What is Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT) & Brown Fat for Weight Loss

Experts purport that the Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT), or brown fat, is why you are not losing weight. Several weight loss formulas like Exipure claim that without addressing the BAT issues, shedding pounds is impossible. When it is cold, your system increases the fat metabolism to keep you warm and active. The brown adipose tissue is a shortcut to weight loss. It accelerates your metabolism and helps in the conversion of fat into energy and heat. Consequently, even without a change of diet or lifestyle routine, BAT metabolism can support weight loss.

When losing weight, most folks avoid the term “fat.” However, multiple studies show that fat is essential in the weight loss process. Thus, if you want to enjoy effective and sustainable weight loss results, it is best to focus on brown adipose tissue. What is BAT? How can brown tissue support weight loss? Also, how do you naturally increase BAT levels in your system?

What makes BAT unique?

According to experts, brown adipose tissue or brown fat is a special fat present throughout your system. It is the type of fat responsible for warming your system when it gets cold. When brown fat is activated, it produces warmth in a chemical process referred to as thermogenesis. Numerous research indicates that thermogenesis is essential in bringing down the pounds. It supports the breakdown of fat into glucose and ATP. Also, it raises metabolic rates leading to the loss of calories. Additionally, adipose fat supports weight loss by ensuring you can lose calories even when at rest. According to some researchers, the benefits of brown fat include:

Increase the weight loss progression by allowing your system to burn calories even when at rest. In one study, researchers found out that folks with higher levels of BAT can burn about 200 calories.

The brown adipose tissue can regulate your appetite level by managing the leptin levels. Consequently, you reduce calories intake and heighten the expulsion of calories leading to rapid weight loss.

The brown adipose tissue is essential in generating heat. Consequently, your cells and organs remain at normal temperatures for better metabolism, especially during the cold seasons.

High glucose levels are a common occurrence in most obese folks. Still, brown fat can regulate the production and function of insulin. In short, the brown adipose tissue can stabilize erratic glucose levels.

Multiple studies show that the brown adipose tissue can supercharge your energy levels—cellular energy results from respiration. During the process, the mitochondria break down glucose into ATP (energy molecules). BAT supports the respiration process, which keeps the energy levels at an all-time high making you more active throughout the day.

Therefore, brown fat is vital in improving weight loss goals.

How does the Brown Fat Tissue Work?

The major difference between the white fat and the brown adipose tissue is the number of mitochondria. Regular fat has fewer mitochondria than brown fat. According to biology, the mitochondrion is an energy-producing organelle found in cells. In short, it is the powerhouse of the cell. The mitochondria is that fire engine within BAT that provides the cells with fuel and heat. In the process, they assist in burning calories and reducing the white fat levels.

Structurally, the regular fat and the brown fat are different. White fat comprises more fatty acids (lipids), and brown fat comprises more mitochondria structures. The mitochondria (cell powerhouse) stores more energy in smaller spaces in comparison to lipids. Additionally, the mitochondria take in glucose and white fat and metabolize them into heat and energy.

However, the brown fat is normally activated when there are temperature changes. When your system detects a drop in heat, it stimulates the production of norepinephrine. Research shows that brown fat is receptive to norepinephrine. The norepinephrine triggers the mitochondria to burn fatty acids into ATP energy and heat.

Relationship between the Brown Adipose Tissue and Fat Loss

Some studies show that BAT has calorie-burning characteristics that can support weight loss. You can tap the fat-torching power of the brown fat to aid you in burning more calories at rest than you normally do. Consequently, with brown fat, you achieve the caloric deficit quickly, which aids you in sustainably losing pounds. When you stimulate thermogenesis, you can reduce total calories intake, hence reducing fatty acid levels.

Increasing Adipose Tissue

Scientific studies show that lean folks have more brown fat than obese or overweight folks. Thus, they can change fatty acids into heat and energy more rapidly than obese people. You can naturally raise the brown fat levels by consuming healthy diets and exercising regularly. Diets rich in proteins, water, fiber, and vitamins is likely to raise the BAT levels than a high-carb diet. Additionally, it is crucial to drink enough water and other low-carb fluids to increase thermogenesis.

Exercising is a sustainable way of increasing brown fat levels. High-intensity exercises supercharge lean muscles, reduce fatty acid levels and raise brown fat levels. Additionally, experts recommend getting quality sleep to increase the brown fat levels. Equally, it is best to avoid stress and anxiety as it triggers binge eating and white fat levels.

What are White Fat and Brown Fat?

Each mammal has a certain percentage of white fat and brown adipose tissue. However, these two types of fat have different functions in the mammalian body. Also, it is universal knowledge that white fat is detrimental to weight loss and the major cause of obesity. Still, brown fat is essential in heat and energy generation.

