Myron Massey

Myron William Massey

April 19, 1910 – July 25, 2008

Myron William Massey, 98, a resident of Auburn for the last 76 years, died of natural causes on July 25, 2008. Myron, affectionately known as “Pop” or “Dad” to his family, will be sorely missed by his loving wife, Maddi, his five living children, his 18 grandchildren, and his 27 great-grandchildren. Myron Massey was a business pioneer in the Auburn valley, opening Dahlgren Massey Fine Foods, the largest free-standing supermarket west of the Mississippi River, in 1946. He and his business partner, Roy Dahlgren, had operated another smaller market in Auburn from 1934 to 1946, where they gained a widespread reputation for their mastery of merchandising. The new market became Massey’s Food Center in 1955.Myron was a visionary and an innovative business man. His loyal customers flocked to the store to participate in marketing activities such as cooking school, donkey, pony, bicycle, and TV give-a-ways, and giving free groceries to customers who came on horseback or in a covered wagon.Myron leaves a legacy to be admired and emulated. He was a man who loved people. He always cared about those around him, whether family, friends, or others. His generosity to individuals, organizations, and causes was at the heart of the man, although he did his best to do this good work quietly and without fanfare.When Myron was four years old his father died. Myron and his sister were reared by their mother, who worked very hard to keep her family together. There wasn’t much more than the basic necessities but there was a lot of love and caring in their home. As a result, Myron always had a grateful heart, being truly thankful for the least kindness shown to him by others. He was always the gentleman, always polite, and always caring.Boats and being on the water was a passion in Myron’s life. He had quite a number of boats over the years and family and friends were happy participants in frequent boating excursions with Myron and Maddi.Myron Massey is survived by Maddi, his much-loved wife and companion of 52 years, and five of their children, Barbara Massey McDonough, Gary Mattson, Bill Massey, Cherie Mattson Maxwell, and Larry Massey. Preceding him in death were two sons, Bob Massey, and Larry Mattson.There will be no funeral services. Instead, friends and family are invited to celebrate the life of Myron Massey, in the style of Myron Massey, at the Copper Falls Restaurant, located at the Auburn Golf Course, Wednesday August 6, 2008, from 2:00 to 7:00 p.m.In lieu of flowers, the family requests that donations be given to Medic One or Children’s Hospital Foundation.