APD make arrest in child pornography case

The arrest came after over seven months of investigation

Auburn police arrested a person on Sept. 1 for possessing child pornography after a months-long cyber investigation, according to the Auburn Police Department.

Seattle police provided Auburn Police Department detectives with a CyberTip regarding the crime on January 23, 2022. The CyberTip forwarded by Seattle police included images of child sexual abuse sent by the suspect.

In addition to the images, there were several messages sent by the suspect before and after the illegal images, according to the Auburn Police Department.

The Auburn police detectives conducted an IP search and were able to locate the suspect within or near the city limits of Auburn. After locating the suspect police located a cell phone number and identified the suspect.

A search warrant was filed and the suspect was arrested for multiple counts of child pornography on Sept. 1, 2022