White Adipose Tissue (WAT)

In simple language, white fat is what comes into your mind when you hear the word “fat.” It is what is under your skin as a result of excess glucose in the bloodstream. The white fat surrounds all the major internal organs and acts as a thermal insulator. It keeps your system warm by preventing heat loss in all major organs such as the heart and liver—however, excess white adipose tissue is detrimental to your health. For example, excess fat deposits around the heart constrict the blood vessels, raising blood pressure and putting you at risk of developing cardiovascular issues. Also, the excess WAT inhibits the optimal flow of blood, reducing the intake and utilization of nutrients and oxygen and removing toxins and metabolic wastes. Additionally, high white adipose fat causes hormonal imbalance leading to some conditions such as diabetes type 2, obesity, and growth.

Brown Adipose Fat

The brown fat has distinct features from the white fat. It has large amounts of mitochondria which are rich in iron. The red-brown color of iron gives BAT its brown color. When the body temperature falls, BAT stimulates thermogenesis to keep your blood warm. Thermogenesis is the conversion of brown fat into heat and energy without causing shivering. During thermogenesis, your system sheds calories and fatty acids from various places, including the belly, thighs, and arms.

Several years ago, most people believed brown fat was present only in babies and young children below one year. Five percent of baby fat is entirely brown adipose tissue. Present scholars have discovered that adults have small BAT reserves, and these levels can naturally be increased by following healthy diets, exercising regularly, getting quality sleep, and alleviating stress. In addition, adults have an uneven concentration of BAT in various spots. For example, there are slightly high levels of BAT in the neck and shoulder regions than any other part of a human system.

5 Proven Methods of Raising the Brown Fat Levels

Each human being has certain levels of brown tissue known as constitutive brown fat. Experts say it is the type of fat that you are born with and whose levels decrease as you age. Still, scientists indicate that you can naturally increase the brown adipose fat under “special circumstances.” Additionally, you can effectively convert “recruitable fat,” into brown fat. Also, the recruitable found is abundant in muscular regions while the white fat is present in almost all your body parts. Of course there is the one unique health supplement called Exipure that really brings the brown fat weight loss story to new heights as it has been specifically formulated to boost BAT levels. Some of the ways that you can safely and effectively brown the fat under your skin include:

1. Lower the temperatures around you

Next time you want to heat the house, remember to use the low temperatures around you to raise brown fat levels. According to scholarly reports, at a temperature of 19 degrees Celsius, your system can start the transformation of recruitable fat into brown fat. You need to expose yourself to temperatures below 66F for about two hours to get brown adipose tissue.

In extreme cases, folks looking to raise the BAT levels get ice baths or cold showers. Researchers indicate that when the temperatures are low, your system rapidly heightens the brown fat levels to generate heat and energy for all cells. If the idea of getting into cold baths does not sit well with you, it is best to walk outdoors in cold winters – when the temperatures around you are low, your system counters by creating more brown body fat.

2. Eat more

It sounds insane telling an overweight person probably dealing with high appetite issues to eat even more to shed fat. However, researchers say otherwise – you need to consume more calories to lose pounds. In one study, researchers found that overfed mice had more brown fat than mice that ate regular amounts of food. Consequently, regardless of the amount of food they consumed, the mice with high BAT levels were leaner and healthier.

Moreover, the overfed mice were less likely to develop cardiovascular, overweight, and slow metabolism issues. On the downside, overeating leads to high glucose levels in the bloodstream. Consequently, your system naturally converts the excess glucose into fat and stores it under the skin leading to obesity. However, if you get proper guidance from a nutritionist, you can draw a line to prevent excessive overeating and the creation of brown fat deposits.

However, more studies need to be performed on humans to conclusively state the effectiveness of eating more to raise the BAT levels. Some schools of thought question the reliability of this method in the weight loss process.

3. Regular exercise

It is the best and most effective way of raising brown adipose tissue naturally. Numerous research shows that people who exercise regularly have high BAT levels and lean muscles than those with a sedentary lifestyle. Additionally, scholarly reports indicate that when you exercise, your system produces a special type of irisin. Experts claim that the irisin can support the conversion of WAT to BAT. Thus, irisin levels drop when You remain inactive for extended periods. During this period of inactivity, there is a significant conversion of glucose into white fat, especially when consuming high-calorie foods.

However, irisin production is dependent on specific exercise routines. According to scientists, high-intensity cardio activities lead to the development of brown fat. Still, more research is necessary to determine the effectiveness of high-intensity activities on the elevation of BAT levels. Also, some investigations on mice showed that the more active ones had more brown fat than the less active mice. Researchers conclude that both mice and humans can produce irisin after high-intensity activities. Thus, folks who perform intense cardio actions regularly have high BAT levels.

