Auburn Reporter female athlete of the week: Mia Suy

Suy is a force on the volleyball court and a ‘do everything’ player.

Auburn Reporter’s female athlete of the week is Auburn High School senior Mia Suy, volleyball.

Q: What is your favorite subject/class in school?

A: Math

Q: Name your Mount Rushmore (top 4) favorite movies.

A: “Creed III,” “Titanic,” “Grown Ups,” “Wizard of Oz.”

Q: Who is the person in your like that has helped you succeed the most?

A: My mom.

Q: You’re on a long road trip, you stop at a gas station. You get one drink and one snack, what are you choosing?

A: A Gatorade and Hot Cheetos.

Q: Describe your pre-game ritual.

A: Put my Beats on and play music.

Q: Song you currently stop listening to?

A: “Every Chance I Get,” by DJ Khaled

From the sidelines: Mia is a consistent player for our volleyball team. She is a force on the front row and the back line. She is a ‘do everything’ player for the Trojans.