Armed carjacking at Lea Hill Park leads to pursuit, arrest

Two vehicles were taken at gunpoint from Lea Hill Park at about 5:15 p.m. Oct. 11, according to the Auburn Police Department.

When police arrived on the scene, both victims had been hit with a pistol by the assailants, according to the Auburn Police Department. Two Toyota Camrys — one black and one red — were stolen from the victims, according to the police department.

Auburn police collected enough evidence to achieve probable cause for the black Camry and subsequently pursued the vehicle, according to the police department. However, officers were unsuccessful in achieving probable cause to pursue the red Camry and the suspect was able to get away, according to the police department.

While in pursuit of the black Camry, an Auburn police officer used a pursuit intervention technique (PIT) maneuver. The PIT maneuver is a technique in which the pursuing officer rams the front bumper of their patrol vehicle into the rear quarter panel of the fleeing vehicle, intending to cause the fleeing vehicle to crash.

The Auburn police officer was successful in the PIT maneuver and the person driving the black Camry was arrested after a short foot pursuit, according to the department. The department did not say how much damage the officer caused to the victim’s Camry as a result of the PIT maneuver.

None of the victims were seruiously injured, according to the department.