Auburn police responded

Auburn police responded

Police blotter

Auburn police responded

to the following calls for service between July 31 and July 22:

July 31

Hit the road, Jack:

12:29 a.m., 2425 Auburn Way N. Police contacted a man at Jack’s Tavern for threatening other patrons, then, based on a request from employees, told that bad boy to scram and not come back.

July 29

Resisting and interfering with police: 10:39 am.,

1600 block of B Street Southeast. Police arrested a male person for defecating in public, an act observed by a dismayed witness.

Vandalism: Overnight,

500 block of K Street Southeast. A person or persons damaged two vehicles and shot at a house.

Trespassing: 6:45 p.m., 4300 A St. S.E. A guy who had thrown garbage around at the Pink Elephant Car Wash was informed his trash-tossing had rendered him no longer welcome.

Burglary: 11:13 p.m.,

900 block of 10th Street Northeast. A male person reported that persons unknown to him broke into his house and swiped $270 in merchandise and coins from his room.

July 28

Gas thieves: 7 a.m., 232 C St. N.W. Unknown persons drilled holes in the gas tanks of three vehicles belonging to Kim’s Packaging Supply, draining about 70 gallons of gasoline between July 25 and July 28.

Controlled substance: 10:58 a.m., 2402 Auburn Way S. An accusation of theft at the casino so alarmed the man thus accused he fled from security, but security staff detained the running dude with handcuffs. The man’s victim did not stick around to press charges, so it looked like the would-be thief was going to get away. It was not his day, however, and when police discovered a felony warrant and drug paraphernalia on his person they arrested him after all and gave him accommodations in the Auburn Jail.

Escape: 12:05 p.m., 340 E. Main St. A female who was in custody at the Auburn Probation Department fled on foot from the location when she learned police were going to take her into custody. Police, headquartered next door in the Justice Center, caught up with her and she now stands accused of third-degree escape.

Pilfering the parents: Overnight, 4000 block of Auburn Way N. Police arrested a man by filing for burglary and domestic violence after he broke into his parent’s restaurant, stole a case of beer and swiped $8 in quarters.

Assault: 9:36 p.m., 2400 block of N Street Northeast. Neighbors called in a fight involving numerous combatants. Participants fled the scene prior to police arrival, but a vehicle matching several callers’ descriptions was stopped about two miles away. Police identified one domestic assault victim and she was transported to Auburn Regional Medical Center with a possible jaw fracture. One occupant was found to have a warrant and was booked into jail on the warrant for providing false information. The suspect in the domestic assault was not on scene, but was cited by mail.

July 22

Fraud: 9 p.m., 1200 block of Auburn Way North. A man reported that unknown persons used his debit card number to make more than $1,400 in payments to Puget Sound Energy.