4. Genetics

Have you ever wondered why a certain family has slender and thinner folks than others regardless of their lifestyle habits and diets? The reason mostly stems from genes. With some folks, it is possible to develop brown fat based on their genetic makeup.

In one study, a group of researchers bred a colony of mice with certain genetic mutations. The specific genetic mutation restricted the production of a protein receptor Type 1A BMP. As a result of this limitation, these types of mice could easily convert the white fat to brown adipose tissue when exposed to low temperatures.

Another group of researchers showed the relationship between brown fat production and a type of protein identified as Ebf2 (B-Cell factor-2). In this particular study, scientists bred mice with high levels of the B-Cell factor-2. The mice significantly converted white fat into brown fat under low temperatures. Equally, the researchers found that brown fat used up more oxygen which translates to a faster metabolism and more calories. In conclusion, high Ebf2 levels can increase brown fat levels and raise metabolic rates for faster weight loss.

5. Consume Mirabegron

It is a medicinal drug for overactive bladder. Strangely, research shows that you can heighten the brown fat levels by consuming a drug that treats an overactive bladder. Mirabegron is one such drug that leads to the conversion of white fat into brown fat.

In one study, scholars gave two groups of healthy and lean men either a placebo or Mirabegron. In their findings, the researchers reveal that the men who took Mirabegron had increased brown fat metabolism than the control group. Additionally, those that took Mirabegron had elevated levels of brown fat.

Also, the researchers discovered that those that took Mirabegron had more metabolisms and shed up to 203 calories daily when at rest. Therefore, an increase in brown fat raises resting metabolic rates and can lead to weight loss. Equally, the scientists found that Mirabegron can heighten weight loss by activating white fat.

The Relationship between Brown Fat and Heart Issues and Diabetes Type 2

Diabetes type 2 and heart issues are mostly associated with obesity. Brown fat can lead to more fat-burning mechanisms. According to some scholars, brown adipose tissue can lower the risk of developing cardiovascular issues like hypertension and stroke.

In one study, researchers discovered that BAT could lower calories, regulate blood glucose levels and stimulate insulin production, which lowers the risk of developing diabetes mellitus. Additionally, brown fat fights fatty acid deposits in major internal organs, which leads to the dilation of blood vessels. Equally, it can lower bad cholesterol levels, which further augment heart health.

In conclusion, brown fat is crucial in reducing the risk of developing diabetes type 2, hypertension, stroke, and other heart-related issues. The BAT promotes weight loss, thus supporting better blood circulation and reducing the risk of developing weight-related cardiac issues and diabetes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Brown Adipose Tissue

Q: What is the difference between white fat and brown fat?

A: Your system has two types of fat – brown and white fat. When your body has surplus calories in the form of glucose, it automatically stores it under the skin in the form of fat for later use. Therefore, most people have higher levels of white fat than brown fat. On the other hand, brown fat is found in some parts of your system and is abundant in mitochondria-rich-in-iron. Thus, the name brown fat is from the red-brown color of iron. Numerous studies show that brown fat is automatically converted to heat and energy when it is cold. Additionally, it speeds up the metabolic rates leading to weight loss.

Q: How does brown adipose tissue work?

A: Research shows that the brown fat works optimally under lower temperatures. When the temperatures around you drop, the brown fat initiates thermogenesis. As a result of this biochemical process, your system can raise heat levels and lower calories. Thus, it is easier to shed weight during the cold seasons than during warm weather, provided your BAT levels are high.

Q: Can I raise brown fat levels?

A: There are several science-proven ways of heightening the brown fat levels. For example, exposing yourself to lower temperatures can increase BAT levels. Equally, some high-intensity workouts can increase the brown adipose tissue levels. Also, there are specific genetic expressions that support the formation of brown fat. In one study, researchers overfed a group of mice and normally fed the control group. The overfed group had more brown fat and were leaner and healthier than the normal group.

Q: Do high brown fat levels prevent them from shivering?

A: As per scientists, babies do not shiver due to physiological reasons. Naturally, babies have more brown fat than white fat. Thus, under cold conditions, babies produce heat automatically. Non-shivering thermogenesis refers to the ability of babies to produce heat without shivering. Usually, babies have brown fat layers under the shoulder blades, which act as an in-built heat reservoir. Unfortunately, the brown fat layer starts disappearing as you age, and the white fat levels increase.

Q: What is Brown Adipose Tissue?

