State Patrol seeks witnesses to drive-by shooting on SR 18

Passenger of a dark-colored sedan shot at the driver of a white Ford F-150 late Wednesday night at the traffic light toward the end of westbound State Route 18.

Washington State Patrol (WSP) is seeking witnesses to a drive-by shooting on State Route 18 late Wednesday night.

At 9:40 p.m. May 17, WSP responded to a report that a man was shot at toward the end of westbound SR 18 by an unknown suspect passenger of a dark-colored, four-door sedan.

According to WSP, the victim was driving a 2017 Ford F-150 on westbound SR 18 and following his girlfriend, who was ahead in her own vehicle. The suspect sedan then cut off the girlfriend’s car before she entered southbound Interstate 5.

The suspect car continued until the traffic signal near the end of SR 18, where the suspect sedan and the victim Ford F-150 stopped side-by-side at the traffic light.

“Words were exchanged at which time the passenger in the [suspect] vehicle fired a round into the driver’s door of the victim’s vehicle,” said State Patrol in a press release. “The vehicles continued westbound when another shot was fired into the grill of the [Ford F-150]. The suspect vehicle took the next right and fled the scene.”

The driver of the F-150 told state patrol that the driver of the suspect vehicle was a woman and the passenger that shot at him and his truck was an Asian man wearing a mask. While the driver suffered no injuries, the driver’s door and grill of the truck were struck, disabling the vehicle.

WSP detectives are asking that any witnesses to the shooting or anyone who has information on the identity of the driver and passenger of the dark-colored sedan to email Detective Hanson at