Mayor appoints Mark Caillier as new Auburn police chief

Before stepping down, former Chief O’Neil promoted two officers to leadership positions.

The City of Auburn appointed Mark Caillier as the new chief of the Auburn Police Department on Oct. 4 as former chief Daniel O’Neil stepped down.

Prior to Caillier being sworn into office, O’Neil promoted two officers as his final act as chief. O’Neil promoted Sergeant Todd Byers to the role of commander and officer Tyson Luce to the role of sergeant.

Mayor Nancy Backus said O’Neil’s tenure as chief will have a lasting effect on the department.

“It is clear, Dan, that you’re leaving a great impression on those that worked with you and for you,” Backus said. “All of us in Auburn are deeply grateful for your service to us.”

Backus then appointed Assistant Chief Caillier to the position of Auburn Police Chief. Backus said Caillier is the right person for the job.

“I needed to know that the person that was going to fill that role that Chief O’Neil is retiring from was a person who was trusted, who was respected and who knew the officers,” Backus said. “Mark is the type of person that is trusted and trusting, and he believes in accountability and he believes in doing the right thing.”

Caillier has been a police officer for 30 years, according to the city. He joined the Auburn Police Department in 1994 after working for the Whitman County Sheriff’s Office for three years.

Over the past two decades with the Auburn Police Department, Caillier worked a variety of positions including major crimes, SWAT and K9 handler. In 2007, Caillier was promoted to sergeant, where he supervised the major crime and property crime units, according to the city.

In 2013, Caillier was promoted to the rank of commander and supervised the patrol division and inspectional services division, according to the city.

“I am honored to be given the opportunity to lead the men and women of the Auburn Police Department,” Caillier said. “It’s been 27 years that I’ve served this community. I wouldn’t change anything. I love it here.”