A: The brown adipose tissue is also known as brown fat. It is a type of fat that has more mitochondria than normal fat cells. Additionally, the brown fat mitochondria are rich in iron which gives it its distinctive brown color. There are small brown fat deposits throughout your system and are crucial in thermogenesis.

Until a few decades ago, it was a common belief that brown fat was predominant exclusively in babies. However, recent discoveries have shown that adults can raise their brown fat levels by exposing themselves to cold temperatures and eating more.

Q: What is the fundamental function of brown fat?

A: It is extremely difficult for your system to heat up during cold (thermogenesis) without the brown fat. When it gets cold, the brown fat stimulates your system to convert fat into energy and heat.

Q: Are there drugs that elevate brown fat levels?

A: Yes, certain drugs like Mirabegron are known to support brown fat progression. Popularly known to treat overactive bladder, Mirabegron can boost energy expenditure and increase heat levels. According to a study in Cell Metabolism, scholars gave two healthy men 200mg of Mirabegron and the control group a placebo. Final findings led to the discovery that Mirabegron can support brown fat levels and thermogenesis.

Q: Can brown fat support weight loss?

A: White fat acts as an insulator and is present around various organs. On the other hand, brown fat melts fat, increases energy and heat levels, suppresses appetite, and aids in maintaining a caloric deficit. Folks with elevated levels of brown fat were healthier and skinnier than those with elevated white fat levels. Additionally, individuals with increased brown fat burn 200 more calories leading to rapid weight loss.

Q: Do cold baths and showers elevate brown fat levels?

A: Multiple studies indicate that cold baths and showers can increase BAT levels. When your system detects a drop in temperatures, instinctively, the brown fat starts the thermogenesis process, where it produces heat and energy. Additionally, walking in cold triggers the conversion of white fat into brown fat.

However, it is best to regulate how much cold you expose yourself to. Too much cold can result in respiratory issues, and in some extreme cases, it can lead to shock, which causes organ damage. As a precaution, it is best to get medical guidance before exposing yourself to extreme cold. Additionally, it is best to involve a second party to monitor your progress.

Q: Can brown fat stabilize glucose levels?

A: Excess white fat is said to be the leading cause of erratic glucose levels. In contrast, brown fat stimulates the conversion of white fat into ATP and heat. Folks with high brown fat levels can regulate their glucose levels. In addition, the elevated brown fat levels regulate the production and function of insulin, which aids in the stabilization of erratic glucose levels.

Q: Can you increase brown fat through exercising?

A: According to multiple studies, intense aerobic workouts can increase brown fat levels. Therefore, folks that exercise more have high brown fat levels than those who are sedentary for extended periods.

Q: Which animals have brown adipose tissue?

A: Only certain mammals have brown fat. Other animal groups like fishes, birds, insects, and reptiles have zero brown fat.

Q: What is the location of brown adipose tissue?

A: There are several random brown fat spots throughout a mammalian system. However, these fat brown spots are not in the same place for everyone. Most people have them on their shoulders and neck. Still, not every person has brown fat on their neck and shoulder.

Q: Are there dietary formulas or medical procedures that can raise brown tissue levels?

A: No, at the moment, zero studies indicate that certain dietary supplements can increase brown fat levels. Equally, there is no scientific proof showing any medical procedures can augment brown fat levels.

Q: What is the function of body fat?

A: The primary function of body fat is to fortify immunity and heighten biochemical reactions. Additionally, a certain level of body fat acts as an insulator to major internal organs and helps in keeping the body temperatures at optimal levels. Lastly, body fat is an energy reservoir. Thus, your system converts the excess glucose to body fat for later use.

Q: What is the amount of calories in a gram of fat?

A: According to various studies, a single gram of fat contains nine calories.

Q: Can brown fat affect cognitive health?

A: Hunger directly affects brain functions. Researchers from Michigan University discovered that hunger hormone (leptin) could suppress appetite, influence metabolism, and create the caloric deficit.


Some experts claim that the brown adipose tissue is a game-changer when it comes to weight loss. Some weight loss supplement manufacturers such as Exipure boldly claim that their formulas can improve BAT levels and initiate fat-melting. Exipure formulators further claim that their supplements are rich in clinically proven ingredients in recommended dosage to elevate brown fat levels. Researchers have shown that brown fat melts more calories than white fat. Thus, folks looking to torch fat should increase the BAT levels to lose pounds effectively.

Additionally, multiple studies show that you can naturally raise BAT levels by eating more, lowering the temperatures around you, engaging in high-intensity workouts, and so on. However, it is best to get professional input before embarking on any weight loss regimen. Additionally, some fat-melting regimens work on certain body types and not on others. For more information on using brown fat boosting supplements to naturally increase brown adipose tissue levels, read the full Exipure review here.

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