The smell of a Delta-8 flower is a strong indicator of quality. If you get a strong smell of terpenes that gives you a fresh feeling, the flower is definitely of high quality. Avoid flowers that smell moldy. When a flower is adequately dried and cured, it will have a terpene-rich aroma.

  • Brand Reputation

A trustworthy and reputable brand is always transparent in its business practices and will never compromise on quality. Customer reviews will help you identify a brand’s reputation and indicate whether it has responsive and efficient customer service.

  • Manufacturing Methods

The manufacturing methods of a brand help us determine whether the product is of good quality. A brand uses various manufacturing processes to extract and refine the Delta-8 THC. Not all of them are sound. So, you must keep your eyes open for the manufacturing methods.

  • Lab Testing

Always go for brands that get their products tested by third-party labs and post the Certificates of Analysis or COAs on their website. And remember to check them, too.

  • Variants

Delta-8 THC flowers can also be infused with some other cannabinoids, such as CBG or CBD. It is completely up to you which one you will buy. Your options will differ from brand to brand in terms of strains and terps. So, choose according to your taste.

  • User Convenience

All of us want our products to get delivered quickly. Even if the website is easy to navigate and the shipping policies are convenient, don’t forget to check the return and refund policies of the brand to make sure that you do not face any inconvenience if you receive a damaged or wrong product.

  • Pricing

Since the extraction of Delta-8 THC is costly and requires a lot of knowledge, effort, and time, the product is bound to be costly. That is why you need to spend your money wisely while choosing a strain that is sold by a reputable brand that offers lab-tested, high-quality, and potent hemp flowers.

How to Use Delta-8 THC Flowers

If you are new to this industry and do not know how to use Delta-8 flowers, don’t worry. We will help you with that. Delta-8 THC flowers are the most hassle-free, simple, and cost-effective methods to enjoy the compound.

  • Smoking

Smoking a joint is the first thing that comes to mind while you think of hemp flowers. Smoking is the classical method that helps you enjoy the flavor and get high quickly.

  • Vaping

Smoking hemp is not as hazardous as smoking tobacco, but still, vaping is better. It is easy and safer. In this form of cannabinoid consumption, you don’t inhale the combusted smoke emitted when the carbon-based plant material (dry herb) burns. Also, the effects are as quick and potent as smoking hemp.

  • Being Creative

Lastly, if you are a creative person, you can try your hand at making some personalized products from Delta-8 flowers. You can create homemade tinctures, edibles, and topical creams to enjoy the goodness of hemp flowers. The effects might last longer than smoking or vaping the flowers, but they will take some time to get into action.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is the use of Delta-8 THC legal?

A: Yes, Delta-8 is legal because the Farm Bill of 2018 states that products containing less than 0.3% of Delta-9 THC are legal. Yet, Delta-8 appears to be in a grey zone because it is converted from CBD for commercial purposes. That makes it illegal in several US states. Also, its metabolites are the same as those of Delta-9 THC. Hence, drug tests, which are designed to look for THC metabolites, will mark you positive even if you have consumed only Delta-8.

Q2: Will smoking Delta-8 THC make me high?

A: Yes, Delta-8 can make you quite high. Although its intensity won’t be as high as smoking marijuana flowers, Delta-8-infused hemp flower is potent enough to make you mildly high. However, if taken in small amounts, you should not encounter any adverse effects like hallucinations or paranoia.

Q3: Can I overdose on Delta 8 flowers?

A: Even though there might not be any particular lethal dose for Delta-8 flowers, that doesn’t mean you can consume Delta-8-infused hemp flowers hastily or in high doses. You should always begin with the small dose and increase it only if you absolutely need to experience the optimal effects.

Delta-8, consumed in balanced doses, is believed to help with anxiety and depression – just like Delta-9. But remember, any overdose of Delta-8 could have the same kind of side effects as marijuana (or Delta-9 THC), such as rapid heart rate, panic attacks, dizziness, etc.

Q4: Why is Delta-8 THC so popular?

A: Delta-8 products give users complete relaxation and a mild high, besides offering some therapeutic benefits in some cases, such as pain relief and appetite stimulation. Also, it could help reduce anxiety and depression and induce sleep. These are some of the typical reasons that make Delta-8 so popular.

However, we recommend that you consult a doctor before using it. Remember, all these apparent benefits have been reported by consumers alone. Since the compound was only recently discovered, scientists are yet to confirm these effects.

Q5: How are Delta-8-infused flowers made?

A: These flowers come from specially-bred high-quality hemp plants that are low on Delta-9 THC. The buds are handpicked, trimmed, and then cured to get the best results. Many brands pluck the buds and roll, spray, infuse them with Delta-8 THC distillates and wrap them in CBD kief to make them highly potent.

Q6: Are there any particular strains that are high in Delta-8 THC?

A: No, the amount of Delta-8 THC present in any cannabis plant is usually very low. The dried ones contain even less than 1% of this compound. Manufacturers synthesize CBD to produce Delta-8 on a mass scale, enabling them to infuse hemp flowers with Delta-8 THC.

Q7: How do I know whether Delta-8 THC is forbidden in my state?

A: Delta-8 THC is federally legal. But, some states, including Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Alaska, Mississippi, and Montana, among others, have declared it illegal. The statuses keep changing. So, it is better to find that out as and when you want to order Delta-8 products.

Q8: Will Delta-8 THC show up in a drug test?

A: Yes, because the metabolites of Delta-8 THC are the same as those of Delta-9. The drug tests are not designed to differentiate between the sources of the metabolites.

Q9: Does the manufacturing process of Delta-8 THC flowers make any difference?

A: Yes, the manufacturing process makes a huge difference. Processes such as distillation, extraction, and refining can make a difference in the quality of the flowers. It will make a difference in the overall experience, too.

Q10: What is the difference between a Delta-8 flower and a CBD flower?

A: There are no actual Delta-8 flowers because Delta-8 THC is only available in small amounts in hemp plants. The brands infuse hemp flowers with Delta-8 to create Delta-8 flowers that give you a pleasant high without posing the risk of dependency. CBD flowers, on the other hand, are rich in cannabidiol (CBD), which is more abundant in its natural form than Delta-8.

Q11: Is smoking a good way to consume Delta-8 flowers?

A: While there are numerous types of Delta-8 products, such as cartridges, tinctures, gummies, pre-rolls, among others, a lot of buyers still prefer the traditional way of consuming cannabis flowers to experience the Delta-8 high. Smoking dried, cured, and grounded cannabis flower buds that have been infused with Delta-8 THC offer the most powerful effects that kick almost as soon as you take the first long breath of the vapor.

The Bottom Line

So, now you know that Delta-8 THC-infused flowers contain highly potent doses of Delta-8 distillates. They can provide consumers with a desirable high after a long day at work.

But, finding a good brand that produces and sells high-quality Delta-8 flowers can be quite a challenge. So, to make your search easier, we suggest you try the brands we have mentioned in this article. They will surely provide you with what you’re looking for.

But don’t forget to stick to our guidelines if you’re planning on buying some other brand. No matter which brand you buy, they should be of the highest quality. And, for that, you need to adhere to the tips and steps we’ve suggested in this article.

Lastly, bear in mind that Delta-8 flowers are highly potent in their psychoactive properties. So, start low and follow the dosage guidelines. Also, note that cannabinoids can potentially interact with your current medications. So, consult a doctor before placing your first order.

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