Auburn City Council needs more time to examine meeting reorganization

Twice a City Council meeting reorganization schema has made its way to the full council agenda to be put up for a vote and be done.

But passing through the back-and-forths of several work sessions, subsequent reworkings, and an impromptu albeit protracted council discussion that ended with its being sent back down for more work, it has shown itself a tricky piece of business to get right to the satisfaction of all.

On Monday, three councilmen who make up an ad hoc committee that was recently put together to give the latest iteration a final burnishing indicated a need for more time.

Councilman Rich Wagner announced that he and fellow councilmembers Claude DaCorsi and John Holman, and City Attorney Dan Heid agreed they would need more time to get schema ready.

“You’ll see it again on Jan. 9 at a study session,” Wagner said. “There’ll be some re-balancing of the assignments of each committee, so Finance won’t be so light and Public Works and Planning won’t be so heavy. And again, we’ll be open to all of your suggestions at that time.

Wagner said the plan should be implemented early in the new year.

The original idea had been to restore the arrangement of the City Council to what it had been before 2014 – five standing subcommittees, each with a single chair at its head.

That plan met stiff opposition.

Now on the table is a hybrid system, favoring a study session with council members sharing the role of chairman on different occasions based on their areas of expertise.